Monday, March 29, 2010

California Dusty Blue Dreamz

I edited the shit out of my face. Hahaha! My bumps have calmed down. I was having fun with make up even though I was breaking out pretty bad. Greg wrote this sappy email about how he does not care about bumps on my face. And how he just can not wait to see me. He is such a sweet guy. Loves him. You guys who read this will see a lot of videos of him and I pretty soon. Since I have like the coolest people ever following me. The is the best shit I ever started. Its a journal/fashion/thoughts/art/madness. A little bit of everything. Loves it. Anyway. Like I was saying, I was practicing my makeup lately. Trying new shit and stuff. The picture of sushi is what I got when I was pissed off and junk. I took a shower that morning and felt another bump on my face. I was pissed. So I bought 80 dollars worth. It took me 3 days to eat it. It was yummy though. Sushi here is less expensive then California. This placed Harney Sushi has the best sushi ever! So expensive! Greg and I go once a month anyway. Even though he is looking at me like, "Bitch, sushi again?!" I don't say anything about his hot new Charger, so, he doesn't say much about my expensive habits. So Ha!

So I used my cheap LA Colors for this blue/purple look. Worked out pretty good I think. I love it. I use my fingers a lot to spread the colors. Fun.

My life is such a pile of makeup in a sink. Hahaha! I have to start packing all this up. Does not even seem real. I feel like I live here, that California was a dream. Pretty sweet that it is not.

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