Monday, March 1, 2010

Looks Of The Moment: Fashion I Would Rock

I have to redo my hair tomorrow. I got it wet. I hate doing it but I love the way it turns out. Any who, Here are some looks that a pretty fab to me. Not any of them are plus size clothes but lets be real. Torrid has most of this shit already and less expensive. So these looks are possible for someone of my size. Anything is possible.

1.) Rockstar 101
Shoes. Amazing. Bag. Amazing. Leggings. Amazing. This whole look is something I would wear out and about. Torrid has some look alike leggings like these. Torrid has so many leggings I do not know where to start. I also love all black. Plain black purses are always awesome. Im guessing that is Chanel nail polish. Hawt.

2.) Razor Blazer
I want a Chanel bag so bad. I really do. And that size fits all. Lol! But the shoes are a killer. I love them. Im not big with high heels but those I would rock. Im 5'9 and my husband is as well, and I do not wanna be taller then him. Thats just weird to me. But anyway, the Blazer is super awesome. Im shocked Torrid has not come along and got blazers with the Gaga inspired shoulder pads. I figured they would have those. Im guessing thats next. And when its there..It will be mine. Ka-ching.

3.) Beige Rage
Well, the only thing I truly like is the jacket. Wow. Also that bag is giving me the chills. I love it. Im feeling those freaking nail polishes. I need to start getting my nails done, and stop being lazy.

4.) Silver & Animal Printed Gold
Ugg Boots make me happy. How awesome are Uggs. You can not go wrong with a pair. This whole look I would do. I dunno about the pants though. I have ass and a lot of print on a big butt could scare people. But I would not care, lets be honest. This look rocks.

5.) Marilyn With A Touch Of Andy Candy
This is by far my most fav look. The bag is to die for. The shirt is fierce. Shorts are...well....the shorts are not gonna fit up my calve. But I love this whole look. I like the splashes of color. And that Love Hate necklace is off the chain! Loves it!

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