Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Want Your Psycho, Your Vertical Stick

So I need to go to Sephora bad. Me and my partner in crime said we need to make a serious store run very soon. Im so tired of using LA Colors. Yeah they are cheap yet the color pops very well. Bout to go downstair, say "good day" to my mom. Can this week go any faster? I am moving so slow. I have to call me hair styler Go Go very soon. And no lie, her name is Go Go. I been going to her since I was 14. She use to do my braids when I was confused about hair and what I wanted. I always knew I would dred my hair. When I was a kid, my mom had really long rasta locs down her back. Since then, at the age of like six, I knew I was going to get it. So I need to call her fast. My hair looks pretty fucked.

I would kill for that god damn Alice In Wonderland collection but, I already missed it. Go damn it! Now I have to stalk Ebay with Rose....

Rose and I were stalking ebay for make-up. I made her my little shadow junky. Oh man did I almost have a hernia over it. I have some footage I think.

Oh, and look at this video of Paramores Haley. She did a short cover of bad romance and it made me want to pay her to do her own longer version of it. Watching it blows me away. She can really sing her ass off.
Alright. Going to start the day....

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