Monday, March 29, 2010

Clouds In My Coffee..Clouds In My Coffee...

What a nice day. Okay. So I saw the Skin Doctor today. Pretty good day. I have not even read Greg's email for the day. Damn. I need to get on that. He sends me emails like back to back more often. Mainly because they are on the way home. So he has more time. He says that being Corporal is very interesting. He is in charge now. Next up is Sergeant. I think that won't be coming for awhile actually. But at least he is an officer now. Yay! Im so happy for him. He said he won't care about my bumps so I guess I will believe him. Maybe he will be sidetrack from the lingerie. Hopefully.
Im listening to Taylor Swift right is she sixteen and no men are assholes already? Strange, but good going Tay Tay! Not all guys are assholes, just most know how to turn it off for a bit.

So I went shopping with the girls this weekend. Had a blast. I went to H&M. I will have some new shit posted up soon. With all the packing and planning, I feel like a spinning in a circle. My moms off for spring break. She has not been bugging me at all. Even if she did nothing can affect me right now. I see Greg in two weeks. Two god damn weeks. I need to get my hair done. Plus my nails done. So yeah, Im on cloud 100 right now. Someone could smack me and tell me I smell like pee. And I will smile, because, I GET TO SEE GREG!!! YAYYYY! Im so excited! Can not wait! Maybe next month shit will start to bother me. Eghh..maybe not. This is the longest we been apart. Rose says it is gonna be funny because me and him will not fight about anything for like 3 months. Hahahaha! She is so right I bet. Rose flies down to Cali soon. Or so I think? I think she will be with Greg's bestie Jason by then...who knows? Alot to plan. :)

Have a cute little video with me packing and doing what I do best. I have to call Expedia again. I think? I have no clue. Alot is going on. Can't think straight...

Get A Life from Tiamoya Mcneely on Vimeo.

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