Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Things I Love The Most

So I thought I would show and talk about things I really like. I mean we already no I have a major hard on for Lady Gaga. I have a very fanatic fixation with the Twilight saga. And I have a mad issue with buying clothes, even if I know I am getting ripped off. Plus I love Hello Kitty, which my Mom thought I would grow out of but no, I still love that pussy. Today is such a good day. Until someone knocks on my door and wakes me from my napping. That really pisses me off. It is super cloudy outside and very moody. Such an Edgar Allen Poe day. Dreary. I am planning on watching that movie 500 Days Of Summer in a few minutes. I tried to watch it three times and I lost all attention to it. So now this will be my a billionth time trying to watch it. It looks so good, yet I keep turning it off.

Top Things I Love: Not In Order, just random :)

Makeup: I have a new found love for makeup. I started wearing makeup like 3 years ago. I always got judged if I wore make-up. Which is so stupid, the whole natural beauty thing. It is all a crock to me. Girls always said that to me in high school. They would say "Why are you wearing make-up..ewww." I am dead serious. There is this whole thing here in Maryland (some places) that act like Mac is a sin. Fuck that

A Good Looking White Boy:
I love a nice pasty white guy. I like white dudes since I can remember. Funny because my parents are soo pro-black. Which is very ironic. I know I married a black guy and all but white guys can be hot. Especially the dirty ones. I like the fucked up hair, ripped jeans, smells of cigarettes and booze type white guy. Robert Pattinson is my number one right now... Oh and in the picture, thats Bam Margera....*drouls*

A Decent Page Turner:
I saw this book on someone elses sight. It looks good. Its about this little girl and her adopted black brother and how there parents where like mega-christians and pretty much messed up there lives with all thats stuff. I might buy it this weekend. Or ask my dad to pick it up for me tomorrow. I am also reading this book called "Little Bee". So far its going slow but I think its me not giving it a chance. So far the best book I read this year is The Help. But yes, a nice book is a great way for me to escape.
I have an addiction to it. Thats all I can say. Talk about an orgasm for the mouth...

A Good Indie Movie:
I like a movie that is all over the place and is about real people. I like your average little miss sunshine and sunshine cleaning. I love movies like that. This movie in the picture I am going to watch after I finish 500 Days Of Summer. Indie films are awesome. I like watching drama filled average everyday normal people on screen, its almost humbling.
Modern Family:
My favorite couple is the gay guys. I love gay guys. They are the best! Loves the gay guys! I love the show so much. Behind every great woman, is a great gay man.
So that sums it up. I also think its pretty cool that the internet is like a total new way to met friends and new people. I follow these two girls on Tumblir. I like to hear about there lives which is pretty cool. These two are my fav right now. :)


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