Monday, March 8, 2010

Tia In Wonderland: Part 1

So Rose and I and our fellow friend Britney went to see Alice. I loved it. It was pretty kiddy and geared for children but, hey, it is Disney. I loved it and will but it. For some reason I figured that the movie would be emo like. But it was very awesome. And the fashion was amazing! Wow! Like seriously. The gowns where awesome! Even Alice's armor was rad. It was awesome.
So I decided to do a Alice and wonderland theme this week with the fashion post. Just to be fun! Im in love with the Queen of Hearts. She was my favorite actually. She reminded me of myself. Im not an evil queen type girl, but I think if I came to rule I would end up being like her. I mean the White Queen was awesome and really pretty. But I don't know. I see myself become all about love and falling for all the knights who worked for me. I don't think I would use all the animals for my fancy. That is so not me. But her swag was awesome. Plus she was not considered pretty, which I like. And she has a big head. I have a hug makes since right????

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