Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pouts and Shout Outs: Last Day Of March

Im listening to Lifehouse. Why am I ? I have no idea. Matches my mood. I was looking at my calendar and realized that I have two weeks left here. I know people know that. But it is so weird. I am sitting here. Not excited. Just blah. I looked in the mirror today and said to it "Your going home." It had not hit yet. So strange this feeling is. Last month I was crying and sad (being dramatic) but now I cant even flinch. Maybe because it just does not feel real to me. I can not explain it. I said it in my head but I think my mind, body and heart are actually numb. I seriously feel numb. Its not a bad thing. I feel my body developed tolerance. Pretty strange trying to explain. I will feel excited once its the last week I guess. But it feels like I am not going anywhere. Like home is here, I just woke up from a dream. Bizarre feeling right now. Never had this mood arise.

Any way. Im watching this movie Possession on the internet and I am blown because it keeps stopping. What the hell. If it was a dry boring movie I am sure it would work. Figures

How bad ass are these leggings. I wonder if the have a 3x?

So I want a new bag. I been carrying the same old rusty ass Bestsy bag forever. I might just buy a new one but yet I should be buying stuff for my house back home. I need to buy some dvds for me and Greg to watch. Greg and I are huge movie buffs. It is quiet sad.
Still have not found a nice blazer. I give up. I am suprized torrid does not sell all black ripped jeans. Thats odd. You would thing Tripp would have made some pants like that for the thicker woman. I'll wait. Only a matter of time.

So what else is new? I am packing slowly. Still having issues with this strange feeling I have. My dad needs to bring home some UPS boxes. I have a lot to ship back.

I want to give a shout out to two people. Special people. One is my friend Britney with the Hello Kitty shirt on. I adore her. She is one of my closest friends and I actually just met her. She the only child. Which is funny because I get along better with only children. There is an unspoken understanding there. Either way, I met her in September through Rose and I loved her. We even hang out together one on one and it works. She is an amazing friend and I think it is good t shout out amazing people
The next shout out I want to give is to Crystal. She has been following my blog and always putting her amazing 2 cents in my comment area! I adore her! She is a follower of my blog and she told me some great news. So I want to tell her Congradz again girlie. She is an awesome girl, and I am happy she gives me the time of day and reads my shit! LOL! Thanks Crystal girl!!!!!! p.s. I love your coat!


  1. if you want a blazer, check out thrift stores in the mens department! As you can tell from my blog, I'm addicted to them! =D

  2. girl im trying so hard! LoL! Mens department? Ima try it out girl, my arms wont even freakin fit in them other blazers. Lol! And yes, the style on ur blog is extra fierce :)