Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rebel Without A Cause: Tribal Edged & Sharp

Its Thursday. Im counting down. Im so excited to see Hunger Games and ready to find out what my surprise is. What could be in Del Mar? I see my mother very soon. Saturday is the day I get her. You would think I would be cleaning all week but honestly there is not much to clean around here. I keep things more in order these days. The most I have to do is vacuum and wipe down the dust, and maybe windex a bit. Other then that Im pretty good. My room is a mess though. Clothes everywhere. I gotta clean that. Mainly because your Mom is your Mom. The End. She will still come at me and tell me to clean my room, whether Im married with a family or not. I can't lie. I like that.
I washed and did my hair. I am also in works for getting my Mom a coffee pot for the house, because she "needs" her coffee. I will be doing that as well today. I wanted to go shopping for a "date night" outfit but I will save my money. I got stuff here that I can wear. Plus Im all about getting my decor on more than anything.
So here is my OOTD:
When I saw this shirt I knew I was going to buy it. Not because it was 5.99 but mainly because of the print which was even better. Its an XL and I am pretty stoked it fits. Shirt vary for me. But I can't wear less then a large. Extra large is good. But 2x is even better. I saw this in the Everything 5.99 Store. My favorite store to date these days. The only thing I hated about the shirt....was the fact it had a leopard bow on it...So I made use of it, in a different way...
Here is the full on shirt. I took the bow out of the shirt and just made it a bow for myself. Don't get me wrong, the animal print is hot! But I have big boobs and strings and lace around big boobs can be...shall we say....tricky. Draws more attention if you ask me. Love this shirt too dead without it.

Here is the shirt before I pulled out the leopard stringy thingy. Its cute without it, if you ask me. It looks better on my head if you ask me. Hahaha!
So while shopping for earrings at the same store, I noticed my earring bag had a lot of gold inside. I think Im feeling gold a lot more than I use too. Everything I bought was gold! I have these same spiked earrings, just in silver as well (all was a dollar) and these happen to be my favorite. I was not sure which earrings to wear with this outfit. But the spiked ones won the war.

Bestie Westie Mrs. Fox
~The Queen Of The Wedge~
So maybe, I don't know. Last week. I showed you guys pictures of Rose's wedges that she bought. I was quite obsessed with them because, well...look at them. They are 19.99 wedges that look like there about 50 bucks. Plus their nude and I have a soft spot for nude wedges. I thought I would show her rocking them at her job. How cute are her bangles though?
Love these shoes. I tell her all the time, If I was short like her you would catch me in these shoes really quick. Love the toe color with it.
She kept it simple with little blue bow studs. How adorable!

~Celebrity Candy~
Wow. Two of my favorite artist together. Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey. Lana is the shit. You guys, if you like old Nancy Sinatra sounds..raspy singers...get Lana Del Rey. I used one of her songs in my that I last posted. I love her. One of the best albums I heard in awhile. Its very gangster yet classy. I should review her album. You guys gotta hear it. Back to fashion...

Miley C.
Im feeling the shit outta Miley right now, I mean really. Everything she wears is something I would rock. Very rebel and tattered. If Im not rocking tribal colors I am rocking old rock tees with holes and studded earring...can't lose.

Rihanna F.
The Queen Is Back..

She is promoting her new movie Battleship so Im guessing thats why she is cleaned up a bit. That blonde comes and it goes for me. I like it, then I hate it. Im not sure how to feel. She looks amazing right now though. I hear she is doing Ashton Kutcher. I believe it.
(Body like dang!)
I love this look too. I adore Rihanna, even when she falls off the fashion train for a bit..

Willow Smith
I think Willow Smith is brilliant. I think she is a made star. She can't help herself. I love her. She is so rock and roll. I love it. I like her hair. I like her dress. I like the fact she is different. Im all for it. I promote being a individual. And that is what she is. Her style is crazy for a girl her age..I love her..
Love it...
Jada is awesome. I love she supports her daughter's wild look and helps shave her head for her...Thats what Moms are!

Amber H.
I love her look. Love the color. The shoes are rocking as well..

Tika Sumpter
She is under-rated and super fly. I love that everyones is all about denim right now. I am in the same boat, I can't lie.
*luv her*

Is Hunger Games!
MAN im ready! Im sorry Im so excited about this movie. Im super stoked. The books were awesome. And I love a good book series. I hear it was great. Im just super stoked that Greg and I are going on a "date". Its making me giddy. We text each other like school kids. He will say "I can't wait for our date.." And then I say "Im stoked to get to know you." Ha! We are pretty happy. I know I know..Im a mushy mush pot. I love being in love. Two mushy people make alot gross vomit Im sure...
Please excuse our role playing...
So also, tonight Im gonna watch this movie below...Hope its good...sounds crazy...
We'll, I will blog most defiantly again, very very soon.
Regardless if my Mom is around, she won't mind too much I am sure..Ha!
Don't be strangers! Love you all..

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Princess & The Turnip Colored Dress

Weekend was great. Today was great. Can't complain. Im pretty stoked right now because my Mom is coming into town this weekend. And of course, you know what that means...babysitter! Oh yeah! My mini me isn't a huge handful but I have been craving "date nites" for a bit. Greg already has me giddy! Apparently Greg has a surprise. And its in Del Mar, California. Hmm? I have not a clue. Maybe its a mall? I hope not, cause I don't have no mula for any mall-priced clothing. Im so curious. He texts me little hints but I can't guess it. Im super excited though. We also have plans to go see the movie Hunger Games. I read all the books, so of course, got to see the movie. We decided to wait till my Mom gets here before we go. Yay! Im excited! Maybe more excited about Del Mar. Its up North going towards L.A.
Who knows, guess I will find out sooner or later...

So anyway...Remember I was talking about Old Navy and their awesome dress sale last week. That dress I last posted was also from Old Navy and so was this, but this was 7.99. I love it. Solid color and perfect with or without leggings.
Im rocking see-through leopard spot leggings from Torrid which was over-proced at $22.99..
My shoes are from Body Central, thanks to my girl Rosie Rue!
Belt is of course from Torrid, I paid half price...I love feathers...

I love this dress because there is so much you can do with it. You can rock it in so many ways. Plus because its a solid color, you can add any other color you want with it. Whether its a green necklace or shiny bracelets. You can even rock colorful leggings under it if you don't want it to be just a dress. This dress has a lot of creative choices.
Here is the dress on the hanger. Sometimes you get a better look of the dress when its just on the hanger.
You know I only go to one store for earrings. Everything 5.99 Store. I love it. I refuse to buy anything less then their jewelry. So of course, I got these bad babies for a dollar. Love them!
I also got these for a dollar as well. Anything that looks bone-inspired I get it! Fast! I tried them on and its.."okay". I gotta get use to small earrings, I normally rock big ones. Small, Ima have to get use too.

Sunday it rained! You know I love my rain! I love it. I watched movies and chilled like normal. Im more ready for next weekend. This weekend was more of a breeze. I can't wait to dress up and go to dinner one on one. Mommy Daddy time. Weird saying that. I still don't feel like a "Mom". Then again, I don't hear the words Mom at all...Maybe when Boobooski starts speaking it will hit. I feel the same. Or maybe there is not a feeling your suppose to get. Im not sure. But anyway. Im pretty much riding on fumes for next weekend coming up!

Everything 5.99 had a sale, shirts, jeans and even shoes for a this place man...
Love it so much...

I was at TJ Maxx and saw these babies...They were too narrow, and they were 15 dollars. So they stayed on the shelf...but man, I wanted them bad...

Love neon! Love the wedge....25 dollars so they stayed on the!

~The BFF Haul Games~

Rose is busting her ass. Of course everyone knows my little Rosie got married. Im so happy for her. Right now she has so much to do. Mind you, her hubbie Jason lives in Las Vegas, so she has to get packing, along with school and work still going on. My little noodle is stressed. But she is getting everything done. Jason, like my Mom, is coming to visit Rose. I think Rose has something planned for them as well! This weekend she has been looking around at our average places that we usually shop at. Rose is looking more for things to put in her new place in Vegas these days. But she did find the time to get some nail polishes and cheap shirts from K-Mart...
Love the pink! I love solid polish colors. But for some reason I can never find my favorite brand of polish...

So this chick had the audacity to buy a brush set with Hello Kitty all over it...
Mind you...she is going to be living 5 hours away from me very soon...
I would love to steal...I mean...*cough cough*..borrow these...
Rose is also the QUEEN of nail polishes. Im not sure why she doesn't just send them all my way...Hahaha! Rose got many of these for 80 cents and a dollar. Mind you, this is all Revlon and Sally Henson! But she has been complaining about Revlon's polish for having air bubbles....

Kmart stop:
Coral Cardigan

~Celeb Candy~
Im so ready to see the Hunger Games. Thats Jennifer Lawrence above. She plains the main character. I think she is a perfect fit. I like all her movies. She was also in X-MEN as the young Mystic. I soooo did not spell that right, either way...she rocks and I can't wait to see the film!

Amanda S.
She's the dumb chick from Mean Girls. She has been in many movies other then that of course. Her style is pretty cute. I love the combat boots. I noticed flats are in...

Ashlee S.
More combat boots. Nice. Ashlee Simpson is a beast. I find it funny that sisters of big stars seem to have more style...hence Solange...No offense to Beyonce, but, she is kinda bla in the opinion.

Megan Fox
Wurk. Green with some Nudes? I love it.

Kourtney K.
High boots, big blouse...this chick has to be the best dressed mother..EVER. She be doing the damn thing! She is too cute as well..

Alicia K.
PROOF..that babies sometimes can do a body good! Good lord! Alicia Keys post baby. Dang! Curves ahead! She looks amazing and Im loving that green. She glows.

Miley C.
Love coral right now. The color is epic. I hear Miley is engaged. That awesome. I think she is. She has been with that Liam guy for awhile. He is in the new Hunger Games as well.

Rihanna F.
I do like this. But there is something about that blonde weave. I can't put my finger on it. Im not sure if I like it or not. Egh..Outfit is cute though...
Cute clutch though and that red lipstick is perfect...
Solange K.
Its Solange, C'MON.....

Willow S.
I swear, if my daughter wants green hair, Im willing to help her dye it. I love Willow. She is the perfect image. I love her style, and she is only 12 or 13...Boobooski take notes..haha!

Hope you enjoyed my OOTD!
I will keep posting..counting down till my Mom comes and date night begins!
Check out my video if your bored. I love making movies and using awesome music in the background. Its kind of my thing.... no words, just artistic visuals...

(Oceanside, CA)
Love you guys!