Saturday, March 20, 2010

Remember Me Rob...I'll surely remember you you hot mother&^%$

Im finally seeing Robs sexy ass today in the movie Remember Me. Just me and my little chick Brit tonight. Can not wait. I also bought my copy of New Moon of course. I picked up my new glasses. I went back to Torrid to buy this thirty dollar shirt that has a small hole right in the front of it. Oh well, I'll sew the mother-fucker. Its mine. I had an actually busy day. Man oh man! I can not believe tomorrow is Sunday. I keep daydreaming about drawing alot. Even when Im doing other things. I want to create a seperate world so bad...But apart of me feels like I am just bititng off the Gorillaz if I make a place like the "Plastic Beach", I mean, is that a bad thing. The fact thy inspired me with every song on that cd to create my own version of the place? Is that copying or inspiration...Im confused...:/
Bout to get ready.
So Long.

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