Monday, August 27, 2012

Nocturnal Summers: Tropical Pinks & Spaceship Galaxies

I am having company this weekend. I was suppose to see the bestie yet again this weekend but of course, something came up, yet again. If it was Christmas I swear I would be the Grinch right now. My phone fell in water and is acting crazy (don't ask), my bed broke last week (seriously, don't ask why). Im blown about not getting time with my girl, but, I know the show must go on. Thats the funny thing about life, it doesn't stop just because your in a pissy mood. I was not sure if I was going to blog today but then I realized since family is coming over I might as well blog before I get too swamped with activities and family outings. As far as Rose goes, I will remind myself that distance makes the heart grow fonder. This is the longest I have been without seeing my sister/home-girl/bestfriend in awhile. Eventually we will cross paths, someday..
Until then, its on with the show! Lets get into some fashion shall we?


So its summer time, the sun is out, its hot and colors are bold this season. Im feeling pretty tropical myself...and yes, Im all about the pastels and the neon trend right now. And of course everyone knows my weakness for tribal prints. But nothing is better then a simple solid color. Bold solid colors are "in" this season but Im more in love with the fact that its simple and not busy, yet..its very becoming and can still catch an eye. Anything bold or bright gets an A+ in my book. Sometimes you don't want you skirt or shirt to be so busy, sometimes you want to keep it simple with a big splash of color. Every girl likes looking vibrant. Not only that, us girls tend to rock the all black dress or the muted grey tones with a splash of color in a clutch or stiletto. Us women, big or small, should get bold and rock a striking bright color and make the heads roll.

So I was pretty colorful and tropicana inspired as you see. I look like Im headed to a cruise ship going to the Bahamas and Im all about it! The dress is fresh and light weight. The earrings are my favorite to be honest. It almost reminds my off women who rock big flowers in their hair. As for me, I was rocking flowers in my ears, literally. I went ahead and paired neon with this dress and rocked the shoes along with it. The dress was from my favorite store Everything 5.99 and was only ten bucks. It is a little short for my style but I am starting to like my legs, so fuck it. But It fit great and the colors are pretty summery and bright.

Dress: Everything 5.99 for $10.00
Belt: Torrid
Earrings: Everything 5.99 for 1.00
Bag: Target for 5.99
Shoes: ROSS for 12.99

I paired the belt with the dress because Its a habit honestly.. 

Here is the dress on the hanger. It looked huge on the hanger but it fit perfectly and kinda snug. Im not sure what the brand of this dress is but its a 3x. Im usually a 2x but I could tell from the non-stretch material I was gonna have to get bold and get the biggest size. Fits great. 

You can't beat the price, and I could rock leggings under this as well, which I will do Im sure..


How fun are these earrings? Im in love with these!

~Wish List~
A Trip To The Galaxy

Okay you guys, Im all about anything with space or galaxy-like prints. For some reason, a woman my size can not find anything close to this. I would kill for some leggings like this. I found the website called Black Milk that have the leggings but they stop at large of course, and not only that..the leggings are like.. 68 dollars! Good grief. I guess I can just fantasize about it... 
Check out these beautiful outfits space influenced:

I would have worn all of damn!

!Mi Mimosa La Rosa!
~My Best Friend The Clearance Slayer~

Rose and I have not seen each other for awhile but the one thing we do know is what is in our closets! If your a frequent reader of the blog you know Rose always seems to find a sale in Kmart. This was back in Maryland when she was living by herself. Now that she is married and living up in Viva La Vegas, she found a Kmart around her way. Now we all know, not every store is alike and can carry different things, especially in different states. But of course, Rose found the jack pot yet AGAIN with Kmart! Ugh! What are we gonna do with her you guys? Not only did she raid Kmart, she raided Kohl's and other fab places!

Um love these damn pants! Can you see this with an American flag shirt? Um yes!

Yes...she got these for 4 bucks people!

Is it me or does Rose have a Turquoise problem???

Clean converse...we all need one..

Ugh. I have kind of an obsession with Owls...I love this shirt! So jelly!


Now you know I love this! Bold colors and on sale! Love it! Im in love with Sofia Vegera Clothes


Now I was mad when I saw these you guys! Not only were they freaking cheap but they are bright yellow and has spikes in the back! What the hell! Mind you they are a size 6! Bitch!

Very Cute, love the color..

That mint green ring is killing me, I mean seriously..

 So Eva Mendes has been very fahsionable lately. I never post her but I guess its a first for anything. Im also in love with this punk rock phase that Miley is rocking. More Rihanna and Angela Simmons below!

Kourtney K.
 Kourtney's body is banging, yeah she got think after dropping that little girl but I love her this size. She looks great to me. Im sure she feels huge since she is so tiny, but she looks super cute. Love the pants. And how cute is Mason?

Willow S.
 Oh Daughter of mine. Kylie, if you become Willow Smith when your a teenager I will be all of it. If you want to shave your hair and rock punk clothing and wear a fake nose ring, thats fine. Willow looks beautiful, and notice her pants? Yeppp...

 Christina Milian


I think she is so pretty. I mean she is pretty plain jane but their is something about Rihanna. I love her hair short but I can get use to the long locks. Her body is insane. Girl crushhhh!

Dita Von Teese

Kendell Jenner
 Love these shoes so much! I am loving the pairing of the shirt and the pants..

Rocsi Diaz
 This eludes Rose's style! Bright toes, bright nails, solid pink skirt and a designed printed top? Yeah, Rose all day! And the nudes look great with it.

Angela Simmons
 I want my bum looking like that...

Rita Ora

 Rob Kardashian's girlfriend I mean, Rita Oras looking very Rihanna, as always..

Lala Anthony
 She is stunning...

Katie Holmes
 Love the skirt! I know everyones talking about Tom Cruise being a wack job, but he is kinda hot if you ask me..

Miley C.
 Did Miley break up with her man? Because she is looking like a rebel these days, and we all know women don't chop the hair without a breakup hanging around the corner..

Eva Mendes
 This woman screams sex! Love her shoes and love this dress as well! Great use of the belt...


Okay so I will be blogging next monday. This weekend will be my daughter birthday. Its weird because, well.. I never had a daughter before. Im stoked for her. She will be one. Holy crap. Around this time she was in my belly kicking my uterus. Now she is walking around screaming her head off..Speaking of that..Check out her success...

You betta wurk girl
Song: Heres To No Why by The Smashing Pumpkings

Mwah Love yall!
 *just chill*