Monday, March 15, 2010

Murky Monday: Art At Its Best

One down a zillion to go. So I am pricing my moms birthday gift and it is going to be 230 dollars. I am still going to buy it for her. I think she will enjoy it. It for a cruise. I am not to sure when to purchase it. I have a weird feeling where I do not want to look at my bank account. For some reason I think I am going to see something I do not like. Well, I have to book it soon. Eventually. The date I want to buy it for is the 5th of April. I think that is a Saturday. Either way, I need to man up and look at my account. And buy it. Im so chicken.

Today I plan on drawing something Lady Gaga influenced. She always inspires me. Her whole thought process and the way she carries herself is amazing. Gaga says she is very inspired by monsters right now...loves her...
So today, If I don't fall asleep, I am going to draw something that is Gaga related.
Wish me luck.

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