Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Funky Wish List!

Thats me and Greg about a year ago. Way before I even started this blog. I like this picture. We were in San Diego together at the mall with some friends. I have him wrapped around my necklace as you can see. I so can not wait to go back home to California. I have so much clothes over there. I have a walk in closet thats packed. I have bags everywhere. I wish I could show you guys. But soon I will be able too. So I got a email from Camp Pendleton.....(Gregs military peeps) and they said the deadline for them to come home is April 13th, but it could change. What the fuck right? I still have to change my ticket for that weekend. I have my ticket booked for the tenth. I can't believe I have weeks until I see him. Weeks. I catch myself daydreaming about him. I wonder if I am going to cry when I see him? I don't know. But I am super excited to be with him again.
Now on to the thing I want but can not ever have.....

1.) These shoes are awesome. And very different...You don't see shit like this often..
2.) I'd kill for this shirt...Mrs Piggy is the shit
3.) I'd die for these shoes....just die. OMG.....Who ever owns these are on my shit list
4.) Pretty cool hobo bag from LV
5.) Last but not least, I want Robert Pattinson in my bed....god damn he is fine....

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