Monday, August 31, 2009

Gothic Kardashian: Kim Workz It...

She finally out did herself...Personaliy I cant stand Kim Kardashian because she sports a big ass yet she says shes a size cant be both. But she out did herself in the new magazine shoot for YRB.

I will at least say shes a size 5 or 6, but 2? Come on. But hey, today I will give her props, she murdered it.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Monday pUNK

Mondayz R 4 Punkz
Thats a pic of me in my punk days. To be honest I look more Goth then anything. I did a photoshoot with myself of course and ended up with some amazing shoots. But these were the days. Going to Hot Topic and spending all my money for the perfect outfit. Well, thoose days are kind of not over....

I want thoose mack daddy shoes so bad!!!! I saw a pair at this Vintage store called Flasbacks. They were 18 dollars but, I aint got no money at all. Still tryna get ready to visit Maryland for a few months....sigh.....I want thoose so bad...and Im loving the dorky glasses :)

Here a girl I found on a fashion site. How cute is she? her user name is Kellynsung on the site...amazing style. So chic...
Black seems to be the theme in punk clothing all the time. Black can never die out at all.



I've calmed down on my punk style over the years, I use to be extra extreme with it. But I am still in love with the style, and I think if I had alot of money...I would still be outrageous as I use to be. The finds that I found are tooo freakin rad.

The ones that are all black are hawt as the freakin sun dude......i would brake my ankle...but at least I will fall cute...right?

Funky Fashionista of the Week!

Treneice Diva Monroe Whitehead
I went to highschool with Treneice years ago. Well at least it feels like years? But she has become an fashion model and amazing makeup artist. This wont be the last you seen of her. Shes from my home town of Prince Georges County, Maryland. I will be posting alot of this divas work and fashion on this page because she is the the reason why the site is up. Shes fashionable, beautiful, plump and Luvin it! :)

To see more of Treneice heres her site on myspace:


Dont you just love art. Well, I do...heres drawing i did about a 4 months ago....Pretty while back, but here they are..:)

Important!!! Chunky Funky Monkey Blog Change!!

Okay, so I want to make a quick change on how im going to do this blog. I said I was going to do a Fashionista everyday. But to make it more exclusive I think I will hold off on that and do a Fashionista every week. Because of the busy schedule that I have. I did Franchesca and she was the very first Fashionista of the day...and I will leave it that way for now. But, for here on out I will make Fashionistas of the week....they will be posted on Mondays...Fridays I would do... but Monday is the begining of the tommorow I will have my first girl of the week.
Thanx for listening ;p

Slouch Boats with a Twist


Okay, Im not a shoe person what so ever! But, there are a select few i do love. Im actually more of a bag person. I will do a blog on my bag addiction alot later. The shoes above with the rainbow are from Torrid. Actually the rainbow slunch on my boats are leg warmers from Torrid as well...I love combining leg warmers over slouch boats. It give a very nice feel. at least for me.

Here are the original shoes without the slunched out leg warmers....when I first got them. Torrid is a God I swear. The jeans in the back were to die for, so I bought them like an idiot. Im so broke. Those came up to 60 dollars...( *sigh*).
I love these boats, alomst like socks....but I feel I should have bought another color.....

OMG...Pastry shoes are the shit! I love them! There colorful and because my wardrobe is colorful they match everything!!!! And I mean EVERYTHING! I got these for my B-day! Yay for me! I couldnt afford them, thats why I will only have one pair.
Okay the shoes above is more of a wishlist. I will never buy these, because one, I know I could not walk in these....But damn there hawt! If I wasnt 5'9 with a husband who is exactly my height..I would rock these....
These are at Hot Topic...I think there at least 60 at least.....

I actually like these better then the ones above. Because I would buy these regarless of hoe tall I would be. Damn these are bad ass. But I couldnt even get these even if I wanted too. I went to Steve Madden in Fashion Valley, California and they stopped at a size 7! I freakin 7! So....It was a no go...I wear a size 11.
Sux right.....:(

Thick and Questioning It??????

So I started up this lovely blog yesterday. I have so much to say and little focus. But I want to share the fact that I am a "thick" girl or what the call a curvy woman. Im size 18/20 and I weigh...well...I'll leave that part out. But anyway, I loved fashion all my life, even when I was in highschool and was a size 13. As I got bigger over the years I found it extremely hard to buy clothes and other fashions. It was a nail in my side. I found myself struggling in the dressing room and crying because nothing fit at all anymore. Then Torrid came around.
My life as a plus-size girl is shaky. Im not gonna set here and say Im comfortable with my body because Im not totally. Somedays I want to lose weight and other days I dont, but isnt that every girl? Either way, life being my size was diffucult as well because my mother is a personal trainer and an aerobic master. Shes been telling me to lose weight for years, as far as I can even remeber, even highschool (I wore a 12/13).
So life for me as a plus size is hard. But I want to embrace it. Its very challenging though...

I love all fashion whether I can fit it or not. Smaller women have the better role when it comes to buying fashion I must admit, but I think full figured women are now just becoming a franchisee. So overall, my loves are important to me but a part of me wants to just say fuck it and enjoy the full round thickness of my body...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rhianna's Multiple Personalstyle

Rhianna, Rhianna...Rhianna

Im loving her new wolf-like red nails. So different! Plus, thoose shoes are killer. Rhianna is throwing me for a loop, one minute shes this vintage classic queen then the next thing you know she turns around and become this daring vixen! I loves it!

Shes like the ultimate Funky Monkey! Vuts shes totally not chunky so....I'll just call her that...:)

Pics are from the website Young, Black and Fabulous

Shoez I Wish I Had.....Bad



This is my closet right now...what a mess....i'll give a tour of my closet pretty soon, my shoe collection by the way is pretty slim....but heres some shoes I would rock if I had the cash and the height of 5'1.

The shoes above
Torrid: Fergie Magenta Leather Heel
109.00 buckaroos

(How hawt are these)

Funky Fashionista of the Day!

Its Franchesca!

I found her on Youtube and could not stop watching her! She hilarious and she a Graphic Designer which I am in school trying to become. She spunky, sassy and her vintage style is amazing. I use to hate rainboots but now I think they are growing on me quite quickly! Plus I have dreds as well and that doesnt hurt to also admire her!

Check her out at her blog an website at

Did I mention how cute that dress is...damn!!!! hawt....

Inspirations from Fashion: Who Are Mine


One of the most elegant I must admit. The outfit that she is wearing above is even worn today and is in stores. The classic all black leggins, the ballet shoes, she is classic in every way and simple...I always admired her style...


Hot, sexy and defiantly a major influences on my style. Im not as small as her but the way she corporates her fashion is very sweet! Her curves make an outfit pop. I love her elegant dresses as well. Her style is very vintage 1960's.


Known better as Kanye Wests better half, shes a model and has to be at least a size 9 with that behind (her ass). A shaven head and some bold red lips are always an eye catcher, especially if its a woman who looks very dominate and man- like. Her style is literally "out of this world". Amber has the "dont care attitude" with her fashion and I love it. Her style is more Urban then how I dress but her vibrate colors and bright shades always has me wondering what she will be wearing next.

The One and Only: LADY GAGA

If there was a list of my favorite fashionistas, she would be number one. Gaga's style blows me away everytime. Although shes quite petite and small ( aka i could never fit her shit) her style is a hammer in the fashion world. You can tell she lives and breathes what she does. Lady Gaga is Lady Gaga 24/7. Her style is influenced by Chanel she says and she loves wearing no pants...( how awesome is that!) She is a legend in my book.


Im going to already say that Rhianna is going to be gracing my blog alot! Her style just went up and up and up. Her fashion is amazing and very rock and roll. From her huge platform heels to her shaven sides she is one fashion icon that will be staying in the lime light. Her style is very much like mine then anyone on this list. Very punk rock and glamorous.

Fashion and Blogging...Here I am.....:) The Intro

So here I am! Im going to express myself fully and openly on this blog. I want it to be successful with people who love fashion, unique things, and cool fuckin stuff! Im 24 years old and Im married to an amazing marine ( no...hes not cheating on do I know?....I have my ways..) and I live in San Diego, California. I just moved out here and I do love it. I love the fashion sense out here, its almost refreshing! I want to create a fun site not just for people but for express art and music and the love of being different.
Im originally from my hometown Temple Hills, Maryland....I miss it and yet I dont. But the style there is pretty trendy too. Here in Cali its cowboy boots and shorts, down back on the eastcoast its Black Label shirts and colorful Pastries shoes....(have not a clue what both are? Yor soon to find out) Well, I have style from the eastcoast and new inspiration from the westcoast..this blog will be a trip or better yet a journey, into the eyes of the new generation of fashion.