Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So Behind It All: Roxy Roller!

And what a mess I am...

My life has been ultra stressful. Well, not to the average person. But for me I have or had a load on my back. Finally, I got to pay for me classes. Unfortunately Im on the waiting list for the art class. I thought I was early. But I have to wait and hope someone drops it so I can slide the fuck in. Its your average drawing class, nothing special, I just wanna keep the skills sharp.

Oh By The Way...

Im being used right now. Oh yeah I am! Someone has taken me for granted and Im not stupid! Some asked me to do ...... something and they sooo abused it. Mother fuckers. I swear. This douche lord is a fucking waste. But I can't lie. IT has amazing taste in men. They fall for that flat ass and big eyes every time. I can't complain. IT hypnotizes everyone with those eyes. Even me. But since this is my blog Im gonna let it be known..
and write a letter to my dear wonder bitch....

Dear You!

You are using me and I do not like it.
But hey...
We lie to each other don't we? We smile in each others face and fake our way to the top..
So I guess we know our places don't we?

*that felt good*

Now, back to stuff that should matter.

I been super busy but I do have outfits ready. This blog is becoming a failure it seems because my life is becoming more busy. I use to post every week now its getting lesser and lesser. I am always broke and I can't even shop like I use too...But life is good. As long as Im doing what I set out to do.

Do you guys know Angela Simmons...?

Well ya should....fierce...

So I have a new crush. Yeah and its actually on a butch lesbian. Joan fucking Jett. God she was fucking beautiful in the runaways. I love her. I looked at all her photos and she screams lezzie but I would have hung out with her. She is super hot. You guys should watch The Runaways if your into punk rock or alternative shit. JACKIE, my lover from another brother, you would love The Runaways....

I miss Jackie. My dumb ass had that dumb ass jeep back in Maryland and that was not gonna fly. I have to see you one more time beautiful. She is on my list of awesome people.
Getting side tracked.... BUY THE RUNAWAYS!
I watch it everyday.

C'mon shes sooo bad ass!
Sorry for the delay of post. Forgive me. I never thought I would say that. But here it is. Im busy. Geez, time flies. But Ima try and post at least my new shorts I got. They are fucking rad. Going to sleep soon.

Music listened to Today:

1.) The Wild One by Suzie Quatro
2.) I Love Playing With Fire by The Runaways
3.) Crimson and Clover by Joan Jett
4.) Roxy Roller by Nick ( somebody..it sounds like a chick...)
5.) California Paradise by The Runaways

Who the fuck are The Runaways?
Trailer below...:)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

What Dreams May Come? My Favorite Romantic Movies Ever

So I wake up this morning around 2 a.m. For some odd reason Im thinking about romantic movies. How weird is that? So I get up, go on the computer, and looked around for the best romantic movies. I decided to make my own list. Remember, this is only my opinion and these are the only romantic movies that moved me. For example, everyone loves The Notebook. I loved it as well. But I did not cry. It was a sweet movie but I did not think of it as a tear jerker. Many would disagree with me which is understandable. Thats why Im going to post a list of really good romantic movies of my own taste. Go rent at least one, or at least the number one movie on my list. Its in order from least to greatest.

I also saw that a movie called What Dreams May Come is on everyones top romance list. I have never seen it. Im going to check it out today. I have a free coupon for a free movie anyway. Its sounds so interesting. Plus Im in the mood to cry today.

Top 10 Romantic Movies I Love

10. The Piano
My mom actually told me about this movie. As soon as I watched I feel in love with the heart felt romance between this woman and a secret lover. I love romantic movies that has a love triangle or has a relationship that is not suppose to be. Its more exciting. And this movie has that. Its kinda depressing but the end is quite beautiful. The woman is deaf by the way and can not talk. But someone loved her beyond her short comings.

Most Romantic Part:
I don't want to blow it for everybody, but the end is the most touching.

9.) Monsters Ball
The main character is racist but he falls in love with a black women in the south. They come from two different sides yet it works. This is not what people would qualify as a romance but it is to me. The sex scene was pretty wild. It looked pretty real.

Most Romantic Part:
When he names his new gas station after her. Awww...

8.) Brokeback Mountain

This movie was super romantic. Yes there were guys making out and stuff but it was more to it then that. It was so extreme and powerful. The complications of being gay around that time were pretty harsh. It was a love that was hidden for a long time. They pretended to be straight and both had a family of their own. Again, another movie about a love your not suppose to have. Dangerous love is always more exciting to me.

Most Romantic Part:

"I wish I knew how to quit you" - Enise
So sweet

7.) Say Anything
A guy falls in love with a girl. They have passionate sex in his car while listening to Peter Gabriel on the radio. They break up for some reason. The guy is crushed. So what does he do? Stands out side holding a boom box over his head blasting the song they made love to outside her window. Now if that ain't love nothing is.

Most Romantic Part:
"In your eyes, the light the heat, in your eyes, I am complete" - Peter Gabriel
Song played in movie

6.) The Bridges of Madison County
One of the most romantic films of all time I must say. Its about a woman whose husband and children leave for a weekend. She mets a photographer and they have a lover affair for about four days. She has to make a choice either to leave her family or go with him. When you find out the reason why its called The Bridges Of Madison County, you will cry.

Most Romantic Part:
The end of the movie, I don't wanna spoil it.

5.) Notting Hill
Usually funny romantic comedies don't make me cry. This one didn't but I was close. Very romantic movie about a movie star and a normal guy getting together. One of my most favorite movies. There I go again, its a movie about a love thats unusual.

Most Romantic Part:
A part were the two were at a park and they saw a bench that said "To my beautiful wife who sat here on this bench, and me who alwys stood beside her."

4.) Twilight Saga (c'mon you knew it was coming)
A vampire falls in love with someone he wants to kill. A human falls in love with someone who wants to kill her. They can't even fuck because he will tear her to shreds. Need I say more..
You guys know the rest... Now if this was about most romantic books, this would be number one.

Most Romantic Part:
Bella runs towards Edward when he is about to kill himself by walking into the sun. He has not seen her in months. She pushes him back into the dark and saves his life then asks him to look at her. Before he could open his eyes. He whispered"Heaven".

3.) Titanic
One of the most depressing love stories ever. The end is the worst. Rose and I cried in each others arms after this crap went off, and I think that was our second time seeing it. Jack and Rose are so touching. It melts your heart. And Leo was looking yummy, hello! Bottom line is this movie makes me cry so much. Its super sad. Yet beautiful.

Most Romantic Part:
"I'll never let go Jack" - Rose

2.) Legends Of The Fall
If you have not seen Legends of The Fall, please go to your nearest blockbuster or go on Netflicks right now. You have no idea what your missing. Sex, love, lies, and betrayal. And best of all, Brad Pitt! Oh my Damn! He looks like cake in this movie. Its about three brothers falling in love with the same woman, but its more to it. Its amazing. And did I mention brads in here?

Most Romantic Part:
"Father loved you, Samuel loved you, even my own wife loved you more then me."

1. An Officer and A Gentelmen

Hands down. My favorite most romantic movie. Yes, it deals with the military which I am all too familiar of, but it is a stunning classic. I cry every time I watch this movie. Its about courage and love, also finding out who you truly are. And airman falls in love with a girl who is from the poor side of town. A place where women hook up and marry airmen for their money and to travel. He falls in love with her but pushes her to the side thinking her motives is not for love, but for his money. Amazing turn out at the end..
Blows me away..thinking about it now makes me wanna cry

Most Romantic Part: is this picture...:)

carry me away Richard Gere!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Could Really Use A Wish Right Now.....

Ever realize that everything in your life has changed. I think when you reach a certain age you look at everything. What you have done, what you are doing, what you have won, and what you have lost. When I look back, I see that things have changed for the good, and maybe sometimes the bad. You do not see people the same way you did when you were sixteen. Life is more complicated. I find myself falling into a pit of thoughts. Some stuff I care about, other stuff I wonder why I care. Being here in California has done wonders for me. I love traveling and living new places. I feel like it is a fresh start. Yet, I feel California has strained some relationships of mine. When you become just a phone call, peoples visions of you change. I feel the world has moved on from me. But I have not yet moved on from it. Everyone is living their own life. Something I have to accept I guess. Hard pill for me to swallow. This week has been tough. The only hands I can fall into was my husbands, and what a savior he is.

I sometimes feel to lucky to have someone like him. Im not the prettiest girl, Im chunky, Im not exotic looking by any means. Yet, he treats me as if I was a super model on the cat walk. Sometimes I question it. Why me? How come I have someone so amazing. He answered me one time and said "Why not you?" It feels almost unfair. He truly adores me. I honestly do not even know why. Im dramatic, a mess, a spaz and so much more. But he tells me if I wasn't all those things, I would not be me. Where did this guy come from? Im so thankful for him. He is my everything, when all fails, he is there. When people change he is there, when things fall apart, he is there.

This week was horrible. It was back to back dumb shit. Things that made me want to vomit. I even bought some clearing salt for me to take a bath in, because Im swarmed with negative energy. It won't get off me.
How rad is my hair...? Turned out awesome...

So I was writing my story today and just stopped. I am so flaky with this story of mine. I keep writing then stopping. I have a drive for it then it disappears. I want to draw but, I have no inspiration at the time. Nothing is working for me here. My brain is dead. My creative side has shut down and went on hiatus. What the hell am I going to do now. Maybe because I had a bad week so far and all I can think about is negative shit. Who knows. The salt bath did not even work by the way...

Wish me luck for the rest of this week.

Im in love with Paramores Haley Williams voice. She sounds so beautiful.
I love pretty boyish girls..
They are true to themselves...

I have books of proverbs and quotes on my shelf. I got these in the 10th grade for enlightenment...Yeah, i was a pretty deep emo 15 year old..

one of my favorite quotes in the red book was
"Love is not finding the perfect person, but finding the not-so-perfect person perfect."


shut up..I know...

Music Listened To Today:
Im In Here by Sia
Airplanes by B.OB feat Haley Williams
We Be Steady Mobbin by Lil Wayne & Gucci Mane

Monday, July 19, 2010

Its Mind Over Matter Baby!

I saw Inception over the weekend and one of my girls Jade has seen it as well. It was pretty awesome and damn right brilliant. Jackie! If your reading this you would like it. I saw it on saturday. Im talking to Rose right now on the phone. We are baby sitting this lizard named Chico. He is a bearded dragon. He is pretty big and has spikes. Oh by the way, he eats mice! I should show you a picture but I don't think I have one right now. I'll snap one later on today. He is kind of cute when he eats. I like him. We only have him for a week, so I hear.

Im so waiting or Glee to come back on, and Modern Family. I wish they would hurry ip and come back on. Those were my shows. Now Im stuck with the Kardashians that I don't even like to watch. Well. Thats a lie. I like watching it. Greg even wants Glee to come back on. I am still shocked he likes Glee. Who would have thought....*pause*...tee hee!

How pretty is Megan Fox. You know what I really like about her. She is such a goth kid. She is so morbid. I love people like that. She hates her life and complains and says she is actually a really boring person. She gets ugly tattoos and she pants all day and owns 30 cats. I love weirdo people. There more fun. This is her photo shoot for Nylon a few months ago.

Nicki Minaj has butt implants and Im okay with that. I wish she was just more honest about it. I love her.
this is Brad Pitts back...nuff said o_O

Willow is gonna be something else when shes older...her style is bumpin..
Love the british leggings..

and for the people who say leggings are not pants..WE KNOW THAT...we just don't give a fuck..there is a difference!

I mean really...
I literally have the most strangest taste in men. You know how most women know what they want. Usually the list will consist of nice guy, dresses nice, wears sandals, likes art, loves to drink wine, likes golf, wears polo shirts and the other shirts that have that alligator on the side....pale easter colored tees with khakis. Some like their metrosexuals, others like their hood-fab thugs, some like their artsy comic dude who drinks starbucks....

As for me I like them all. Seriously. I have no type....
Take this picture for instance... John Mayer and rapper Wale. I would do them both. Im attracted to them both. I just love men, end of story...

There all dumb though :/

My favorite skinny minny Dakota!

In 7th grade I asked my teacher Mr. Franklin could I have this book and he gave it to me.
"Black girls are hot.
So please, don't be afraid of the dark.." - Tia!

wink wink!