Monday, April 21, 2014

The Sporty Chic: Welcome Back Carter

Long time no write. It even feels weird typing right now. My life has been beyond a world wind of changes and challenges. All good ones. Everything has changed. My thoughts, my reasons, my choices, my happiness, all changed within a matter of months. I'm a happier and better woman, life is good. So where have I been? Since you last heard it was 2013 and almost Halloween, now its Spring, 2014, and time flew by maybe too fast! As most know (or some just starting to read this) I became a severe Yoga junkie. Took one free class and it honestly became my life. Im the most narcotic, crazy, worry-wart, insane thinking chick ever I think and doing all my hot yoga and mediation really, and I mean really slowed me down. Im less stressed, I don't care about anyone that does not matter in my life, and I roll with the punches a lot more than I use too. I handle things on my own without a tear. Im stronger, happier, pretty much… Im free…

There is nothing really better than finding yourself. Everyone does. Whether its Church, mediation, sailing a boat, basket weaving, racing bikes or cars…joining a biker gang, no matter what..eventually you find yourself within yourself. Pretty much, you find your way "home". And that is exactly what I found. 

Yoga snowballed into everything else. I tried yoga, birkham yoga, mediation, hot yoga, pilates, zumba…all these things that involve charging your minds perspective on things, and learning to relax. But becoming a hardcore "yoga-junkie" required a lot of other things like eating a bit better (in order to do the poses...) So I did what I had to do to make my experience with yoga a bit better. Nothing extreme, just juicing and trying and I mean "trying" to drink a lot more water. Ugh, but on the weekends I eat like a crazy person. I love food so much. Im the ultimate foodie! I never pass on cake or pies, and surely not ice-cream. But given they closed down the nearest Cold Stone Creamery around here thats gonna be hard to come by…

So when life changes, your style does too. Its natural. You are your style. So I have been sporting the Sport Chic look for while now, and hung up the boho skirts and legging jeans for awhile.

Im all about Adidas and Nike apparel. But before I went on my yoga binge I always loved the sporty and tomboy way before. Rihanna is the queen of it and Cara the model dating Michelle Rodgiruez is another bad ass sporty babe making sporting clothes girly. Oh! And I love when chicks rock Air Jordans with dresses! Amazing! I never owned any sporty shoes but I think about to start! Pairing both is just sexy especially when boyish. Almost like a tease. I love it. Since Im usually in some type of yoga studio or semi-gym, Im always wearing sporty looks all the time, so much that eventually I had to gear it up to become more fashionable. 

Im all about crazy patterns when it comes to stretch pants. I always been about leggings from Torrid or jean stretchies that have galaxy patterns all over it. Pretty much I always been a fan of busy patterns on anything. Finding yoga pants that are cute are not hard to come by, but not only just yoga, its easy to rock these stylish sporty threads just going out to lunch or a movie. Who says you have to wear a maxi dress to feel sexy? Im in love with tye dye these days and especially really cute hoodies with funky patterns. 

Okay so you know I changed my whole entire lifestyle now. But thats not all that has had me sitting back in my blogging chair, being a Mom has made me extra busy as well. Whether Im at the yoga studio or at a play date for my daughter Im almost never really home. Constantly on the go, and on to new things. My daughter is now two years old, about to go on three and that went pretty fast. Overall being a Mom is not as bad as I always thought it would be. Always thought I would rip my hair out by now and scream to have my "single-no-mommy" life back, but its not bad. Not easy…but not bad either..

~Sporting The Spotlight~

Like I said earlier, my style did a complete one eighty! Im still into tribal colors and cute vintage dresses you find in thrift stores, but I clearly taken over the tomboy style all together. Sweat pants are a favorite, especially capri cut ones with designs on the side. Drawstring sweats, Nike sweat shirts, Air Jordan hats from the men section. I even bought a few snapbacks over the months to gear up my sportacilous look. Im all about really loud shoes of all colors, the more colorful the better. Harlem pants have always been a favorite of mine as well…and I defiantly rock them a lot now!

What Im Loving Now!

1.) PINK Victoria Secret Totes
 Okay, Im not going to lie… a friend got me into this rave for Victoria Secret clothing. Pricey it is, but it really rubbed off on me. I met her through Yoga, and she was one of the women who just so happened to pressure me into trying Zumba. Everyday she would walking into the building with VS everything! And I mean everything down to the hoodies to the water bottle! And it rubbed off! So I got myself a tote or two. Huge fan of the Victoria Secret band wagon!

2.) Hippie Jewerly
 Im sure everyone knows Coachella is back in action. The best part about Coachella is the fashion, hands down. The hippies come out to the california desert to rock the most bad ass gypsy jewelry there is. Im al about a clutter of jewelry all over the hands and wrist.. Crazy nail pant and designs on your natural nails, real boho and crazy..almost psychedelic!

3.) TYE DYE shy

 My love for tribal colors have morphed into a mushroom cloud of drug smoke into the crazy rainbow colored vision that is tye dye. Im all about it this year and want more ripped long stringed shirts with it splashed in it. Something about it makes me all giddy and happy…Im soooo on my hippie phase please excuse me…But the tye dye look is so in and Im all about it!

4.) Hand Jewelz Rih Rih Style
I can not find half rings anywhere, or maybe Im looking in the wrong places.  No ones hand game is better than Rihanna. Hopefully I can find some rings like this somewhere. Maybe a swap meat?! That would be nice. She does no wrong…

So I guess you could say Im still in love with the hippie boho look still, it will never go away. 

Im still in love with harlem pants. That has not faded. I have been rocking my colorful pair our and about lately at events and people swear up and down they are workout pants, but there not. LOL! I got these from H&M awhile back and they have to be one my my favorite pants that I wear on the daily…I need more! But there hard to find around my town...

Eventually I will get more. I love the ones below that sag down below the crotch. Hahaha! The lower the better! And with some chucks?! Oh yes!

~Good Eats Food Porn~
Love Of The Cado

I think I been in California a little too long. My favorite thing to munch on right now is raw avocados. Oh my goodness its so good. Im not sure how it became such a craving but I love it. I pick out the ones that are a bit soft and chop them into a good snack or dinner. Another yummy thing I do with them is add lemon and sea salt on in and make it a grand meal. The taste is so divine and so yummy. I find myself going to the market everyday for avocados, the taste is so good…and it can be done in different ways...

I love avocados, I sometimes just eat them raw, with some sea salt and some lime…So good!

My favorite salad at PitStop in Oceanside, super good food. Pita bread is so yum! Its the Chicken Avocado salad..yum!

Ahi tuna is the best as well! Love it on salads as well, and yes…all raw!

mango and avocado is the best as well! So Yum! Have not made it for myself yet…but I will! 

Im also all about black beans and rice. Im into coconut and cilantro…and lime and lemon…Love it!
Anything of that combo Im making it…Its so good. And living near the border, I have many friends who make it so good…that me making it, is a waste…Tee heeee

A good friend from Rio, Brazil…always makes me a pot for my family to sometimes to take home. It is so delicious. The beans have pieces of pork and tomato inside…nothing like South American cooking...

Thank God for Brazilian women…hahaha!

~Tribal In Target~
So my Bff up in Vegas is going to be heading to Maryland (our hometown) very soon for not one but two weddings. I mean the dress she picked was insane. She could have not picked a better one. I might be able to show everyone the looks after this post. We will see! But mean while she found an EPIC looking tribal skirt in Target and decided to pay full price for it (something my bestirs NEVER does) but it was worth the buy! Tribal print is not going anywhere, and Im even more in love african prints..given the crazy color it has..

So of course Rose wasted no time showing off the sexy skirt! Love it on her and the colors are soooo to die for!  Check out more of this skirt below!

The shoes are Wet Seal & like I said the awesome skirt is from Target, on the website it says 17.99 but check it out in stories, because you know how Target knocks some dollars off when its there for awhile..
~Celeb Candy~

I might been on hiatus but while I was…..Lupita Nyong'o was taking over. Her beauty and style is impeccable. She is gorgeous. And yes, it does not hurt the fact she is an African woman getting all this praise from the fashion world since we have Kim K on the cover of Vogue…no shade….

But having Lupita running the scene is everything for me right now. Not your typical beauty…but these days..I think she might be. She has been in every fashion magazine thus far tearing it up… And its still continuing as we speak...

Lupita with Anna Winter at Fashion Week

So..word on the street is her boo is Jared Leto…If thats true she is one lucky mother&^%! Good God he needs to eb in my bedroom…*sigh*
Rumor or not must be night to gaze into them eyes!

~Coachella 2014~

Im not going to lie, Coachella is becoming a rich kid fest. No one can afford to go traveling to the dessert and buy a ten thousand dollar tent for the whole weekend. Its becoming commercial if it already hasn't. Celebs and trust fund babies run the concert field there and its pretty obvious. But hey, it is hands down the best fashion place every if you love the hippie bohemian look… Here was the top best dressed at Coachella…my opinion.. 
Lets see who took over..

Lindsay Lohan

Does anyone watch Lindsay's reality show on OWN? Man she is screwed up. It made her look totally insane. But good entertainment. Over the Coachella weekend, she rocked this cute look. Have to give her props for this one. That vest is everything!

Zoe Kravitz
 Zoe is not stranger in the fashion world. Her style is this look everyday. Thats what I love about her, she is not trying…this is who she is. Love her hippie style!

 Willow Smith
 Young and totally a style icon, the the younger crowd, and even for me. 

Vanessa Hudgins
 The shoes are amazing, not sure if they are bracelets or not but love the shells on top. Huge hasts like that make me happy.



The Jenner Sisters
Kendall & Kylie

Kim needs to take some notes. Okay, that was mean, she did get better over time. But her younger sibling are no match for her. They SLAYED at Coachella with every single one of their outfits. Kendall nailed it the best if I has to chose between the two. 
Check these chicks out below

Hope you enjoyed reading peeps, see u next week! Mwah..

"Life is not waiting for the rain to stop, but its learning to dance in it.."