Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bumpy Road To Success

I had the most busiest day yesterday. I ran out of inhalers and I had to call up my doctor in California for a refill. Then I got my new glasses at For Eyes. Then I had to schedule my moms present yesterday on the phone. And then, I called for an a appointment for the dermatologist. My face is so done. It never cleared up at all. My forehead looks a little bit better. But now I am getting those painful under the skin bumps. I feel them. I wash my face everyday and I even changed my sheets as well. I have not a clue what is wrong with this face of mine. Figures It breaks out around the time I am about to go see my husband. What the shit! So now a brand new bump is on my chin. I just got rid of the bump on my lip. Its like one goes away and 2 or 3 new ones comes right after. So, I got on March 23rd at 1:00. I hope they can treat me or give me proactive. If anything I hope what they recommend works. This whole ordeal is making me sad. I can not believe this is happening to me. I keep telling myself it could be worst. I could have a bad toothache or have a u.t.i or something.
What a blow. I hope so they give me a good perscription and it goes away. As of right now all these bumps make me not wanna leave the house at all. Im going to just cross my fingers. Its giving me grief.....
By the way, I really like this photograph of Lindsey. It is kind of powerful. I see it as art as where I am sure people just think of it as a Lindsay Lohan paparazzi shot. People see Lindsay as a coke whore. She is basically a hot mess. She looks like she is 40 and she is only in her 20's. She has not had a gig in Hollywood in a long time. But this picture kinda lets me know why she is the way she is. This is what her life is everyday. I use to want to be famous like that but looking at celebs privacy, it is none existent. Wow. This photo moves me alot.

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