Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Anticipation Of It

So I woke up this morning. I mean I literally just rolled over and grabbed my mac book and started typing. I woke up thinking about everything. I thought about the fact I am on my second week of March. How the first week was rough, how just a few days ago it just got better. last night Greg wrote me. There pretty much on there way back to California. It will take some time. They stop at Hawaii and will be there on April 7th, and be returning to California on April 13th. They say it might change but, either way, its around the corner. Im stoked. I have 35 days exactly till I see him. I can not believe it. All I have in front of me are days. The ironic thing is I felt to come to maryland on my birthday and Greg will be coming home on my moms birthday. Hopefully the date does not change. It might. I should expect that. I have so much to ship back, yet so much to do. From the sounds of it Greg still sounds excited to see me. He asked me in the email how I felt, and how he hope I still feel love for him when he comes home. And the fact he wants a iguana. Which is cool by me.
I find myself taking these last days very slow. I need to busy myself more. It is like I am waiting for the day I can pack my bags and I catch myself looking at calendars to see hoe far I have. I need to stop. Live each day like I am not going to see him soon. I really need to relax. Im a little worried about money actually. But when Greg comes home, pay day will be in two days, so that should be sweet. It sucks because I do not want to have to worry about getting things back to normal at home. Getting my car out of storage, turning gas and electric back on, getting cable back as well, turning on Gregs cell phone again. It gonna be a process. But at the same time, I get to go to bed with him again, and lay there looking at him. Deployments make you more humble. Makes you not want to take your time forgranted (cant spell, oh well, I don't feel like looking this word up). So today I am going to go to my moms school and help out. Just try to keep myself busy as I can. I want to push March out my fucking face. And so far so good. I got to buy my moms birthday present soon. Plus I need to get back on my birth control as well. Omg, so much going on! Maybe march is going to fly if I stop looking.
This is Greg and I, two years ago, in a hotel in Palm Springs, California. Look how short my hair was!

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