Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Acne and Shadow: The Cupcake Lollipop Look

BEFORE:So finally that huge bump/scar on my head fell off! Thank god! I looked like a mess! I hated it! I should show how the scar really looked. It looked so bad. Everywhere I would go, people stared at it all the god damn time! That so made me feel so fugly. But it gone. But now I got bumps everywhere. Rose says it is stress. I don't know what it is, but the ugly part is gone! Yay! So I wanted to do some make-up looks in celebration off that scab falling off. So I called this the Cupcake Lollipop Look. And you can see how it turned out in the end. I got the idea from a magazine I was looking at in this food place I go to called Hogs On The Hill. I was waiting for some food and just so happened to look in the mag and see a chick with this kinda look. So I said when my face falls off, I will do it. Lol! It is not my best work and in no way am I a make-up person really, but it was worth a try.

1.) I started off with some green on the bottom lid
2.) A closer look......

3.) Very Nicki Minaj I think...lovez it


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