Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Move: Creating My World In A Plastic Cup

Okay so today is the day. I bought my sketchpad. I am going to create my own type of world on the plastic beach. I wanted to wait till next week to start so I can envision my very own characters and people. Good thing I am not selling any of this otherwise I would be sued. I went to an Art Gallery yesterday and my Mom kept saying how all the work in here looks like my own. Which was not true to me. The concept was about right. But it did look kind of like my art. Thats the art world. The art world takes what it wants from people and recreates things into there own. Like this one artist I know. She creates very dark images. Skull bones and ripped out hearts, and she gets her style of drawing from her favorite artist Camille Rose. Whom she admires. They are two different artist and you can see the influence on her work. It is considered inspiration. I feel that maybe this will be like my inspiration to create a world I can escape too. No way did I think I would be so moved by this CD to where I want to create my own place like the plastic beach. At first it was all fun and games, drawing what you feel through an album. Once I finished the Gaga piece, I went to the land of the Plastic Beach (album) and went on a ride I never been before. The album literally took me on tour of this place. I met the people and the characters. I saw who was in love. I even found out this place has no religion. I swear to you I literally went on this ride with this place. And now I want to create it my way.
As for life, its going. My theme song is by Rihanna "The Wait Is Over". Next week will be April. Time to start packing. My mom will be off next week for spring break. We will see how that goes. I already am ready for that. I talk to Greg almost everyday now. There heading back. Finally. It has not hit yet that he will be coming home. And I will be back in California. Sometimes it feels as if Greg never happened. I am use to my old room again. Im use to being the third wheel again. Im use to being Tia Animashaun, not Tia Mcneely. I am forgetting. I have not kissed anyone in almost a year. I go to the skin doctor tomorrow. Wish me luck. My face still looks horrible, well, that being dramatic, my face looks a hot mess still.

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