Monday, March 29, 2010

10 Things That Made My Night: Episode 1

What a night. Great night. Great laughs. Tonight was fun. In the words of my beloved artist Lady Gaga "Once you kill a cow, you gotta make the burger." Top ten things that made my night. Lets start this off big and then end it with a bang. A goodnight sleep. Sweet dreams. No deadlines in the morning. No appointments. Just sleep. Lets end monday night with inspiration, fashion and most of all, celebrities. We claim we hate, but, we actually love.

1.) Fuck Is My Mac Concealer???
Mac makes me happy. And I am glad I got my girl Rose hooked on eye shadow and eye liner. Now we can play make up together and pretend to be barbies. Well, I would be the plus sized Barbie, dipped in chocolate. I guess. Make-up rocks. Makes me feel like a girl. Makes me feel fun and sparkly. Goal is to get some glimmer shimmer pigments very soon from Mac.

2.) Obama Drama
Dude. How rad is this picture of our president. Take away all the politics and all the health care bull-shit going on. This has to be the coolest fucking pre-presidental picture ever. How rad is this? I think all the republicans and Elizabeth Hasselback can agree..(Elizabeth is from The View..I watch it every morning like an old putz).

3.) Hello Titty Kitty
Nuff said. I like the pussy.

4. Angela In The House
How bad ass is Angela Simmons? She is the CEO of Pastries and she got that player Bow Wow hogging her chain. Thats a bad bad bitch. She made my night.

5.) Tatz With Statz
How cool....

6.) Blazerz Sadlez
Can I find a nice blazer not a size 2????

7.) Pappa Glazzez

8.) Kendra
Thats a real woman. If you watch her show you know what I mean. I love her. She is so real about love, weight, woman issues. She is a real chick. And her husband is hawt and loves her so much. I love it. Just adore it.

9.) The Other Sister
The one they said was ugly. The one who they said looks like a tranny. The one they said was ugly and looked like a man in a dress. The one who was an outsider. This bitch outdid both her prettier sisters, married herself a Laker who is worth over 10 million, has no prenup with that man, and never has to work again. You better work Khloe.. whos ugly now? Wurk bitch

10. Lady Gaga Twit Pic
I wonder who she is sleeping with these days?

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