Thursday, March 18, 2010

Purple Blossoms

Okay, so its like 10 am here. I am waiting for it to be at least 11:00 before I go and get some sushi. So until then I am updating my blog. Like I said I am not gonna keep editing my face like there is nothing wrong with it. My face is a mess. But oh well, Im just gonna be strong about it and say "fuck it". So this outfit is my favorite. The shirt is from Torrid. It was on sale for some holiday. It fits very good. As for the skirt it is Old Navy. It was 15 dollars for the whirly skirts. Of course the boots are Torrid, and the necklace believe it or not was from Walmart. Shocker! They had super nice jewelry when I went. Rose and I stacked up. Poor Rose, she said when I leave she will miss me but her bank account will not. Lol! We have been shopping alot. But anyway, here is my look.

Oh before I forget. My mom actually bought me some Coach shoes. I love them because for one they are very comfy and two, well...there Coach. I mean, I am not much of a label whore but I am when it comes to these hot shoes. I love them. They where 80 dollars. Thanks Mom, did not see that coming.