Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Goodbye September...Hello October....

Heres the last post of the month of September. I had an amazing month so far. And it ended with a bang with seeing Lady Gaga last night. Im listening to the new Paramore cd right now and its fucking amazing. I love it. Im seeing them in concert soon. I swear to god Im sucking up money so much. But you need money to do things and get out the I kinda have no choice. I still owe my bestfriend 20 something dollars, and already I gave her money for parking in the city of D.C, but I cant complain, Its more then what I would be doing back in California.
Heres my outfit of the week you can say. I was the most fashionable today. I wore a mans button up shirt from Marshalls, Torrid Jeans leggins (love them!!), vintage cowbow boats from Thrift Store, Vest from Forever 21, and shades from Express.

Heres a Piece of Last Night....

The Queen: Lady Gaga

I saw my fashion icon last night in washington d.c and she was amazing. The crowd was very happening too. I had an amazing time. All her outfits were timed and perfected. What an amazing performer, I actually cried...
Here are some pics I took last night.......

Monday, September 28, 2009

Start Me Up I'll Never Stop

Here it is, Faith 21 tee shirt. Faith 21 is of course Forever 21s plus size section at the store. Only in select stores do they have these clothes. To be honest I thought the line was just okay. They didnt look very well put together and you can tell if you wash it thats the end of the party. Would I go there again? Sure. It was not that bad...but I guess I just expected more.

The Scarf is from Forever 21 as well as the Rolling Stone tee, The jean leggins are from Torrid and the baby doll polka dot shoes are from Hot Topic.

Cupids Heart: The Earrings

So yesterday, I went to Pentagon City Mall in Virginia. I went by myself and had an amazing time. The ride on the metro was awesome. Its was so calming and tranquil I loved it. And I felt free as a bird being alone while shopping. I enjoyed myself beyond what I thought. Im so doing it again. There at the mall, the store "Up against the wall" has these earrings that were so bad ass! I loved it them so much...also, there very different.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Funky Wish List!

Aghhhh, what a weekend. I was a shopping like a banshee! I went to Torrid and I finally went to Forever 21, the one with the plus size...
My goal is to get some boots...Im deciding between the big long Torrid boots or these cool shows at DSW...(shoe store)....Im still deciding which would be better....I should make a post about it.
I need boots, otherwise my outfits look okay and not all that great...but I'll post my new stuff anyway.
Heres other stuff that inspire me and stuff I want...
gotta love hello kitty...
I want these leggings but where the hell would I wear these?
So Gaga, I love it....
This punk style from Forever 21 is a killer! Loves the boots....Inspiration!!!!!

Saturday M&Ms

Update on whats up, I went to forever 21 for the plus size and it was......different...I'll be vloging about that tommorow....

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Blue Shoes: Baby Im Amazed!

Such a gloomy day, Im jamming to Taylor Swifts sad cd and im trying to enjoy myself as much as I can, I always get a feeling of....whats the word??....Ahhh..I remember....ill mannered...Just a feeling i get from people. Alright then. Heres my look for today. Very simple with a splash of blue.

Its raining outside today, I wanted to show my favorite shoes from Target, amazing and only 16 dollars. The shirt is from my beloved Hot Topic. Its one of my favorite shirts...:) Scarf is from H&M..

Featured on theBlog fuckyeahdeathfatties!!!!!!!!!!

Yay! Im so happy! Cause when am I ever on anything! Lol! Its a cool blog site to just post pixs of yourself!!! Very cool! Check it out or even submit on of yourselfs...

Lets start a movement!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Its A Gay Day

Purple Peacock: Living by the Dollar

So, today I was wearing a shirt from Target (I love target!) and some Torrid skinny jeans. Thoose shoes are 9 west and the bag is from....I dunno, ima say my moms closet. Her closet has some fun stuff in there as well, but she wears a size ten so thats not happening. The scarf by the way is from forever 21....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Welcome To D.C: Plus size Glam

My friend and make-up artist Treneice is add it again with her make-up styles and photo shoots. I displayed her talent before but thought I'd show some more of her hard work. She helps give the plus size girls a good name and keeps it sexy and classy at the same time. Here are some of the models who are just "beautiful"!

The Colorado Woman: "Hes fine, dont worry.."

"Im trying my hardest not to keep checking my emails every 5 seconds. Im trying my hardest to be strong while hes gone. But just a little note, or just two words of "im okay"...would be the dosage I need to get off the drug called "worries". Its because I love you so much. Im only afraid of losing you.."

Mohawk Talk: Tryna Make it Happen w/ Dreds

Trying to get a glimpse into my inner Rhianna as much as I could, but I dont have short hair.

Hey it was worth a try.

Target Rocks: Fashion Plus a Minus

So over the weekend I raided Target, which has the greatest plus size to me right now...very chic and simple yet lots of color and shapes. Walmart isnt half bad either. So I bought this wonderful pink/purple shirt from target as you can see and I always had the leggins. The long drapery jacket is from (believe it or not ) Forever 21. I made it work in the words of most plus size girls! The shoes are vintage cowboy boots and the bag was my moms, but its from old navy..

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Leopard Who Lost His Spots

My best friend Rose just left my house, we watched Twilight...again. I had fun. I still keep thinking about Greg. Im still trying to stay positive. I went out today and bought some great stuff from the department stores.
Here Im wearing a scarf from Ross and a sloppy boyfriend shirt from Target. Both blazer and jeans from Thrift stores.
I've been drawing most of the night...Gotta finish...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Clouds of Thoughts

I cried last night.....I missed him....first cry since he left. Many more to come....
And why does this book suck now...its going soo was actually getting good...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Clearance Anyone?

I;ve been craving for good deals since I got here! I've been stalking my local thrift store ( marylands vintage store) for great deals and so far I've been a winner. I found some amazing pants that were only 6 dollars and this amazing blazer/hoodie that was alos 6 dollars...cant complain about that! Hopefully the malls have sales coming in...:)

So last night, Rose did my hair. Here is the results...yeah...the curls fell out but thats okay, it still came out okay, next time Ima leave it in longer......


SExy ShirtI widh the book bellow would hurry up and be good! WTF?
all clothes from