Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lets Get Lost

You know, I was trying to express myself through art alot this summer and I just could not find my nitch. I did everything. I drew everything. But even when I sat down and drew I did not feel like I completely escaped from anything. I want to feel like I went somewhere else. I wanted to feel like I was in another world of my own. But drawing what I felt never really felt like an escape for me. As well as I draw, its just not an escape. Its more of something fun to do and create, not necessary an escape to another world. But that was what I wanted. So I instead I started reading. I got into a bit more Vampire books and started journeying into another world that way. So one night when I was reading this book called The Last Vampire, I stopped. I thought.."hey, why don't I start writing?" Not as in stories or anything, but just write and see what I come up with. Why not? So I did.
Writing is my new found way of escaping these days. I realized I have a huge imagination. I find myself living in these places that I write about. I could go to the boardwalk or go grocery shopping and think about the people I created. Thats what I wanted to do with drawing. But it just never happened that way. Im writing short stories alot of the time which is fun. I read them over and feel like this is such a joke and I should stop. But I guess I don't because its fun. Im falling in love with it. I create places and people that are so different and yet so the same as me.
So yeah, I read my stuff alot and correct all the misspelled stuff. Sometimes I laugh at myself because I am shocked this has become a hobby of mine. I get so weird with it as well. I read my stories and feel like this is so dumb or that the characters are so far fetched. Im my worst critic I guess. I feel like I am sucking the fun out of my new found hobby. I wish I would stop it but I have no self control. This post will mainly be about me, not fashion right now. I love expressing who I am and I love getting lost in myself.

Top Movies Of The Summer:
1.) Eclispe
2.) The Last Airbender
3.) Salt
4.) Karate Kid
5.) The Runaways
Top Favorite Artist:
1.) Lady Gaga (duh)
2.) Nicki Minaj
3.) Drake
4.) Taylor Swift
5.) John Mayer
My Top Favorite Indie Songs:
1.) Lets Get Lost - Eclispe Soundtrack
2.) High Road - Broken Bells
3.) Airplanes - Local Natives
4.) Anything by Sia
5.) Letters From The Sky - Civil Twilight

(download these song if you like Coldplay type music)

My Top Favorite Hip-Hop Songs:
1.) Unstoppable - Drake
2.) Massive Attack - Nicki Minaj
3.) On To The Next One - Jay Z
4.) Im Back - T.I
5.) Anything Lil Wayne

(if you hate rap, do not download these)
My Top Men I Want To Bang:
1.) Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black)
2.) Robert Pattinson (Edward...sorry baby..jakes abs were ridiculous...)
3.)Lil Wayne
4.) Jasper from Twilight..(picture is bellow, HOT DAMN!)
5.) Drake
My Top Things I Collect:
1.) Hello Kitty
2.) Urban Decay
3.) Betsy Johnson bags
4.) Huge Earrings
5.) Yankee Candles.
My Top Guilty Pleasure Songs:
1.) Anything Taylor Swift
2.) Cant Be Tamed - Miley Cyrus
3.) You Make My Dreams Come True - Hall& Oats
4.) Anything by Britney Spears
5. Pretty Boy Swag - - Soulja Boy

Did anyone see Eclipse yet? Talk about an underwear changer...
Dear Taylor Lautner....
You look so god damn good. I know you like white women, but can you make an acception?
I know I am not skinny as Taylor Swift but Taylor believe me, you need to branch out. I think you need a woman with love handles. Taylor you need a woman, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are girls Tay. I need you to hear me out. Your body is sick, you will kill those disney skinny girls. You need a thick woman that can handle the ride....
Love, Tia

(this is sad I know....but I am serious....)

Look at him staring....what a perv....i love it...

Fancy: Lettem No Everythang Did, Nail Done, Hair Done, Everythang Did

I finally got Gaga-like shades. I saw them at Hot Topic and my mouth dropped open. It had to buy it right away, I felt I had no choice. They had gold which I wish I got now. The funny part is I wear my glasses all the time, but I still bought these. It was one of those things I had to buy. And I love them! I love the picture with Greg behind me. He always has to be a complete goof in all my pictures, I rarely get one of him just being normal. This is so his personality. He has a birthday coming up by the way.

So the top is from Hot Topic and the leggings are from Torrid. The Torrid leggings have that awesome zipper on the side. My faux jacket is from TJ Maxx and my shoes are a gift from the hubbers. It won't be hard finding these shoes, there Pastries. Which is in every shoe store known to man. I love colorful shoes and I rarely show mine. So this should be a good post.

Oh What A Night: Eclipse

Eclipse Premiere from Tiamoya Mcneely on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Women: The Real, The Mad & The Ugly

If your a follower of my blog you know I am all about pop culture. I always have been and always will be. I am Andy Warhol in my own head. I find beauty in fame and money. Yet I find the ugliest in it, which can also be beautiful. I love hollywood stories and love hearing about fame and success. I admired women in pop culture all my life as well, even when I was very young. Some women I wanted to be and others I already saw myself in them. Whether it was from a movie or from a song that they sung. Sometimes a look can just inspire me. I love powerful woman. I am all about woman sticking together as a whole. Unfortunately most woman hate each other. Which is sad. Here are the women I feel are like me, not like me, and the woman I would kill to be.

The Woman I Am:
When I found out she was playing Bella in the movie I thought she was so wrong for the part. But when the
movie finally came out she proved me wrong. I feel as if I am like her in a way. Very emo, to myself, only
close to close friends. There is an awkwardness about her. She seems so unsure about herself and then
again she might be just shy. I love the fact her style is simple and that she is so un-hollywood even when the
world wants her to be. She is very personal which is nothing like how I am, but I feel I am like her personality
wise. Im to myself as I get older.

The Woman I Want To Be:
Amber is such a goddess to me. She is so beautiful. You can tell she is all about being herself and staying true to herself. One day she can walk around in sweats and the next in heels. I find her so attractive as well. Im not bisexual but I would be if she came onto me. I guess that makes me kind of a lezzi. Its between her and Nicki Minaj really. If I had to choose it would be her. Amber is very strong when it comes to people talking bad about her, she never cares. I would love to be like that. Its something I look up too. She styles herself. And what I love most about her is she will command your attention. What black woman do you know will shave there head completely bald? No one. Woman are to scared to do it. Yet, she rocks it without losing her femininity.

The Woman I Know:
I love Rihanna. Her story is amazing. She will always be remembered for that night in the car with Chris Brown. She will always be remembered for going back out with him after the fact. Now she is going to be the woman who moved on and left her past relationship behind. If you listened to her album Rated R you can tell that their relationship was always rocky. We all know a Rihanna. We all have a friend that could not let go, or let go too soon. I feel like I know Rihanna. I have millions of friends that are Rihanna. I admire all my close friends. I think she is stunning and beautiful as well...

Also! Don't we all have that one friend that dropped there boyfriend and then all of a sudden they looked 100% better? Their style changed, hair changed, body started looking better....thats what happened with Rihanna right? Its awesome watching a friend bounce back.

The Woman I Will Never Be:
I would never be Lady Gaga. And I say that because no one can be her. I will honestly say why, because I do not have the balls. She has this power that no one understands, not even me. She is the only human I know that will ignite the rumors about her more and more, just to keep you talking. Look at these pictures of her as a man. She got dressed in Drag for Vogue Magazine. Now be honest?If someone called you a tranny would you wear a suit to school the next day and a tie? You would not. I would not. If someone said I looked like a tranny I would honestly cry. Gaga would laugh and wear a fake dick for the rest of the day. I will never have balls like that. Gaga is from another planet I swear. Her art is amazing. Her style is from another universe. She has a ego made of steel. I will never ever be like her, she is to strong.

The Woman of all Women

Tonight Is The Night! Eclipse

Finally. The day I was waiting for. I am going around 11 tonight to wait in line for the midnight show. I am getting more and more excited as time gets closer. I am very excited! Mainly because this was my favorite book. Why? Because I loved the love triangle in it. Finally, the wait is over.
I bought the authors new book last week. Its called "The Short Life Of Bree Tanner." I have not even read it yet. Omg..sorry to get off subject but I think I am getting new neighbors soon. What the fuck. I hate that fucking apartment next door. Its like all the demons in the world move right next door to me. Everyone is always loud or fucking drunk and make sooo much noise. I wonder who is going to be the new trouble makers. Gahhh! Why can't that apartment just be empty! FUCK! I hate people..*sigh*

Anyway. Sorry. Like I was saying, tonight is the big night and I am brining my camera. I wonder if its going to be a mad crowd? I guess I will soon see.
I should take a nap given the fact Im gonna be out there all night. Im to excited to sleep it feels like.

Right now I am listening to this song called "The High Road" by Broken Bells. Download it if you like Coldplay or Kings Of Leon. Alright Im out!

Monday, June 28, 2010

In Military Chic

The fashion is back. Finally. I am sick no more. I wanted to hurry this up and I told myself that Monday will be the day I finally post some fashion. So okay, Fourth of July is coming up and it seems as if the look these days are military style. I see it everywhere. I am loving the look by the way. I want to buy a military jacket eventually. But this shirt is my favorite shirt right now. Its simple and cute, plus I love the gold in it. I started to play with gold more, it matches my hair so much better.

Speaking of hair. I was going to bleech my hair and dye it purple on the ends but decided not too. My mom scared me off from doing it. She told me when she was getting her hair done a girl had to get her locs cut of because of to much dye. So of course I freaked and said I was not going to do it. But then yesterday I opened a fortune cookie and it literally said "the color purple will bring something well in the future". No bullshit! I saved the fortune and everything. So I do not know what to do. Should I listen to my mom and no do it? Or should I listen to the cookie instead?

Military Button-Front Poplin Top - Navy $34.00

Gold Bracelet 1.99 on Sale

So I watched the BET awards because I wanted to see Nicki Minaj. Thats it. The next thing you know I am watching the whole thing. But when I saw Chris Browns tribute to Michael Jackson...It struck me. I choked up. I am sure everyone heard about it. He started crying while singing and just broke down. I wanted to literally cry with him. I got goose bumps the whole time. His dancing was...untouchable. And honestly, I am not a Chris Brown fan. I am one of those people that are on Team Rihanna. After the whole thing with him and Rihanna, I totally wrote him off as a douche. Because I am not going to sit there and say "Its Rihannas fault" and say "she provoked it". I am not running with those dumb excuses people say for him. You want to know why? Because if the tables were turned to someone you care about, it would be a different story. If Chris Brown was beating your sister, your cousin, your best friend, or even worst, your mother....NO ONE would say "she provoked it" then. I put money on it. But anyway, the performance was great. It was the first time I watched him perform and did think about the incident. His talent overcame that. Plus the song he was singing when he started crying sounded like it related to him and that was deep. Check it out if you have time.

Peace :)