Sunday, February 26, 2012

Letting Go Of The Load: Oscars 2012

So Im kinda blown. I was watching my favorite show ever The Walking Dead and found out there is only three episodes left. What the hell. It just came back on! February 12th! What the hell! Ugh. I will get over it. I love that show so much. The best acting I swear. I made yummy cupcakes, I'll post the pictures this week. This weekend was pretty awesome. Greg got up to go to Walmart with me. Usually he sleeps all day long. He got a stomach flu on friday from a donut. Glad he is okay. He seemed super sick. And Greg is never sick...ever.

So anyway, I rocked this outfit on saturday.
Nothing special. Im rocking them damn boots that I refuse to take off...
I'll be honest, you know what I do not like about the boot? I have thick calves but small ankles.
So, they fit good but when it gets to my ankles.. it looks weird...I have boney ankles. LOL! I don't care. Love it.

Military Jacket From Torrid
Blue Tank From Old Navy
Leggings From Target
Boots From Torrid

So, I have a issue with Buca. I can't stop going. Good prices and great food. The funny thing is we always go on thursday when Jersey Shore comes on. And its not on purpose! Italian food on Italian day! Yum! We always end up getting a bag to go home...

Look at Boobooski spying on us. She is not camera shy at all...
By the way the bread there is amaze-balls!

I also rocked some bling over the weekend! Rose bought! What can I say. I love her alot! Love her too death! Can't go wrong with Hello Kitty watches.

Also over the weekend we saw...some movies. I saw The Tree Of Life and it was so bizarre. Its the movie with sexy ass Brad Pitt. Man was it weird, yet delightful for the eye. I also saw this movie called Drive, pretty awesome movie, recommended by a awesome chick I know named Kelly. It was pretty gory. Love it.

I realized something over the weekend. Mainly on friday. I have to learn to let things go. I don't. Im pretty vindictive. Horribly vindictive. I don't forgive easily. It is so hard. Sometimes I see people forgive, friends, lovers and shit. But honestly how do they do it. I need to learn the listen that helps those types of thoughts. I am very different then I use to be. It scares me almost. I need to learn how to let things be. Im not good at it. Hence the tattoo on my wrist. I don't follow it. I need too. I'll get there. No ones perfect...right?

~The Oscars~

Who isn't talking about the Oscars? No, I did not watch it. Im all bout who wore what. I love it. I can watch Joan Rivers talk shit all day. I love it. Im gonna do all the looks that I loved and share what was my favorite and my least. So Celebrity Candy is now Oscar Candy tonight.
Lets go.

Gwen Paltrow
Okay, she was not amazing. But very elegant. I love the cape! Who wears a cape.
I would be lying if I did not say this was not different. She looks great in white as well. She kept it simple, yet..she didn't.

Octavia Spencer
Love every dress she rocks. I love every dress she wears. She understands her body and matches it up with her curves. This was not my favorite. But she does look epic. I followed her look since the SAG awards. Love the embroidery as well.

Guiliana Rancic
Third Place
For just a E! news host she looked stunning! It was close to being my best dress! I love the white on her. For me she came in third place. I love the train of the dress and everything..
I want one in my size.

Emma Stone
The Peoples Choice
Egh. I don't know. Everyone loved it. It was okay. I mean don't get me wrong, she looked beautiful, but nothing grabbed me. Very so so. Ugh, its kinda boring to me.
*Kanye shrugs*

Milla Jovovitch
White was the most-wanted color on the carpet. She looks amaze-balls. Or maybe I am just all about the Ivory. Love the red lips with it. She looks very old hollywood. Stunning.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina and black just works. The split up the side is super sexy. This is elegant and sexy all at the same time. She does zero wrong in my book. And the best accessory ever, Brad Pitt. I would say she is my top three best dress but, naw..I saw better.

Maya Rudolf
If I had to go to an award show, this would have been the dress. I love the color, I love the curves.. This was amazing! The only thing that loses me is the back. Its okay. But the front is totally awesome.

Michelle Williams
I thought Michelle (in the orange) was gonna tear it up. This was just okay for me. Nothing special. She looked awesome in it and could have been on my best dressed list but, egh. Very safe and simple to me. Yet she looked awesome in that orange. Beautiful dress all together.

Jennifer Lopez
Her body makes anything look good. There is no words...literally...

Rooney Mara
My #1 Best Dress
Im so use to her signature black dresses. Im glad she lightened up a bit. Rooney is rocking this gown. I like her in light colors. The hair is amazing. Everything looks perfect. I was getting a little tired of the black look. But this is....epic!

Viola Davis
Second Best Dress

Yeah, she is my second favorite. But Im going to feature her because of how pretty she always looks. I noticed her style awhile ago. The fact she walked the red carpet with a natural cut and a emerald green dress that made her skin look like velvet wows the hell out of me. In movies she always plays these battered and old looking women. But when she is out and about, Viola the hawt.

Check out more Viola:

She should keep rocking this hair. She looks younger! Her skin tone is so beautiful as well. She glows. It takes alot for a woman who is african american to shove away the wigs and weave...and she did it. Love it.

You can't tell me that the natural ain't bad ass! The straight is cute, but hey.

SAG Awards

Ugh.. I can' sexy!

Hope you like my picks for best dressed. Let me know which one you liked more. I'll be posting more this week! Love you guys a bunch!

“[Harlow is] still too young to understand fashion, but she loves to play with my makeup and tries on my lipstick. I just let her do it because it’s part of being a girl and part of experimenting. It’s all in good. She’s very good at it and very careful with it. She doesn’t go outside the lines – not even once. I am the opposite. I’m the girl who can’t wear red lipstick because I’ll forget about it and it ends up on the side of my face. She may have to start teaching me to be more careful.” -Nicole Richie on daughter, Harlow, 3, and she is starting that ‘makeup’ stage.

Love you Booski...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blue Jean Baby, LA Lady: Seamstress 4 the Band

Presidents day was quite nice for me! Okay, so my knee high boots are dead. The sole is falling off. I love those damn boots too. Ugh. Rest in piece my beautiful boots. But I found a brand new pair. First off let me say I love combat boots. I adore them. The fact that I saw these combat boots that go to knee is almost...heavenly. I dive in for the brown pair that is out on display and the come back from the back of the store saying "We only have black.." Which is even better because I wanted black, to be honest. Sixty dollars were the price originally. I paid thirty...! Ugh. Almost better then sex. Almost...
Tee hee!

Check out my new babies! Ughh! I love!

These boots look bad ass in jeans. I mean c'mon. They are maid for a pair of jean leggings. I adore these damn boots, I can't take them off. I rocked this outfit over the weekend. I have been feeling pretty awesome. I found this shirt in Target. And I will be honest, I can't let go of the floral look. It was only six bucks and some change. I knew I could rock this shirt so bad ass with some dark blue denim.
More Pix Below:

I took my hair out the balls. They were originally in because I was sick in the bed and could do my hair. But now I got some crinkle curls. My hair is becoming heavy. Im thinking about not having my dreads anymore. Its not, turning out the way I thought. Its looking thin and flat, and Im not for that. We will see.
Love theses shoes. Presidents Day was nice. And they zip up the side, no lace required.

So, in other news. We went to Buca over the weekend. This Italian place is amazing. The food is so good. Pasta is amazing and their bread is so..epic! Yum! We went and tore the food up. Greg actually had to take his food home! My Hubby NEVER takes food home. They give you sooo much food. The whole time we were quiet because we listened to this business interview that was going on at the table beside us. We were beyond nosey. Ha ha! The were talking about visiting Paris and Rome, one chick was talking about how she was in an accident and was left at the scene unconscious! Man, were we!
Great food! Good times!

Beach times! We went to the beach and had a blast. Tee He! Boobooski laughing as usual!

Trying to be mommy in a BIG way.... Tee hee...

Love her...

~Celeb Candy~
Im sure everyone had this picture of Adele on their blog.
I put it on here anyway because that chick looked amazing in the mag! Adele is the shit. I love her! She s ballzy and her album rocks. Both albums. I have been rocking Adele before she got hot. I love her body and her confidence. Thank you Vogue for putting her on, Im done with the plus size rant. On to the next celeb...

Solange Knowles:
Ugh, she does no wrong. That clutch is so amaze-balls. And those pants.

Beth Ditto:
She looks amazing. I love that color. Any orange rocks. She looks cute.

Kim Kardashian:
Her shoe game is good but thats about it. Her style game is "egh". My opinion.

Christina Milian:
Love it Christina. The shoes the bag, I love. Ugh, Amazing. The Dreams spouse support is coming through I see...

Umm..Santana From Glee:
Her name is Naya Riveria I think, but Im not sure how to spell it. She looked beautiful. Love the pattern on the dress.

Style Icon:
Angela Simmons

Can she do any wrong? These pictures were around fashion week. Im sure all of you seen these looks. She kills it. I love her necklace. I need it. I love when her hair is pulled back. And that belt. Im all about those gold belts. The look like cuffs. I died.
Rings are amazing, and love the nail color!
Love the white...


Janelle Monae:
I love how monochromatic she is. She stays true to her colors. I think this is more sexy. Love the white blazer. She worked it.

The Woman That Can Do No Wrong In My Eyes:
Robin Rihanna Fenty
We all know the controversy with her new song Birthday Cake. Yes, she did a song with Chris Brown. Everyone is going crazy about it. Im not even sure how I fell about it. I mean, it is so weird yet, I don't know. What do you guys think about the single? I love the song! But how do you feel about them getting in the studio and working together on a song about "sex", and missing it. I love the fact she does not give a "fuck" about any of it. She has a very don't care attitude and I really admire that. At the same time, was that smart? What does that say about Rih Rih? Does this mean we should forgive Chris Brown because she forgave him, or does this mean we she is "weak" and is setting a bad example for women?
Lemme no ladies....Now back to Rih's fashion game...
Check out the song:
My boo at the Brit Awards 2012:

I hated this dress...sorry boo, but..Im not feeling the arm gloves...ughh...

Love the blonde...she can't do no wrong...

Check out this video, another view on the whole situation with Rihanna. I agree with him, I can't lie. But...BUT, at the same time, shes grown....You guys gotta let me know what you think..

My Baby Boobooski cracks up when I say the word "Merp". LOL! No joke. She cracks up.
Love ya baby girl...

Love yall! Mwah!
Lemme know your thoughts on Rih Rih!