Friday, March 19, 2010

My Art Life: Then & Now

I have been drawing like since, like, forever. I major in it. Not as of now. Right now I am on a break giving the fact I am in Maryland. But when I head back to California, its back to classes and maybe some work. Im ready for it actually. My major is Graphic Design and Illustration. Iy is pretty nice. Thought I would take a tour on my art stuff. Im not sure if I posted this stuff already or not. If so, sorry. But heres some stuff I worked on and have not finished, or have finished...I don't know.This one is when I was in California, at my desk...I look like I am very hot, giving the tube top dress.

This one is old....I don't even remember this one....

Thats Kat Von D's autograph from her book. I have alot of art books. I guess you'll see when I go home.
Me having a moment.....I was so suprized...:)

Thanks Greg.

This is before I met her. Way before. This was my room when I lived here in Maryland. I was pretty!

I love this picture I drew, yet, I dont know where it is...


I actually won awards. I miss entering gallery stuff. I miss all the framing and seeing eho got first place and second place. I got first place maybe twice and thats it. I got like honorable mention a bunch of times.

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