Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The floor is waxed

Time is now dust

We dance

I hold her body close to mine admiring the smell of vermillion wine

Her bones unsubstantial and limp while I lose all control

We circle the stage returning from where we both emerged

crushing our fingers tight while we dance the wooden floor

Her body still lose and delicate in my hands

I waltzed her through the dance while she remained stiff and uncertain

Soon enough her passion shines through red

Her twirls become violent and intense

I jerk her body some more to keep up with her fiery dance

Taking me on a blazing journey circling the stage

No longer subdued and flat, she attacks me brutally

crushing our hands in a intense tango she calls gentle

I was loyal and yet distraught

She became turbulent like the wind

She strived for something more while her hands reached to the ceiling while I held her high

High enough to touch the beaming lights above us

Faltering near the end of our painful song that out stood us

Her jerks pushing me away from our act

I hold on tighter to her because soon my feet would transfix

She is rough as man and brutal as woman

almost a tran-sex of something beautiful and vividly exquisite

She now

Lets me fall

I hit the floor silently...

head down and body cavorted into nothingness

She dances away to another..

who whisked her away into a a bolivian of darkness in which she calls hate

My bone is torn

I look up to see her glide to me like a creature from the heavens circling around my broken body

She knows soon, I will die..still she does not help me up

She dances the way I showed her and explores the confined place in where I lay

She plays me like a harp, string by string, pulling my heart like quills on a sing..

-ing bird...

Dying at the foot of her once close partner

She stabs me in chest

So I can look in her eyes and see it

The affliction is like no other, the pain is unbearable

She dances away

into the darkness

of her own..


Tortured and tormented I die

Hearing the grand piano

playing that last key..

ever so softly

by Tia

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Vacay: All Love

Vacay is coming to an end. Its a week left. I enjoyed it.

Some if it was weird and funny. Some enjoyable and full of laughter...
I can't believe its already over.
Well not totally over..
one week yet?
I feel like shit because I saw Britney once. I told her we would have so much fun (maybe I was dramatic) but I really thought I would see her close to ever day. Never happened. I worry so much. Im so weird. I really can not stand my hyper-effective emotions. I wish my brain would stop churning so much butter. Oh well, I guess its because we are tryna see family so much. Its hard to visit friends.

So my hair was getting flatter and flatter as the days went by. So I redid my hair and got some amazing results! I braided my hair all over and waited two days to take it out...
Lately I have been on this....Morbid trip. No I take that back. I am a morbid person. I research crimes and dumb shit I don't wanna know about and I make myself down. So, all of a sudden I wanted to research 9/11. Don't ask why. I just research shit that goes wrong randomly. Its so weird because I hate the fact I do this, because if I read something "too sad" I get depressed all day and then read some more. So any who, I researched about Flight 93, the Flight that fought back. It was so sad. I researched it and learned about this guy named Todd Beamer. He was the mutherfuckin man! He died, but he was a hero. And his last words before the crash was "Alright you guys, Lets roll". And pretty much tried to beat the people who hijacked the plane on 9/11. That story made me so sad, and I kept reading it...
What the hell is wrong with me ?
What the fuck?

So there is this yummy ass cake place called Gerard's.
Strawberry Shortcake!

Just one of my favorite blogger who is stylish as fuck.
from Karlas Closet:

She look...epic.

The Look:
Fashion Look Book

Celebz That Rock:

Old but, beautiful..
Kat Von D:
Something wrong with Kat man...somethings just not...there...


I will be buying this, immediately

Angela Simmons:
again..old..but amazing


Love her...

I love the way they stare at each-other...
Ready when you are bitch...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Legend Of Badz Maru: Sanrio Style

Rose and I have been going hard lately. Last night she stopped by around six p.m. Randomly we decide to go to the mall and we (she) drove all the way to Annapolis, which is freaking far. We had a blast. Sales were not great. I mean, a good sale to me is 50% off everything. Not 40% or buy 3 get one free. I like when all clearance is 50% off more. Thats a sale. But there was none of that at all. Hot Topics band tees were awesome! I wish it was 50% extra off clearance, because then I would have paid 5 dollars for shirts and would not have put back my Lady Gaga tee. I paid 10 dollars for each shirt. Rose thought that would be too much. I couldn't bare it, I had to get it, so I swiped...
I felt bad because I told myself I would not swipe with the card while I was here unless it was a gift. Figures. I lost control. But either way, Hot Topic was banging! I had hella shirts in my hand. Hopefully they have a 50% off clearance sale after christmas. I'll surely be back.

The tee shirt is Badz Maru. One of the Hello Kitty friends. He is the asshole of the bunch. I use to collect him as well as Hello Kitty back in the day. They even had the frog, forgot his name. I would have gotten that as well. Shirt was 10 dollars (Like I said)

I also got a Rihanna shirt because, well....I love her.

Vicki's Secrets sale was nice, got some sprays

The hubbie bought me this one.
Love it!

Owl earrings thanks to Rose:

Bella, my moms dog

Celeb Candy:
In case you were wondering why I post celebs and alot of the same people, its because I like their fashion. If someone I admire is wearing something smashing this week, I'll post it. This part of my posts shows weekly fashions I'll never afford.

Kim K:
How fake am I? Ha! Love her outfit, can not lie.

Nicki Minaj:
you already know...

Emma Watson:
She really made a Uturn didn't she? Harry Potter to Fashionista...

Rih Rih to be rumored at the set of Kanyes "All of the Lights".
Love her.

We'll Christmas is saturday. Merry Christmas to you guys!
Jammed To Today:
1.) Man Down Rihanna
2.) Don't Make Me Wait by Jazmine Sullivan
3.) Love You Long Time by Jazmine Sullivan

I need to get Duffys cd! SHIT! Bout to get it....forgot about her! If you like Amy Winehouse, you might like Duffy.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Lost In Her World, Down On My Mind: Home Again

"Your such a groupie"- Rose Plater

Crazy sunday. Home is okay. I miss the privacy. I always think that Im stuck here for another 8 months. I forget every time. My life at home is pretty awkward for the most part. It has its highs and lows. I wish people understood my situation, but most will never understand it. I just have to give that up. I was with Rose and my family today. It was nice and refreshing. I miss Greg. He is still in Cali and flies in very soon. I'll be happy to see him. Im always thinking about Mary and Jess. Im calling Mary today by the way...what a monday morning. Its 7:00 right now, in the morning. Gregs gonna call and tell his mom his not coming, Its suppose to be a surprise. Alot is on my mind this morning. Like usual.
Today I just wanna stay home.
Enjoy my old house.

No fashion lately, I no. But I got a nice shirt that I will post soon. Its kinda hard to post stuff during the holidays. I keep thinking my blog must be boring since Im not posting anything grand at the moment. I hope its not.But like I said, when Im not doing fashionista shit, Im journaling my life.

Off subject, but, I really want chinese duck today...
Amber Rose is filming a reality show right now. And yes, I'll be watching.
I really wish I could get a Yezzy Taught Me shirt. Im sure its at H&M somewhere.
Yes, its pretty much a shirt making fun of Amber Rose, but hey, at least she is getting laughed at all the way to the bank.

Now Back To Non-Reality:
I adore these feathered shoes! God damn it! Wheres a lottery ticket when you need one! It kind of reminds me of the Black Swan movie.
So cute and so different

The family I love to hate. I heard this is their christmas card this year. Its very over the top and honestly, I love it. I love the no smiles. I love the fact their posed on the staircase. I LOVE Kourtney and Mason! The baby looks so cute and elegant! Ha! I love it! I absolutely love it.
Thats something you don't hear me say everyday...
Damn Kourtney looks good!

Waiting for all my favorite shows to come back on!
Pretty Little Liars start back up in January...but I kinda forgot what happened. Loved the show. A couple of new shows start back up. Bad Girls Club, Kim and Kourtney Take New york (im pitiful..I know..)
And I think thats it...excited!

So I know I have n fashions right now. But of course this blog is know for talking about art, life and most of all music. Im one of those girls who like every genre and cries when Coldplay is on. I live and breathe music. Most like it, but I love it. Since the new year is coming in, Im going to say my favorite albums this year. Yeah, I know, this is not Rolling Stone Magazine..but its always good for the fans of good music to express what album moved them the best...

My definition of a great album is something that grabs you in. Every track plays because there is no reason for changing it. Your heart stops everything a lyric relates to what your going through. You feel that this artist write this album, just for you. To me thats a great album.

Good Albums:

Courtney Loves Nobodys Daughter was a "good" album. Overall I liked it as a whole. Its not in my top 5 because I was expecting some real "Hole" to seep threw. Hole is her band of course, who she made previous hits with. The album sounds more like a struggle. Courtney trying to express her softer side and leave back the grudge angry princess we always knew. Her voice to me was different and less raspy. The songs were beautiful, but some where okay. I honestly can say I expected alot more.

Speaking of good albums. Drakes cd was amazing. I can't put him on my top 5 because there were songs I did skip and couldn't find a connection with. His lyrics were amazing, and his metaphors were on point every time! "I knew that she was fine like a ticket on the dash." - Drake. Another reason Drakes up here is because you would automatically assume that his album is all rap, when its not. His songs had a hint of Sade in them. Very Jazzy and soft. Beautiful album. It could be up with the greats but, sometimes I felt Drake danced off to the wrong beat.

Album That I Know Is A 10 But Had No Time To Listen To It:

With school all up my ass, I did not get the chance to listen to Taylor Swifts album like that. I know she tore it up. I have to make time for this one. Her last album was honestly a 10 for me! Every track was good, and this was country music!
Hopefully I sit down and check her out finally.

Unexpected Best Album Of The Year:
Kid Cudi. When I first heard it I thought it was a pile of shit. Honestly. But now every track gets me pumped and relaxed at the same time. Cudi is on some super weed and displays it throughout the album. But the album is different and strange and does take you on a journey. I feel its very space-like and futuristic, at the same time his lyrics are bold and sometimes sad.
And I love a good emotional dude, who drowns in his sorrow...
Hands down, besides my number one favorite album of all time...this would be second or third place...

Best Rock Album This Year:
This is my opinion. Im a big rock fan, but lately I have been straying away. I listened to this album and fell in love with it. I adored it so much. Linkin Park goes hard on every track. Even the softer sounds are very powerful. I would have said 30 Seconds To Mars is my number one, but this album is all together a growth from Linkin Park, and I love it. I love the fact their telling their fans in one song that they expanded and that they should expand as well. And that the old linkin park is gone and its all about growth and new findings...
"So try and keep up motherfucka!" - Linkin Park

Best Pop Album:
Did you expect Gaga? I sure did! If it was not for Katy Perrys new album, you would see Gaga's album here right now. I do not do favoritism when it comes to good music. I would love my girl Gaga to wipe out the competition but Katy did break through with this album. I love every single track, except for one. Gaga's album, is amazing as well, but it took me awhile to understand Alejandro and Dancing In The Dark. Great songs but Mrs Perry grabbed me deeper in her songs and made me wanna dance every time. I downloaded her album because of boredom and found myself playing more and more. Just as it was with Kid Cudi, I fell in love with her as well. Surprisingly, Katy killed this album. One hit wonder my ass...

Best Album of All Time: Second Place
The Gorillaz new album The Plastic Beach took my breathe away. It was composed so beautifully and inspired me to draw so much which is rare. The music is strange, weird, and crazy all in one. I feel they invited me on this island and there showing me around. I am on the plastic beach every time I play the album straight threw. It gives me a rush. I love it. The music has rap, pop, soul....everything is crammed into this little piece of plastic. Hands down its one of the best albums I've listened to this year, HELL, in a long time.
All hail, the Gorillaz..

Best Album Of ALL TIME:
You knew it was coming. Antoine, Roses soon-to-be hubbie was explaining how he read in the paper that someone said Kanyes new album is "genius" and that struck him as odd. He said "When I read that, I was like, what? I knew heard anyone describe an album as "genius" before." He then felt he had to check it out.
Long behold, it is genius.
The reason why this album is so good and is making history is because this album is pure raw ART. Its beautiful and ugly all in one. Its a train wreck and a rainbow. His emotions are on surface when you listen to every track. Heartbreak is smeared all over the songs and you feel every jerk and every pull...
Kanye mastered this album. I think this will go down as one of the best albums of all time. Because not only is it beautiful, its a genre that people would not expect to be beautiful...
its hip hop.
Im not a hip hop fan, but think now....because of Kanye..I am.
I saw Black Swan finally...


I should do a video on that one..

Love you all, thanks for reading if you did, bout to go find who sells duck..YUM!