Friday, October 26, 2012

They Whispered Chiffon: Studded Collars & Being RED

I have been helping a neighbor next door move all week. And Im a bit, over it. Its one of those situations you have to be a good citizen. Especially if your neighbor has just been abandoned by her newlywed husband. Its one of those situations you really can't say "no" too. Of course Im thinking, "hopefully she does not google me and see this post". But then the next part of me feels I need to type this out. So my neighbor had just been abandoned by her husband. What a jerk. The dude took everything and disappeared and left her with, well..nothing. So the majority of my week has been helping her pack, get boxes, and move back home to her family back in Texas. I feel horrible for her. I have a soft heart, and seeing women hurt by a man tugs my heart chain every time. Because lets be honest, some guys can be dicks. So instead of blogging I have been next door being a psychologist, a mover, and most of all, a friend. I know I did not have all the answers for her, but I hope I helped, in some way..

But Today is Friday! My neighbor pretty much has all her ducks in a row. I grabbed my camera and took quick shots of my new blouse that I bought from Norstroms Rack. When I saw this shirt I grabbed it and did not think twice. I have wanted this shirt for over a year and it was finally mine. The shirt is huge on me. I bought a 3xl because I figured Norstroms would only have tiny sizes/ So given the fact they had a plus sized shirt, I bought the biggest one just to know for a fact it would fit. Then I noticed Norstroms Rack had a huge plus size section.
And it was love at first site after that...


Okay. Lets be real here. We all have some stuff in our closets that are way above what we usually pay for things. Some of us paid $80 for purses, some of us had to get those hot shoes that were ridiculously priced at $59.99 or more. We all have that one outfit, or that one pair of jeans that we gave the "bargain middle finger" too, because deep inside we HAD to have it. That moment you know damn well you paid way to much for that scarf but you did not give a shit because it was Michael Korrs. Well...
This blouse, is my moment.

I paid 25 for this beauty. And to be honest, I would have paid more. If your a new follower you have not a clue of my "studded" obsession. I have been posting this blouse on my wish-list for a good year now. It retailed at $45.99 and I would have been willing to drop that as well. I don't know you guys, this shirt shot my heart with cupids arrow. I already wore this shirt fifty different ways. The only thing is I bought it huge. All I needed was a 1x to be perfectly honest. But I made it work either way. Lets be honest. The star of the show is shirt. The studs on the collar makes it. I needed no whistles, no bells for this blouse.. Its spoke for itself..

 This is my favorite shirt ever. I am in love with it. It did not even need the huge belt around it. Im rocking black jeans with this, but Leggings are my pants of choice with the shirt on a normal day.
 Love it..

~Daniel Rainn~
So this brand of shirt was from Daniel Rainn. Never even heard of him. Walking into Norstroms Rack made me feel as if I missed out on the biggest secret ever. Here is the shirt up close. The shirt is more of a blush than nude. They also had a black one of this shirt, which I feel I should have bought but, I saw it too late. I googled this brand and saw more bad ass tops and jeans..


~On the hanger~

Beautiful light chiffon, it feels light on. I really feel I should have got the black given I already have a nude button up blouse. The material is alot better with this shirt, of course. I'll be surprised to see what shirt out maxis this one. 

~In The Racks~

When you think of Norstroms, well, at least when I hear the word Norstroms, I think expensive. I never ever been to Norstroms Rack. Over the weekend, the whole family went to look for a new outlet place, change of scenery. I ran into a shopping center that had Ross and Marshalls right next to each other, not only that, they had Norstroms Rack. So I walk in to check it out, and it has a plus size section. 
*Mouth drops*

Are they pricey, well of course, but not as pricey as the actual store. But of course, it had a clearance. And man! The clearance ranged from 9.99 to 19.99, depending on what kind of clearance your willing to spend. I myself will pay a hefty amount if its a cute shirt....

I saw these sexy babies at the Marshall's next door. Of course I found my size and of course they were too narrow and could not fit my feet. Figures. I would have bought these in a new york minute...

Betsey Johnson Jewelry is the best if you ask me, where else can you find an earring that has a banana on it? The prices for these are just way to high for my liking..

~Star Studded Banner~
Anything studded is my thing. I love it. Especially on other items of clothing. Whether its laces with spikes or pyramid studs, I usually go with anything that has a shiny palette to it..

Studded Sweatshirts:
Its almost like the ultimate no-no, but the perfect way to bum out on the couch in style. Like you can't go wrong with it. Yes, it looks a little boyish but the fun part is making it feminine. 

Studded Sneaks:
I would buy these before I bought a pair of pumps with these type of studs on them. These are very Rihanna-esk and Im felling them. Very Kanye West as well...

Studded Bags & Clutches:
Hot. `Nuff said

Studded Bra:
How amazing is this bra. If I ever found a bra in my size that had these spikes I would buy it instantly. This is so bad ass. Yeah, given the fact I am "more to love" I could not just rock this bra in a pair of jeans, i would get shot and arrested. But I would buy this just to say I own one.

Meow went the cat...

~ Almost Halloween Weekend ~

Life besides fashion is basically the same. This is the best Halloween I have ever encountered. We did everything right. Pumpkin patch. Pumpkin pies. Zombie brownies. Pumpkin Carving, Hayrides and corn mazes. We really did the damn thing. Im not disappointed. Next week is Trick or Treating and then Halloween is officially over, which is kinda sad. My Mom even sent me a box of Halloween decor to start off my collection! Im going to miss good October. It was so good, nothing can really bust my bubble. Check out more pictures of my life below:

The Booski has a very big love for slides now, swings are okay, but slides are the new black..

Me carving my first real pumpkin, and not being in Kindergarden doing it, it was pretty bad ass...

Greg seemed to be more about the pumpkin carving than anybody. Booski was more interested in Sprout the t.v. channel

Before the Pumpkins Death...

Greg was very very attached to this pumpkin, everything had to be just right...

We named him Willie Demon...

Made graveyard brownies for Walking Dead, Greg assisted I make them for that nights episode..

Besides Halloween, my week has lately consists of Libraries lately. There is always some activity or learning play that cater to the young ones. Booski loves it. Especially singing. I thought it would be healthy to take her to these places to be with kids her own age. So me and all the rest of the stay at home moms are there together letting our little ones play. I am in love with San Marco's Library.its more interactive and plus..Booski has more friends there...

Booski running in the Library

Light in my life...

Celebrity Candy
~The Red Edition~

Taylor's new album is freaking amazing. Im a huge Taylor Swift fan. Shocking I know. I never heard someone write so deep at such a young age. Her songs are amazing. This new cd RED is pretty much up there with the best of the best. Taylor talks about being in love with the "bad boy" and liking it. She holds no bars. She honest, real, and even silly when talking about relationships that did not even work out. I thought I would pay tribute to her this post. Yeah, I know. Im always telling her to "jazz up" her style and look more "young" then so vintage at her age. But lately her style has honestly been, well...hers. You can't knock that. Yes, I love when Taylor lets her hair down and rocks a more sexier outfit (given she is in her twenties and dresses as a forty year old librarian). No shade.

Since the RED album, she has taken a bit of a turn in her style while promoting the album. Red lips and cute vintage skirts. Lets give Taylor a round of applause, not just for the great album.

She so freaking pretty and nice which makes me kind of hate her. Her face is like, perfect. I am starting to love the 50's style that she has been rocking. I would say its growing on me in a weird way. Maybe because she made that style her own. I do not know. But anyone bold enough to rock red lips and pastels is awesome in my book.

 The Guide to Taylor's style is not hard to say the least. She always seems to rock flats, which I love. These are a pair of canary yellow slippers that I would rock as of right now...

Polka dots are a girls best friend if your into the old pin up look. I am so in awe of how she rocked brown oxfords with this outfit. Totally cute. 

This chick is really making me eat my words. Channel No. 5 shirt and leggings? Perfect. Again, the red lips sexes this outfit up a bit.

Call me crazy but Im in love with these shoes. How cute. This seems to be one of her favorite pairs of flats given she wears these a lot.

This look is my favorite. Polka dot pants, orange cardigan, and some pearls. The shades are amazing with this as well. And again, with the cat shoes...

Love the hell as well..
Check out her album ya' will not disappoint..

Miley Cyrus
 Miley rocking a very punk outfit with a hint of glam in it. Love the belt. 

Kim K
 I really really really need a shirt like this. I saw one at Norstroms but it was not my size at all. The xl seemed a bit small. But I will buy this top, eventually.

Emma Stone
 How hot are these shoes?


I have been feeling her style choices for a minute now. She looks preggo in the shirt picture.

 Amber "swagged out" Rose
 I never seen pregnancy look this good...

Adrienne Bailon
 Im starting to get into this burnt orange color that I keep seeing.. How rad. Maybe this is the new mint.

Scarlet Johansson 
 I need this dress so bad. If they had my size I would rock this to Walmart..

The Walking Dead

If your not watching The Walking Dead you will have no clue who this woman is. But she the newest actress of my favorite show. Pretty bad ass chick right? Im not sure what her real name is, but right now Im going to call her Michonne, her characters name.

I was rambling threw Tumblr and saw this picture of her at The Walking Dead premiere. And man was she hot. There is nothing better than seeing a dingy grimy dirty looking character and then seeing them off set looking amaze-balls.. And that she did!


Red lips and tattered shorts equal Rihanna. She has been seen still running around with her ex Chris. I hoper they get back together...don't ask why..

 Hope you enjoyed The blog!
See ya'll next week!

Happy Halloween