Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Welcoming The New Year: Fitspiration

Hello 2015...
Been awhile. Maybe too long. Find myself never home. Never near a computer. Plus I'm in need for a digital camera again. I debated on restarting this blog and it dawned on me that I should continue. My history is on this blog not just fashion. My life is included.
So much has changed in my life and I feel it would be nice to share my transistion. My sort of new beggining. I started this blog to celebrate body acceptance. I'm learning to love each part of my body everyday. 
Looking back on September 2010.. I was not a mother, not a totally good wife, and was all about plus size fashion and loving your curves. Today I feel the same.. but my lifestyle is different. I found myself changinh. Becoming something I honestly said I would never ever be...
Never say never they say...

My daily life consist of workouts. The one thing I claimed I would never be doing. So much is attached to losing weight for me and eating healthy. But somehow California wrapped me into this army of fitness and I haven't looked back since. Maybe because I am older. When I wake up in the morning I feel alive and light. I can do anything... and be anything.

Everything about me has changed and for the good. I'm another person. Life is funny like that. You think things are going one way but life has other plans. If someone would tell me I was going to be a yoga advocate and clean eater I would have told them "Bullshit..." But hear I am.

Through my journey I have met amazing women. AND I mean AMAZING women. They taught me so much. How to be a mother and wife, how to collect my anger, and helping me control my thoughts.

I wouldn't be this new me without them..

My love for Nike has gone completely insane. I'm all about mint anything especially workout wear. Unfortunately Nike tries it by charging 60 bucks for some damn leggings everybody's gonna sweat in.. *side eye*
But a girl can dream right?

So I'm gonna start posting me...the new me. Who I am today. Because the old me is gone for good. I'm going to let everyone in on my thoughts and lifestyle. Enjoy my ride..