Friday, March 12, 2010

Thrift Store Hopping: Funky Finds!

Here is Village Thrift store I always go to around my way. Its only 5 minutes from the house. It is pretty huge and the clothes are awesome. Yesterday I found so much. I actually bought shoes for myself! I never do that. I even bought Rose a pair for her shoe habit. I can not even belive they had my size with the shoes. I wear 11 and sometimes a 10. I know right? Huge fucking feet. I have no idea why. I think my foot is just wide. My total came up to 30 dollars. Which I was astounding to me. So 3 pairs of shoes and a hoodie later. This is my results. I guess I'll make an outfit with it soon.

Here is the hoodie. I love it. And get this. It was A/X! They are hugely expensive. And it was a large. I love it! I think this was five dollars. Armani Exchange rocks.
Here it is on the bed. I am In love!
Okay. First let me say. I did not buy these at all. If they where my size they would be mine. I love these so much! And they were 4 dollars. Size seven! These shoes are bad ass. I took a picture of them because they were so bad ass! But there was know way I could wear these. Im not a huge heel person either.

Here is the Hoodie again. How sexy.
American Eagle ballerina flats
Found converse just my size, with skull bones already for laces....! These where 8 dollars.
Now these, I got these for Rose my bestie. Now these are hot. I think these were 10 dollars actually. But she loved them! Plus they were her size as well. Lucky her. I could not imagine someone would not want these. But someones junk is someone elses treasure.

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