Monday, June 24, 2013

Stars In My Milky Wayz: Galaxy Trends & Yoga Fashion

I been such a bad bad blogger. I know, spank me. I have been caught up with life and all that it has to offer. Either Im on the phone cursing out Cox Cable or Im in a Lotus Twist doing Yoga in Encinitas. Either way Im always somewhere, doing something. The summer has been pretty busy. Soon my folks will be heading up to California and are taking my Booski for a week. The Hubby and I plan on making a nice road trip up to Rose's place to stay for the week. Im pretty stoked given the fact the last time I seen my best friend it has been close to a year or more. So this will be awesome! Some alone time without my Little Devil everywhere. And some fun times with my main bitch Rose. A week without my daughter sounds unreal! She is getting old so fast. Just yesterday I was propping her up to breast feed her and now she is running a muck and giving me "the eye". My daughter is getting near the terrible twos and she is giving me the"evil eye" glares when I tell her no....Miss thang has an attitude. In the words of Beyonce when asked about Blue Ivy's sassy ways.."Oh, Im gonna have a time!"

Besides dealing with a soon to be two year old, my fashion cravings have not subsided at all! I FINALLY got some galaxy clothing! Oh yes! I have actually got some leggings as well! Whoop Whoop! For now I will post my shirt that I got from F21 Plus a couple of weeks ago. I paired this shirt up so many ways I can not even explain. It was only 15.80 and even if it was 22.80 I would have purchased it. 


Im all about Galaxy style this year and as you can see so is everybody else. I have been seeing this look come about first with Black Milk Clothing, who had the very first galaxy space leggings. Of course it crossed my mind to actually buy them online but of course they were 68 dollars. And your girl does not have 68 dollars for nobodies leggings, you feel me? I knew if I waited for a bit some knock offs would come around and I could buy something "space" like for my wardrobe. I expected Torrid to be the first ones to hope on the galaxy bandwagon but no, it was Forever 21 Plus who got first dibs! I instantly bought this shirt and got a 3x for some odd reason and rocked it every day and sunday! I should have got 2x or at least 1x given the fact it was pretty lose. I think I got way to excited and just grabbed the biggest one just incase. Check out Carey Mulligan in her galaxy dress, full of stars!

Anne Hathaway rocking a Galaxy shirt

Celebrities rocking Galaxy print, Carey Mulligan, Ellie Goulding, and Alexa Chung

 ~Space Trend~
Is it the stars? Or os the milky way colors that just draw me in? Im not sure. Most people are iffy about this print and aggressive look. The stars and moons can be loud. I feel you don't have to wear big moon boots and punk tee's to only rock this "pink inspired" print. I fell anyone can wear it whether your style is preppy, urban or even sporty. I love the fact you can play with galaxy print. You can make come off harsh and bad-ass, or dainty and flowing as date night look...

 So here I am finally rocking my beloved galaxy shirt. I paired it with an all black skirt from Target and belted it as usual given I bought a larger size than usual. I love the sleeves and the way they fall. Its oversize and flowing. I've seen this shirt on Tumblr, just cut in many different ways. I am quite obsessed with this baby. 

Outfit Of The Day
 Galaxy shirt: $15.80
Skirt: Target $20.00
Sandals: Target on sale for $10.00

Yoga fell hard into my life. I literally was bored and signed up for a free pass at this local studio that teaches group Yoga. The studio even had a daycare center for children to play while you do Yoga and other meditations. I was sold right after I attempted the class. It was calming, soothing and gave me more of a positive outlook on things. I eventually paid for a membership so I could go every so often. Next thing you know Im doing Yoga meditation every day besides the weekends. Its like that first taste of water after working out. Or that tall glass of not giving a f@$! to start your day. It soothes me like no other and now Im a Yoga whore at heart, with all do respect...(maybe not)

So of course, this means you have to buy Yoga gear. I have the mat. I have the candles. But now, I have to get the proper clothes. Unlike regular workout clothes, Yoga is a bit lose and more light than your average workout pants from Nike or Reebok. You need to pick up large stretch pants and very loose and light shirts for the poses. The best part about Yoga wear is how fashionable they can be compared to regular workout outfits! Yeah, the only bummer is Yoga wear is almost ALWAYS cut super duper small. But I found a few good XL's in TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Ross sometimes has good Yoga wear but its very rare. The clothes are super duper cute! I love it! Most are earthy and very boho in alot of ways, which makes it even more fun to wear.

Am I a Yoga pro these days? Oh God no! But I am an advocate goer! Since I go every day and sometimes do a good two hours of mediation there, I meet some pretty cool chicks there who need the Yoga buzz as much as I do. I admit that sometimes I feel outta place when we all wave goodbye and they beep their Lexus's and Benz's open, and I go to my bent up Chevy, but Yoga will bond the un-bondable. 

Given the fact I do Yoga everyday, my outfit of choice is usually geared by something with Yoga pants. Its easy to still look cute when getting ready for the day. You can dress up the Yoga look with a beanie or maybe even a vest. Normally this is my look before I head off to class. I'll drop the vest and shoes at the door and maybe take off my beanie if Im doing Hot Yoga. Basically this is what I would normally wear on a day to day basis. 

Yoga pants come wide leg or straight leg. My favorite is of course the wide leg! Something about huge pants dragging on the floor! I found these at Marshalls. Im tall, so me finding any type of pants that drag is coming with me. Im accustom to finding high waters verses a nice large bell bottom!
Pants: Marshalls 14.99
Sweat shirt: Torrid (so long ago..can't remember price)
Vest: Ross, 8.99
Sandals: Target! Thanks Rose!
Beanie: The Icing
Necklace: F21 5.99

~Top Best Yoga Pants~
The Most Fashionable

If your doing any type of Yoga or workout, given the fact you might sweat in it, its always good to have a multiple of pants. Eventually you can't keep washing the same pants or they eventually dry rot. I always keep my eyes peeled for XL yoga pants that are creatively unique! So fat the best pants I have seen are Teeki! Which happens to be a brand for Yoga.

Peacock Teeki: Love the peacock look! Anything with any print usual sells me. You can make this a yoga look or you can just rock a big shirt and some flops as well with this. These are a pair I need. Now!

All In The Sky Teeki: Love the sky blue in these. And the tribal designs on the side is awesome as well. Its all about the color..

The Green Machine: No, my tummy will never look like that, but I love the fold over yoga pants that hang off the hips. The merging greens make the pants of course, these arn't Teeki I don't think but very cute..

Got Your Back: Love these type of Yoga pants but I can never find them! I love the knot in the back on the knee! I love these so much, and the fact that they are loose!

Moonlight Reindeers: I would wear these outside of Yoga in a heart beat. The color is insane. It does remind me of the galaxy leggings given the sky. I love these. These are my favorite so far out of all the Teeki looks.
 Sky & Land Teeki: Omg, really! Yes! Awww I need these! I love these so so much. I love large hippie bell bottoms! These need to come with me now! The colors are awesome and they look soft and stretchy to put on!
Online shopping never looked so good!

I love the fact they are made from recycled plastic bottles.....but Im kind over the fact that they are 68 really? We are charging that much for plastic bottles...Just saying. 

Heres another close up off my Yoga Pants that I love! They are not Teeki. They are Marika Yoga pants! They have cute Yoga pants as well..!They fit and feel great!

~Celebrity Candy~

This will be a different Celebrity Candy Edition. If you read my blog you know I have love for two women. Solange and Rihanna. Personally I don't see anyone outdoing the other, though their styles are totally different! Solange is my favorite style icon. Then again, Rihanna is my all time favorite fashion icon! Im not sure who beats who? Rihanna is more risky and rocks a lot of tomboy twists and crazy hot shoes while Solange keeps it very Afro-centric and rocks beautiful, and I mean BEAUTIFUL prints from all different cultures of the world. I love them both! But both are different. So,who is better? Rihanna or Solange? To be honest, if I really sit and think about it...Im not sure! Who has more style? Who's fashion is more bad ass? 
Let's find out!

 ~Battle Of The Fashion Iconz~

So Solange and Rihanna have alot in common. They are in the music industry. They are both hot black chicks running the fashion game right now. They both have great music, and they both know Beyonce and Jay Z pretty darn well. The differences are the style. I love Solange's style so much. She rocks the natural fro's and insane color designs! Her hair is always together and she seems to find the best skirts and shorts EVER! Yet, Rihanna isn't so mother-earth inspired, she channels her urban side and her rugged tomboy looks. Big sweatshirts and high red bottoms, closed in with a snapback that was maybe Chris Browns at one time..Who rocked it harder this month on the style menu?

Contender: Solange Knowles
From Texas
Natural Bohemian look, Afro-centric & Soul-listic 

Contender: Robyn Rihanna Fenty
From Bardados
Urban Tom-boy, Wild, Street Rugged & Ratchet Hawt
 Lets Get Ready To Rumble!

Round One:
Solange rocked amazing Marley twist and red lippy on tour rocking an amazing jumper. The cardigan does it justice as well. Soft colors with a hint of may pink. The hair makes the outfit. She looks super cute and adorable! This to me is the winner given the fact its super cute and sexy!

Rihanna looks cute on her night out in london after her Diamonds Tour in the UK, the boots from Fendi make this whole outfit. The peep toe boots make it. Do not get me wrong this is cute but it does not pack a pow like Solange's outfit does. Both rock red lippy, both rocking light to white colors..
But Solange's look sticks out a bit more. Rihanna's look is more sexy. 

 Solange Wins This Round!

Round 2!
Solange is in the running. She kicked ass with that cardigan number but this one kills it! The marley braids are now twist going down to the floor. Hot tribal hat, ripped shorts and long and tall grey strapped boots! Even if you compared these to the boots Rihanna was rocking on the first round, Solange still wins...But this is epic!

Rihanna's extra night on the town with an Nasty sweatshirt, all black skirt, high heels and raybans. Not to mention her dark purple lippy that pops the outfit even more. I mean, c'mon, nothing compares to Solanges look next to this one. Favoritism? Naw, I don't think so. Rihanna normally does rock a huge sweatshirt and some high strapless heels on the street. It is usually simple. I think Solange Peep toes boots kills Rihanna's (even though they are Fendi and more costly Im sure) But Solange still rules..

Round 3:
Solange is of course in the led but she might be taking a back seat with this number. Yeah its stage wear but so was the others. I love the hair of course, its in a fro and Rihanna's constant lace fronts tend to get a little boring. Love the stripes but something about this look is kind of off to me...

Rihanna with her bestie on the streets on London again rocking an all floral jumpsuit that I freaking love. Cat eyes shades, and red lips? I think Rihanna won this round. I love it! Its very sweat pants (which is so Rih Rih) and very cute all at once. 

Round 4:
Sweet polka dot. I love the hair with it. Nicely tucked with a blazer cut coat. All white heels. Hot afro and red lips, amazing...but Rihanna looks a bit more amazing in her glitter number below. Do not get me wrong Solange was amazing in this number but Rihanna slayed it a bit more..

No her hair never does much for me unless its a short pixie, but the all glitter tip and clutch with the ripped jeans is so beautiful! She looks amazing and in look even more beautiful on her skin. The glitter is amazing and I always been kinda of a whore for glitter. She looks better than the polka dot number, Rihanna gets this one...

Round 5:
Super cute at a listening party Solange rocks yellow which looks always amazing on her. Yeah, this look is kind of boring given its Solange who always brings the colorful heat...but it is very cute and soft, and I see she played that look up with soft makeup. This is to cute, but...

Rihanna in London with her little bro with a skully on and some overalls and heels! Brilliant! And of course the skull had a veil on it! OMG Rihanna this is considered a left hook! I love this! Rihanna kills it in this one! Wins this round, yet again. 

Round 6:
DAMN! Solange! Really?

Here is Solange, yet again, looking uberly fab. Long havana twist (which I would love to rock someday) and this cute african print jumper...Ugh! She always seems to redeem herself. Rihanna kills it but not as hard as her..

Rihanna's thugged out style and hardcore tom boy grudge is fashion at its best. Just like Rihanna's personality, its raw and unfiltered. Her style is bold and throws a punch but at the end of the day Solange's earthy tones and daring color hues murdered the pop princesses chances of being top dog.  

So in my opinion, Solange is the winner!
I mean come on, Solange wins for more than just her wardrobe. She is Beyonce's little sister. Someone who will always be a tad bit more out shined because of who her sister is. Still she tends to be in the headlines about her hair and fashion picks more than being Beyonces "little sis", which is rare in alot of cases. Pretty much, Solange holds her own in the fashion world, with not even a big name in the celebrity standard like Rihanna, who has a huger fan base. And lets keep it real, she dresses a bit better than Beyonce...she does. And thats saying alot..

 Maybe next time Rih!

~Celeb Candy~

Iggy Azalea 
 The Australian beauty rocked this outfit at a premiere and looked amaze-balls. Anything risky and different gets my vote.

We'll speak of the Devil. I love Beyonce's look here because it looks like something she would never wear. She played down the red lips and rocked leather shorts. The whole look is relaxed and sexy all at the same time. 

Kourtney K.
 The bested dressed Kardashian is at it again in the pale peach number. I am in LOVE with these pants. How soft and beautiful are they! She never fucks up a look.

Angelina Jolie
 White peplum at its best. Angelina Jolie rocked this sexy white number at one of the premieres of Brad Pitts movie World War Z. I love the belting. And the back of the dress...Im at a lost for words.

Angela Simmons
Queen of the bad ass shoes. Angela always kills it whatever she wears, my favorite look this week. She leaves all the work to the shoes in this outfit. 

Oh! And before I forget!

 Kim finally gave birth! I was pretty shocked by the name of choice but I love to hate it. North West sounds super creative, and I can't lie, it sounds pretty cool. But for some odd reason I feel it just does not fit. But either way, congrads to Kimmie. Welcome to your new life. I don't see her getting preggo anytime soon...

Alright Peeps! Thanks for reading!
 Next week I review my second thrift store challenge. Im still trying to find that perfect thrift store in SoCal that is not "vintage" but cheap! 
See ya'll next week!
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