Thursday, April 29, 2010

HOT MESS: Im Such A Colorful Wh$%#!!!

Tomorrow money will be in the bank. Sweet. Greg my husband is smashed over here. He drank a 40 ounce of Mickies beer. What a mess. It is pretty funny to watch. He is playing Grand Theft Auto yelling at the screen. I like it though. It is better then waiting for an email. Its cute. Like I was saying. I am trying to get these pants when I wake up. They are like MC Hammer pants. They look so bad ass. I want them so bad! They look awesome and I wanted it for a long time. So tomorrow morning, I am off to get those pants. They are only 30 something dollars. I have bought worst..right? Once I get them I will surely post. I should have bought those instead of those Source Of Wisdom pants I always get.
So okay. What else is new. I found out today my dad got the I Pad. He called me whispering he got it. It was too funny. I love them. I love them both. I miss my parents yet I am happy I am away living back home. I was thinking about taking a class in film this summer. I love editing videos and creating my own. Its pretty fun. I feel like I am this huge ass butterfly with no destination. I have no idea where I am going. And to be honest so far, I like it that way..

This post has no substance I swear. But this blog is me. I am not all fashion and spending money like a Kardashian. I am a person. Who is creative and full of life, and ideas...

If you care...
You can continue to read more....

If you don't...
and just care about the fashion...
Get off now while you can, about to be expressive with myself...

Heres 5 things about me:

  • Andy & John
You know that question everyone asks? The one if you could have dinner with someone dead or living who would it be? It would be them. If I had to choose one it would be Andy. I think he is brilliant. He is dead, and so is John. I also would have a dinner date with Janis Joplin as well...
  • Bad Ass Shoe Chicks
I wish I was the right size to wear heels. I know. I know. Models do this all the time. The canbe six feet and still rock a nice tall pair of Choos. But I just can not do it. I hate being monster size. I am already a chunky girl. I do not want to be over towering as well. Plus I can not walk in heels worth a damn. I wish i could. By the way, this chick in this picture is wurking it...
  • Mother Monster
I just....I love her...I saw her live and now I could die....
  • Tatted Up Girl
I love tattoos and I have like eight. I actually am thinking about getting this new one on my arm. Like Cheetah print. I am usually against that tatted arm stuff. But in all honesty I hate my arms. Truly hate them. So why not decorate them. I will see how it goes. I use to own all these tube tops but hated the way they looked because of my arms. I gave all my tube tops away to a friend of mine. I also gave her this nice army green military tube top which was super bad ass! I am still glad I gave them up. She looked super hot in them and rocked it better then I did. She looked stunning, so it was worth giving up. Also...I think I am attracted to girls that look like this...its kinda hot. Is that gay?
  • Brainiac
I saw this picture and it reminded me of myself. I love the colors. I am such a colorful whore box. I like that this looks like my brain. It dead on the smart side and fucking rad and crazy on the other side...the creative side....
Chow and goodnight. Wish me luck on getting those bad ass pants tomorrow. I do not need them but....*smiled evil like*

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Skinny Little Bitch: Holes Back & Massive Attack!

Courtney Loves new cd just came out, I would not have known unless I watched The View online. Unlike most I love Courtney. A lot of people can not stand her. My friend Jackie loved her as well. We bonded on that note. Her single is called "Skinny Little Bitch". She is just.. amazing. So I am going to get this cd as soon as possible. I love her voice. So deep and crazy. She is such a mess and she knows it. I would watch her on youtube, admiring her concerts. She would spit, yell, smoke, drink and give the finger all in one set. She was so fearless. I think she is the word. She is so awesome. Her demeanor is so edgy and her music takes me to a place where, as a woman, I can feel. I am so excited her new cd is out. I am in love. It would be nice to sit back, let the album play and play the Sims all day. But my game has been acting dumb. There is no hope for me in that department. That game is such a curse.
Top 3 Favorite Courtney Love songs

  • Doll Parts
One of my favorites because its mellow and sad. Very drawn out, old strumming, and sad cries from Courtney. The best line is "I want to be the girl with the most cake..." To me it means she wants all the attention. Who doesn't sometimes.

  • Mono
Its so rock and roll. It was the comeback she made as a solo artist without the band Hole. Best line was "Ecstacy, Hard Drugs, and Bad Luck.."

  • Violet
Its just a good song and Courtney's screams does all the work. She is so angry on this one.

For some reason it won't download. What the hell man. I am gonna see if Greg could help me get my Mac set to have more memory for the Sims. It should have it already! That huge thing can't even handle a few downloaded gigs. Lets get it together Mac. You been doing the damn thing, do not lose it. The game goes supper slow and looks choppy. Regardless, I am playing it tomorrow. It is so fun. We will see how it goes.

Walk Walk Shoe Fashion Baby!!!!!!!!

What is going on with me and shoes. You guys should see my shoe collection here at my house. It is so weak. It is pretty sad. I normally don't give a shit about shoes, but I have been seeing a lot of nice kicks. Every show you see on here is something I would wear. Even if they would make me tall and Tranny-licous...

  • Awesome Heels
These do not look as tall. Not very stiletto. I think I could actually rock these without looking like I am on stilts.
  • Clocked Clogs
I see the all black clunky heels all the time. I LOVE THEM! I wonder how much they are on sale. Sad part is I would never wear these.
  • Lindsey's Pink....well, you know...
I like her shoes, alot. I look shoes that have a splash of color...
But I like them...
  • Floral Boots
You see the floral ones? I love them. They are so sexy!!! I want these more then anyone. I swear. Plus i love the Doc Martins on there....

Cold, Stoned, and Printed Memories

So I went to Cold Stone, wearing this. It is a sad story but I am not going to go into it. Okay I will. I was having a total melt down moment. I am such a emo..anyway, I was flipping out and took a ride in my Cavi. On the way I landed at Torrid. What are the odds? Anyway, I flipped in a happy way when I saw there clearance. I bought a couple of things. I felt bad in the end, but my style did not. I am such a naughty fucker, I so did not need anymore clothes. Either way, Greg did not care. I guess, he did not. Right now I am in bed with him typing while he looks for car parts on E-Bay. We are watching the movie Jennifers Body with Megan Fox. She is not as hot as I remembered her.
Either way, back to the story. I was in Torrid and I saw the manager there. I put in an application there about a year ago. They never called me. Every time I walk in that Torrid I think about how the rejected me. I wonder why the never hired me. I mean, yeah, there was no hiring sign. Maybe my application sucked. Maybe I did not work enough places. I wanted to ask the lady today did she remember me and was she still hiring. But I didn't. If they did not hire me then why would they hire me now. Do they know how much money they would make just by hiring me? They have no clue, my checks would just go right back to them. Dumb fucks. I want to work there, pretty bad..
The lady was extra nice, the manager chick. But I figure she was only nice to me because, its her damn job to smile in my damn face...
I am still pissed I never got the job, can't you tell? :)
Pants are from Torrid by Source Of Wisdom. I love them pants! All this was in the clearance by the way. Shirt was from Torrid. The shawl was from Forever 21, which I got a while back...

Remember when I mentioned I bought some Urban Decay for 14.00 dollars. Well here it is, its more like a test and try sample type thingy. Either way, Its awesome.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Frooty Tuesdayz: Bella's Ring

What a great day. So everyone knows I have moved back to California and junk. I had a nice tuesday. Rose and I did our lovely game of phone tag and Greg and I went shopping and I accidently bought an Urban Decay face case for myself. Oh it was only 14.99. You can not beat that! Greg gave me the side eye. Yet he started laughing at me because of my junky habits with makeup and a nice floral tee. Speaking of floral tees Target had a nice selection. I wish Targets line for plus size was a tad bit bigger. And I find it fucking lame that it is smashed right next to the Maternity section. I swear I bought a shirt or two that had maternity on it and I was stuck explaining to the hubbers its not what he thinks. It needs to be a tad bigger. Come on. I think there is more real woman sized these days. Right?
Either way, I find myself walking to the plus size section of Target and reaching down a shirt tag checking to see if its for a baby bump. Lets get it together Target.

Can someone tell me where this shirt is? Because I will get in my car now and go buy it with my light bill money, I have candles...

So I saw that they are selling Bella Swans engagement ring now. And yes, my gay ass wants one. Not the fake one and not the fine jewelry one. But the one that is 400 dollars. I think it is super romantic. How sweet! Because if someone proposes to you with that, that means so much. I am a huge fan of the books so this means a lot to me. This is sad I know, but hey, at least I know my issues. I am already married and I have a ring. But I dropped the hint to Greg that this would be a nice 10 year or 5 year anniversary gift. He thought it was a good idea. Hopefully down the line he will get it. I might cry. I am such a spaz, I love it. We have been married for almost 3 years. Still newbies. But all together we been together for 8
And we still are crazy over each other....


Monday, April 26, 2010

20 Funky Monkeyz And A Wish-List

I always have a wish list. Not that I am poor. But lets be honest, I can't go out buying anything I want on my salary. But of course if I could I would so buy all of this, like right now! Before I start my wish-list, I want to say I am so happy that I made it to 20 followers. Makes me happy people actually saved me. So if your a new follower, thanks for saving me! Plus size or not, thanks for checking my fashions. Yay! I was very happy when I saw 20. I remember when I had zero.

  • O.P.I Nail Polish

Love this nail polish so much. Every color they make is so off the chain. I just got a color from them, that beige nude color for nails the other week.

  • Jackie O Andy Warhol Style

I have so many Andy Warhol bags that it could take up this whole post. I really do not know where to start with Andy bags. I love them. This is the only one I don't have.

  • Betseyville Route 101

This bag make me wanna dance. I have a whole collection of Betsey as well. I need this one though. Look at the straps.

  • Go Ask Alice

This is a guys hat but, I would so rock this fitted under my dreds with a cute turquoise tee. I see it already..*sigh*

  • Long Tall Sally

I love shoes like this. Anything with zippers and chains win a place in my little heart.

  • Sephora Drives Me Batty

I was gonne buy this but Rose told me no. I should have bought it. But of course I did not. What the hell, should have got it when I had the money....

  • Hello Shitty :)

This is just bad ass.......
  • Minny Chucks

I would rock the crap outta these! Love the polka dots! I would rock these under ripped distressed jeans.
  • Hot Topic Stilettos

I actually saw these and wanted them very very bad. Hot Topic has the most unique tacky shoes ever, I love it..

Glam Rock Edge: A Burst Of Green Punk

Coming home to California made me realize the extend of my fashion problem. Opening the door to my closet made me almost take another deep breathe. In the closet was things I have not even popped tags on, and some things that I only wore once. My face nearly turned purple. On one hand this gives me a lot of pictures to take for this blog and completely will turn this into something I wanted it to be. I saw tops that I missed, like this beloved Tee. I got this from the guy section of Hot Topic. I love the guys section, to me is a lot better. Not because it is guaranteed to fit. But because I feel there tee shirts have more personality then the female side. Hence why this shirt was mine in a matter of seconds.

The Bag is from this store Downtown San Diego called The Closet. The shoes are from Hot Topic which are my favorite shoes ever. Jeans are Torrid and the shirt is Hot Topic, like I said. Chow!