Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach

I want to go back to Torrid today to get these grey jeans I saw last night. Rose said I should wait. Im not sure about that. I want to go up there now and get that outfit. I shouldn't because I have other things to pay for. I guess. I have a shopping problem. I need to stay put. I walked out that store last night with one pair of jeans when I know I could have left with two pairs of jeans and maybe 3 shirts. I will not go back. I will not go back. I have to keep telling myself this. This is pretty sad.
So anyway, I am working on my Plastic Beach drawing and I find myself going to another place when I put the album on. It takes you on a ride to this epic place in the middle of nowhere. The sounds and the electronic movement makes me see wild mushrooms and flying turtles. So I started drawing all that I saw going on in my head. I was going through my deviant art and saw this guy named Chris Sanders. His art reminded me of the album as well, so he was my inspiration for the drawing.
Chris Sander has done Lilo and Stitch, but his images and people he creates are very much from another planet. I do not know how people do that. How they just create these charectors out of no where. Where does it come from. How do you get that vision. I am an artist and my main talent is drawing realistic people. I draw detailed faces and thats about it. I could never create a cartoon or a new world for myself. Even though I wanted too. I look at Fafi, who is a graffiti artist. She created her own world and made her own people who live in it. How do they do that? I bought as sketch pad from Walmart yesterday. Hopefully something comes off on paper.
This is Chris Sanders (my inspiration for the Plastic Beach drawing) and Stitch his creation.

So here I am. Half way done the plastic beach. But I am aching to create my own world. I want to make my own world on the Plastic Beach. I want to create people and animals. I want to be able to escape. Instead of reading a new book to escape, I would like to go to my own world. Inside my head and on to the pen. So I want to finish this drawing, but I am so anxious to find my own style and create my own world. But the Gorillaz album has taken me to the place I need to go. the created the place. Now all I have to do is create the people. I don't mind doing that either. So I am stuck. What should I do? Finish my Plastic Beach theme or create something on my own? Where do I start?
So I am going to try and create people and subjects for my own world. Make a place where I can go. The album for the Plastic Beach is amazing as well. I feel my world is already created from the album. Im not sure if that makes since to anybody. So my main influences are Miss Van, Fafi, and Chris Sanders. I already have my place made up. Its a Plastic Beach I guess. In the start of the album, Snoop Dogg introduces this place. Welcome to the world of the Plastic Beach. It was almost like I was on a ship and he was my tour guide, taking me to this land where I had to create these new people and characters. I no it sounds like I am trippin on acid but I am not. Lol! These are day to day thoughts.
Chris Sanders Sketch. I love the way he makes his animals and people, mostly the animals because they are strange looking.

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