Monday, March 8, 2010

I Got In Rose Car, Then I Told Her....

"So, I told my Mom I was on a diet. But I only told her that to keep her happy. I have been eating the same, and she tells me everyday I look amazing. Which is funny because I have not even lost any weight at all, so how could I look amazing?" I laughed

Rose looked at me and said.
"Maybe you do look amazing, and she is just realizing it."

Love you Rose.


  1. Awwwww that was really sweet. She sounds like a really good friend.

  2. i love your body. it reminds me of mine except i do have a lil kangaroo going on due to child birth lol but you are amazing. my husbands says your body is nice. (he has eyes and a sane mind)

  3. lol! thanks Tami! she is a great friend. And crystal, your compliment made me feel great. Thank u sooooooo much!!! i lived all my life hearing the oppisette.....and tell ur husband thanks as well! lol!!!!! you made my day girl...thanx :)