Thursday, March 4, 2010

One Week Down: Breakoutz and Chinese Food

Okay, so my face is breaking out like crazy and I have not drunk a soda in the past week, I washed my sheets just incase they were too dirty. I've been washing my face every morning and every night and still I get these bumps that hurt my face. And there not even whiteheads. There huge big ass bumps that I can even get rid of. And do make things worst I took a nap today and got ANOTHER one! What am I doing wrong. I never broke out like this. Or maybe I am noticing everything a little more because I am soon to see my husband next month. I don not know and I not going to wait to get on the plain to find the fuck out. I am suppose to be going out all weekend and now I have 3 bumps on my fucking face. What the fuck is going on? I have not a clue. I was thinking about going to cvs and buying some ointment. But my mom said it might make it worst. I look so fugly right now. But then again maybe its all in my head and it does not look as bad as I thought. It could always be worst. I could have a horrible toothache or a bad yeast infection, I think that could be worst. I should be happy about this then it being one of those situations. I don't know what to do. I hate this. I will make an appointment to a doctor next week for this bullshit. I mainly want my face to look right on a certain day. So hopefully I can have my face looking somewhat okay by then. I doubt it though. Bumps seem to wanna run my life lately. WTF!.
I already hate March.
Just ordered some chinese. Im gonna eat my hunan and watch some reality t.v, wash my fucked up face and then, call it another night.

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