Saturday, October 31, 2009

Art Saves 2: Drawingz I Do...

So I always said I love to draw, here are some stuff to keep people guessing. I have alot of new pics coming up and a huge thank you video coming up for a special someone. Im feeling super better today. Im very happy, cuz Im bout to go out and party. Check out my art also at


Friday, October 30, 2009

Pictures From Afar...

Just heard from him via phone......while I was making this...

Bed Of Nails


So my husbands in Singapore, Asia....

And all my friends are happy with jobs and living great with there significant others...

Umm, everyone has there own life now....

Then theres me.

I dont want anyone feeling as if they should be "helpful" towards me...

This is my own bed.
I have to lay in it....

but it sucks laying in a bed of nails....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back To Fashion: Tattooed Lepard

Okay, okay, I was all depressed and made a sad video about me missing my husband who is deployed. Now that I got it out of the way, here is my outfit of the week. I just got the pants from Marshalls and there called Project Jeans. There stretchy like stretch pants and are sooo comfy! I love them. The scarf was 20 dollars from Marshalls! Its Ed Hardy, but the awesome part is that it goes with everything! Plus, I gotta betsey purse this weekend.....Yepperz! enjoy...

Scarf: Ed Hardy
Pants: Marshalls
Boots: Torrid
Purse: Betsey Johnson
Jacket: Thrift Store

I Dont Think I Wanna Go To L.A Anymore......

I miss Him.....

Sorry...I had too..this is so emo.....

Questions: Now Answered...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Let It Be: The Tat and the Lifestyle

So I got my Let It Be tattoo and Im suprized I did it. Now I have to live by the meaning. I have to say screw this and be happy about other things...


Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Domino Effect

Im back. I actually went to Saks 5th Avenue and got this awesome shirt/sweater with a cow neck. And yes I said Saks! It actually fit! It cost 60 dollars but it was worth it, it feels like a dress. I love the way it fits. I bought it a week ago before I got ill. So I thought I should hurry up and post it. Right now Im relaxing, hoping my mom goes back to work so we dont kill eachother....pray for me

Shirt: Saks 5th Avenue
Pants: Torrid
Shoes: Nine West
Bag: Forever 21

I Get It From My Momma: Man Fashion

My moms a kindergarden teacher and she doe not let that job stop her style at all. Shes big on her man ties and her big blazers and she has been doing this look before the layered look got in style. She has alot of unique stuff. I thought I'd giver her a photo op on my page so people can see she can be stylish herself at 50 years. Shes tiny and not plus size, but I got to give it to her. She is amazing with her closet

Blazer: Gap
Button Down Tee: Marshalls
Tie: My Dads!
Jeans: Marshalls, L.E.I
Shoes: Tj Maxx

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Miss Piggy Is The Shit!

What better fashion thick chick is this? Its all about Miss Piggy. Her man has loved her sexy bod for years and he loves her. Kinda reminds me of my!

Who Runs Its? Fashion Award For BEST ALL AROUND STYLE

Lady GAGA or Rhianna: Who does it better? These are two of my most favorite fashion icons. Someone asked me if I had to choose one...who would It be...????
Gaga is innovative, I cant lie. She walks around with tea cups as a fashion statement. She is all around different and people either get it or dont get it at all. She creates more of a style of her own then her starting a so-called trend. From her iconic bow all the way down to her "no pants" she is one of a kind, and Im sure everyone agrees when it comes to her being "original".
Rhianna has re-invented herself into this amazing stylish woman. Everything she wears looks amazing and also makes you turn heads. She is known for her punk rooster hair cut and thoose big funky shades that you can barely see out off. She does not actually set off a trend like Gaga. But I could see myself wearing one of her outfits everyday, even the ones that look kind of off to me, If I look hard enough, I see the beauty in all her fashion taste; even the flops!

So the winner for me is, Rhianna. Gaga is my favorite artist and I still think her style is out of this world. But over all Rhianna is over the top in simple ways. Which is more what I would go for,

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Art Saves: In The World Of My Art

I draw. I havent drew in a while. And I dont understand why. I cant get anything out on paper. I want to paint on walls and stuff, but I cant. I want to draw or paint on big plain small sheets. I just cant crank it out like I use too. Im on the website and my name is deepinsidemymuerte.....aka deep inside my emo...I know....But I love it.

10...Well....Some Things About Tia

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Purple Kissez and Graffiti Bitchez!

Here my whole look put together. I picked up the hoodie and didnt ask questions, as soon as I saw it, it was mine. I had a pretty strange week. Mixed with emotions and bleak happiness. I went shopping on monday to catch the last of the Columbus Day sales. And pretty much got this whole wardrobe minus the leggings and clutch.

Hat: Torrid
Boots: Torrid
Hoodie and shirt: Torrid
Leggings: Target
Clutch: Vintage Flea Market

Graffiti Treaty and Flower Power

I love hats. I have a problem with buying hats. I saw this one for 16.00! Yikes. Im loving the flower. Im suppose to go to a concert, I might wear it might not. I got it from worth the money.
Graffiti shirt: $10.00
You gotta love sales. I got this shirt for like 10 said it use to be 38 dollars! Gotta love Columbus Day! Yay!!!!!!!! And as for my boots.....*sigh*....Im in love. I've been looking for boots for like a month....I tried on these knee high boots and they looked a hotmess....But then I saw these and they are to die for!!!!!!!!! Wow! I bought them monday from Torrid. Only 62 dollars! Lol! Yes, I said "only". The shirt is also from Torrid by the way.
Flat and comfy.... my kinda shoe!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

M.O.N.E.Y So Sexy I

Mrs. Treniece is in the building once more. A good friend and full figured woman who is talented and very stylish. Im sure everyone can enjoy her pictures of her all around diva style. She a great make-up artist and model, repping from our home town Washington d.c