Monday, July 30, 2012

Bedrock Blue Betty Rubble Style: F.Valley & More

Great weekend peoples. I was out and about majority of the time. I have a lot to do this week. I tried bleaching my hair last night and then bitched out because I felt it would look too blonde. So of course, I rinse it out only to notice it look the same! What the hell! Oh well, I tried. I never can get my hair right. Im to paranoid to let the bleach sit. I did not want it bright blonde, I wanted it a little lighter than brown. Oh what a waste. A big waste.
I would try it again but Im afraid my dreads would fall out. I know, Im a mess.

But leaving my hair out of it, my weekend was pretty stylish. I popped on my new H&M leggings that I bought a few weeks ago. H&M was having a huge sale about two weeks ago. I found these hot tamales on the rack for ten bucks, and get this! Its a size 12! What a lie. I have not wore a size 12 since I was... well, twelve years old. If H&M wants me to feel tinier than I am, I wont fight them. They fit great, even though I know they are suppose to be looser given the pockets on the side. But I was not letting ten dollar tribal pants that fit go past me.

So it seems as if Tribal is here to stay. At first I thought it was only me rocking the tribal look but I guess it is now a trend. Thats fine. I love it. I can't get enough of it. I love it. The more tribal I find, the more I will buy. If I was a bit tinier I would rock the tribal shorts that are going around. I, not saying thick girls can't wear it. Im just saying a girl like me has thighs for days, there would be a lot of shaking going on. But oh how I lust for some tribal shorts, especially the rugged ones with the pockets peeping out.

So these pretty little things are, well, were.. the spring art collection 2012 for H&M. Love these! When I saw them I knew the could no fit this arse of mine but it begged to differ. I bought it on a whim. I did not even try it on, which was risky, and given the fact the stretch in the leggings were kinda..tough. When I got home they slid on like a glove, and I love love love the pockets.

Not bad on right? Love these! And Im all about the colors, of course. I have many shirts I can pair with these babies. The only thing is the material. It does stretch but, it seems kinda warm. But I'll sweat, thats fine. Its not wool but it feels a bit thick. Not your typical "legging" fabric.

Outfit On Saturday:

Shirt: Torrid
Leggings: H&M (im in love ya'll)
Shoes: Body Central (Thanx Rosie!)
Earrings: Everything 5.99

Here is the leggings before I ripped the tag off:

Love these! Only a dollar! Very Betty Rubble if you ask me...

The had another color, so you know I had to get these as well, only a buck!

Outfit On Sunday:

Like I said, I was everywhere these weekend. I was hardly in the house at all. This week I wanna chill but of course, life doesn't work that way. I got a few errands to run. Me typing this is a luxury indeed. I wore my favorite 5 dollar denim shirt. Men section in Walmart peeps! I rocked this on the blog before. This is nothing new. But I wore my tribal purse from Target as well. Oh, and sandals were a hit. Two ladies asked where I got them. Ross, shockingly, even the fact my foot is as big as big-foot. 

Went to one of my FAVORITE restaurants these weekend! Oh man, how I love The Cheesecake Factory! So yummy. The hubby and I both got strawberry liquor though. Yum Yum Yum. It was pretty warm in So Cal so these were well needed. My hubbo over ate and was limping everywhere we went. Poor guy. Cheesecake Factory is the only restaurant that can full up the husband. And he can eat! Good food and good times.

All my bracelets are from 5.99 Store, only a dollar. And the bright neon one matched the shoes. Whoop Whoop! Favorite place to go for jewelry.

Fashion Valley (its literally called that) Fashion Capital Of San Diego

Did I feel outta place or what?


Okay, so I couldn't get the good shit like Michael Korrs and Louie. But, I did get a new Apple product! Or shall I say the Hubby did. He told me about it. It looked cool and you know I love my Macs! We got this cool device that connects your tv to the internet or..something like that. To be honest..Im not sure what it does..tee hee! I don't care. All I know was it was in out price range...
And its bad ass.

Pretty much your t.v becomes a Mac, or something. Its cool trust me. Love it. Cause I watch Netflix like a junkie..

The hubby having a brain freeze..

All Moms know, NEVER, and I mean, NEVER! Leave the house without some snacks and fruit for the baby. Booski had her own smoothie.

Greg and I got our Mac toy and the Booski got herself a new activity table. Yes, she knows how to tear up a room. I have to pick it up every single day. She loved the table. I also bought her some counting Maracas and drums. And a crawl ball (thanks Rose! I found it baby!) Leap Frog is the shit by the way.

And she is still going...

~Its Mrs. Fox If Your Nasty~
The Dress Hunter

Well. You guys. Rose did like the dress that WE ALL picked from the last post. The red and white floral dress was my pick! I loved it. But of course, antsy pants was just not feeling it. So of course, Rose made her rounds over the week still searching for the Miss Right Dress for her husbands Promotion gathering. His class is almost over and she needs to hurry up and BUY! But Rose being Rose, the dress has to be just right.
So Rose is still on the hunt you guys:

Ocean Bluez Dress
 I love this. I can tell Rose would not like this though. Rose is not the girl you will see in the room with a huge pop of color. Rose is pretty settle. This is not her. But I do love it on her. But given the fact I know her, well..all my life...i just know this one is not for her.

Tropical Sapphire Dress

Um love this! I think it needs to be a bit more dressy for a promotion party. I like it though for another outing like lunch or dining in. Still cute..

Monochromatic Tribal Chic Dress

C'mon. Do I have to say if I like this dress? Yeahhh, exactly..

Marina Print Dress
 Oh my goodness I love this! How cute! Im feeling this. This would be super cute with a wedge. Love this! For a promotional party? Maybe. Over all you can't deny how fierce this dress is! I bet the broad did not buy it.

Navy Seduction Dress

Okay now we are talking! This is super sexy and kinda conservative right? I love dresses that are cut like this. This does wonders to her curves. She look stunning. I might say this one should be the winner. Its simple, to the point, and this screams Rose. Do we have a winner?

Opal Mysterious Dress:

Last but not least is this lovely number. I like it. But after seeing the one above this, how can you pick anything else. This dress is safe. You can't go wrong. The dress above kinda gives her more of a "bam!" look. You wanna be hot when you walk into a room. Im going with the dress above. These are from Walmart mind you! Hopefully Rose finds the right dress to say yes too!

~Celebrity Candy~

Leave me alone I know I post Rih Rih way too much but I can not help it! I love her clothes. Lately she has been on this yacht living it up and every outfit she rocks is beyond cute. She keeps wearing this super cute snake cuff on her arm and Im in love with it. She is like the queen of body jewelry. I love her hair as well. So cute!

Kat Graham
 Okay, so Im on this major Vampire Diaries kick. Im kinda over the top with the show. I have been overdosing on episodes all weekend. The chick who place the witch Bonnie in the series looks bad ass in this tribal number, love it.

Jessie J.
 I would love to find a tribal jumper. I would rock it so hard. I need to find one. I would pay good mula! Love the color jacket with it.

Demi Lovato

This chick is killing it! I remember her on Disney Channel rocking bangs and some braces. This chick really has got it together. Yeah, she is apart of the emo-kid cutting crew and had to go to rehab but at least shes real! Real stylish at that! Where can I get a jacket like that!?!?!?

Love the mermaid inspired hair..

Lana Del Rey
 Shoes are a killa! Love! Pick her album by the way..shes a monster! Love her!

Miley Cyrus
 Another Disney star with hella style. Her style is very cute and kiddie all in one. I think she has the best taste in shades. Love her. And her bags are a killer as well. Her boyfriend/fiance is hot.

Vanessa Hudson
 I love the knot at the end of her dress. She has certified California style. This how all the chicks dress, and its super boho and cute. I love her rugged looks. Check out her boots below.

You better work...

By the way, Im still rocking Frank Ocean. I love him. His album is beyond, I don't know.. He is so talented. He is amazing. And, okay. I have a confession. Im kinda, feeling him. Yes, I know he is bisexual. but, I dunno. He is kinda...I dunno. I feel weird admitting it. But he is a genius. Love him. He is cute. Too me. I dunno. Maybe Im overdosing on Frank Ocean.. Tee hee! You would think all his song that talk about a "man" it would turn me off. But his music defies everything...

Thanks for reading ya'll!
Hope you loved the fashion!

*and always smile for the world*