Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hawaiian Simply Punched: Bold Colorz & Neonz

My Macbook is dead. We'll not all the way dead. But I know something is wrong. I have all Mac computers. I dunno, seems to be the way to go. My battery charger went out, the light won't even come on, at all! So Rose (my partner in crime) hooked me up on Ebay and ordered me a new charger right away. Im stoked right? So, I check the little battery life on my Macbook and I notice when it loads that a grey bar shows up. Mind you I never seen this bar in my whole life, or basically my whole time owning this notebook. So I know something is wrong. I mean, I had it for five years and I use it daily, I never miss a day. But anyway, Im on a Mac right now, the regular ones. I miss my Macbook alot. Im going to Apple to figure out whats wrong. I know its alot more than a battery. I can feel it. So until them, I'll be using the Mac that stays in the house. Hot mess.

Welp, besides my Mac breaking this is my outfit of the day. Or should I say the week. I know this outfit does not seem like much but right now I am all about bold colors! Anything bright or neon pretty much ends up going home with me! I purchased this shirt a while ago, its a 2XL and pretty loose. I loved the bold pink and bright purple, plus they match my steve madden sandals perfectly. I am all about hot pinks and I am also all about bright bright yellows! Its me weakness! The shirt was 14.99 at Marshalls. Yeah, kinda pricey but the material is so light and airy. I had to get it
Check out my inspiration for this look:

I showed this bag on my blog before. What I love about this bag is the fact its small and petite but comes with a bold punch! I got this from Target. Target is all about the neons and mint pastels as well. I saw clutches that I would have killed for but clutches are bags you take when your going "out-out". Clutches are not very practical in my life, they just are not compatible. But there amazing to gawk at. 

Top: Marshalls
Pants: Source Of Wisdom Jeans (Torrid)
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: Target (on clearance for 5.95!)

How amazing is this? It matches maybe too well. I picked all black jeans with these look because I didn't want anymore color with denim. I wanted to catch the color of the shoes and shirt. So you can get that ultimate punch of color. Pretty dead on match right?

On the hanger:

 My beloved neon bag up close. It is kinda small but I adore this bag. Target had a bigger and neon yellow bag but I was not willing to drop 14.99 on the bag. Even though it was originally 24.99 I just could not belt that out. You can't beat 5.95 for a bag, c'mon...

Im pretty obsessed with mint as well. Im gonna color my nails that color today. Im all about bold colors with nails as well. Why not? Thanks to Rose I will be rocking this nail color by Wet And Wild called Refresh-mint. Thanks again Rosie.

Rose (The BFF)
~Officially On The Road~

Rose has offically left the building. She has packed up and left. Sorry guys, no new pics of Rose in her usual K-Mart spots and amazing Walgreens findings. She officially left our home state of Maryland on Monday. For some reason it felt as if she was saying goodbye to me when I am the one who lives in California. Strange feeling I guess. Rose was just in Indiana and passing threw Colorado as we speak, I type. 

A picture of her passing threw Ohio below!

 I been drawing again...
A pretty awesome feeeling came over me the other day to draw. Its been awhile. So I sketch when I have the time. Being a stay at home Mom you would think I could find all the time in the world to draw. But when your chasing after a little one, they need your full on attention which is cool. So I found myself sketching when she was napping or playing. She watches me draw. I wonder what she thinks Im doing. We chill and listen to Smashing Pumpkins all day. I want her to know her ABC's and know her Courtney Love and grudge rock...what are mother for? Tee hee...

Its all about family. This whole sketch so far. The reality of the world. The darkness in every sea. The connection you have with people and love you have with family and friends. Actually, to be honest I was watching this t.v. show and it made me think. I mean, I don't know. It made me think of daughter. For some reason. I was explaining to Greg (the hubby) and I started to cry. I have no clue why it made me tear up, then again I did. I explained how I want our daughter to have a good "family base". I want her to never feel alone. Ever. I dunno, I was feeling some deep shit. Made me draw this...

Okay enough emotional drawing and back to Rihanna's crotch...
*eyes raised*

~Celebrity Candy~

So Rihanna was performing in London rocking this little outfit onstage, looking very Kanye-like. Love her fishnets! This is very trashy and tacky yet very stylish. I love it for some reason. I just, don't really know why. Very "Watch The Throne". I still wish she would admit to banging Chris Breezy again. I am kinda obsessed with their relationship...

Im also seeing these shoes everywhere. I think these are from Kanye West himself. I like them alot. I love the double cheetah skirt. She looks pretty good. Love her. She can do zero wrong in my book. I need those shoes.

Kim Kardashian
 Seems if you date Kanye West, your fashion game goes up a bit. She is wearing the same shoes Rih Rih was rocking. So I guess that makes the shoes officially Kanye West shoes. Tee Hee. All black everything.

Miley Cyrus

Her fashion is super cute. I love Miley's style so much. I love how she rocks mom-jeans and mom-shorts. She not rocking them now of course, but I love the fact shes like 10 and dresses like a 60's hippie. Love it.

I had no idea Miley smokes... *Disney sure knows how to pick'um*
 Iggy Azealia
 I love this chick! I love her body as well! Super curvy!

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is so beautiful, I love that purple hair. She is so fun and full of life. I adore her look and her style. Very modern and vintage all mixed into one. I gotta have purple hair before I die.

Vanessa Hudson

I love when people chop off their hair! Love it! Everyone is rocking long western shaggy bags! I love it. I am digging the platforms.  I really need that bag...


*No words*

I bow to this woman. I BOW!

Mary Kate Oslen
 Boho, its all about boho. Looking homeless and crazy is awesome...


Did anyone see Beyonce moshing in the mosh-pitt to N*ggas in Paris? She was going crazy at her Hubbys concert and went ape shit. This made me respect her...on another level..!!!

Luv ya'll! 
My mommy inlaw is coming to see us soon! More blogging coming up!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Im Your Nation Anthem: Rita Ora Shoez & Minty Jeanz

Whats up you guys. My weekend was pretty fulfilling. I found myself a new t.v. show that I am now all about. I found all the seasons on netflix and I have to admit I can not pry my eyes away from the computer screen. My partner in crime is also watching the series with me as well. Greg and I camped out on our bed over the weekend and watched Vampire Diaries, the very first season. I know, I know, Im kinda late viewing this show, its been out for awhile now. I was so anti-vampire shows and movies given the fact Im a stellar Twilight Fan. I felt nothing could compare to my beloved vamp series, until now that is. I'll speak more about that awesome show later, on to the fashion..

So I finally found my beloved american flag shirt. Its rustic and kinda tattered looking and it was only 5.98 at Walmart. Pretty cheap and simple, and straight to the point. I saw it before but I did not purchase it, but I could not get the shirt out of my head. It was so cheap and what I always wanted. I see alot of fashionistas all over is all about the american flag trend. I can't lie, I fell into the trap. Tattered jean shorts and james dean leather boomers? Only thing thats missing is a cook-out and some booze. So  I rummaged through my closet and put this together and man do I love this look. My leather jacket is pretty light for summer time breeze here in southern california. 

Check out my inspirations below:

I hate being apart of the trend, but hey, if the trend is bad ass expect me to rock it. Im thinking about making the shirt off the shoulder and ripping it up a bit. Why not? The more tattered and torn the better if you ask me. So I might repost this shirt just in a whole different way. Its a extra large as well so it can fall off the shoulders very well once its cut..or maybe I should just leave it alone..

Jacket: Marshalls
Tee-Shirt: Walmart 
Jean Shorts: Torrid
Leggings: Torrid (I paid way too much..)
Boots: H&M

I never rock these shorts without leggings. Call me cowardly but Im not ready for my thighs so shake so the whole world can see their glory. But they look amazing over leggings. That seems to be the style out here. I love it.

Messenger Bag:
I found this all the way in the back of my closet and forgot how cool and bad ass this bag is. Its super small but it does hold very well. I found this bag years ago when Spencers was having a sale on all their bags. I loved the nurse patch on it, I had to have it. Reminded me of army/war type artifacts. So I bought it..super long time ago, I can't even remember the price.

On The Hanger:

Life & Such

Im enjoying life. Its very easy going and relaxed. Over the weekend we mainly went out on Sunday. Of course, Sunday was fathers day. I got Greg some Ihop because of course his Fathers Day present needed to be pancakes and a big bacon omelet. It was pretty weird walking around with people stopping Greg saying "Happy Fathers Day". It almost felt unreal, how far we come. How life changed for the better, and I can't even say the worst. I never been this care free in my life. And Im enjoying that. Im enjoying everything, and all the glories that is life.

So overall, Greg enjoyed his Fathers Day. It was pretty plain and we ate till we busted at Ihop. He is a good Dad. Very hands on and plays a hue role in his daughters life. I never saw him to be a family man, but I guess its great that he is. Im glad he was the one to impregnate me, I couldn't pick a better partner. Them two are two peas in a pod. Seriously. Tee He.
Happy Fathers Day Greg. Your an amazing Dad. Couldn't have picked a better person to make a human with. 

~The Minty Way Of Life~
BFF Edition

Guess who found a pair of mint jeans! Rose did! Oh how I loathe mint pants, I still have not yet found a pair in my size. Rose got the memo and went to Target and got these babies for twenty bucks! Not bad. Given the fact these pants are hot right now. I love them. I was in Target myself over the weekend and found some awesome tops on clearance while I was there. Check out her minty pants:

Rosie also purchased this beautiful and I mean BEAUTIFUL necklace from H&M the other day as well. Oh I love! I wish I got this for myself. And it was only 5 dollars and some change! Unheard of! How awesome is that! I love the color of the stones. Super cute, and that price is too die for.

Rose got some Aviator sunglasses over the weekend. The cool thing about these shades are the fact that they come from the mens section! Rose claims, I repeat, "claims" she has a fat face and women Aviator shades are more smaller and makes her face look smashed. So she went to the guys section and got these dope idea f you think your face is kinda chunky.

By the way, I know I mentioned Rose is moving soon. The funniest part about everything is that she has to pack all her shoes and take them with her. And Rose has hundreds, and I mean hundreds of shoes. I was on they phone talking to her while she was sorting out her life in her room wondering what to take and what to leave behind...As you see in this picture, she has a huge case on her hands.

~Rita Ora's Shoe-Gasmz~

I knew this was going to happen. As soon as I saw Rita Ora I only could think about a Rihanna-wannabe trying to make it in the business. She looks like Rihanna to me and even dresses like her. I don't know. She also dates Rob Kardashian, which makes me wanna gag even more. But I would be lying If I said her style was bad ass. Jay Z (her manager, or whoever signed her) must have gave her a huge budget on clothes and shoes because her fashion game is quite..awesome. Check out all her hell cute shoes over the months

~Celebrity Candy~

Azealia Banks music is pretty awesome. Im so going to buying that cd when it comes out, then again, download it. She is the new female rapper right now other than Miss Minaj and her style is pretty dope. I noticed it before hand as well. Love her! Download her single 212 because its hard not to dance to it. 

 Ahh, Rihanna, she can do no wrong in my eyes. Her style has been pretty strange lately. One day she is looking hella bad ass, the next she looks casual and odd looking. Oh well, shes Rihanna. Love her nails by the way. I hear Chris is still sneaking out her hotel room..hmmm...
Love her shirt.

Dita Von Teese
 I love her flats and her sunglasses. She is the reason why vintage is as bad ass as it is. Love her. I really need shades like that for myself.

Hilary Duff
 Love the bag so much.

Kat Von D
 Jellyfish leggings?
Where can I get a pair!! And her shoes to match?!?! She killed it.

Jessie J
 Floral and all black? Epic win.

Amber Rose
 Wow. So I know you guys have not seen me post Amber in awhile. Well here she is. I love when she rocks her inner boy and looks super hood with this style. Welcome back Amber.

Umm The Chick From Vampire Diaries..
 I don't know her real name. All I know is her character on the show Elena. Either way, she killed it in this all white outfit, and I adore the sheer.

Speaking of Vampire Diaries..
 I have fallen head over heels for this show. The sad part is always gonna be when it ends. Greg and I finished the whole first season. I want to take our time with season two. There is only four season total and season four just went off. Ugh, its so hard catching up. What do I like about the show? We'll I only started watching it to see the guy who I hear is rumored to play "Christian Grey" from that Fifty Shades book. And I guess you can say, the rest was history. Its great if you love a good romance and you like vampires. I didn't think I would like it, but now I do...
Watching this was the majority of my weekend.

Oh, and if you want to stalk my life you can check out my little video I made. I like turning my life into a motion picture with music.

 Thanks for reading you guys!
Love ya'll Much!