Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Minted Sea: Crazy Life & Christmas Litez

My week sucked. Flat out sucked. Im not even sure where to start. Well, actually it did not suck to bad. Im kinda just living life day to day and have to deal with basic issues that most people have to deal with. Man, my head feels like its about to explode. My neighbors are pretty much the worst, Greg lost his wallet, his back needed two x-rays this week given his job works him like a stallion, I mean, thats just some of whats going on. Oh the craziness! Also, Greg, my extra bundles of love, went a bought iphones for us. Like we HAD the money for that. Ugh, men. I need a good break, a vacay. But thats not going to happen anytime soon. Today I am getting sushi..fuck it. I got extra money in the bank given the fact my husbands car is in the shop not draining my account for gas. Im treating myself to sushi! And thats that.

I guess you can tell from my "life report" I had no time to shop. Which is true. But I have been rocking my mint shirt every which way. I finally picked up a mint sheer shirt from H&M and have not been able to stop wearing it. I pair it up with damn near everything. Surprisingly when I picked it up, It was a large. Usually large sizes laugh and me at tell me to go up one. But it fit pretty nice, especially in the boob area. I must have worn this shirt eighty different ways. Im obsessed with the color, and if your a regular reader then you already know my love for minty fresh fashion...

So mint these days are common. I am late to the party but Im still here to drink the beer. I seen mint bags, mint shoes even mint tampons. But finally, I got the shirt I wanted so badly, for only 12 dollars plus tax. You must excuse the fact I kinda forgot the price given I bought this maybe two months ago. I was going through my closet on a whim and saw it hanging there. Why I never wore it I will never know. But I love the sheer on top and the light bottom. 
 Im so in love with this color and there is no getting over it. Im pretty much loving it. It looks good on any skin tone and its just soft and perfect. Very feline and feminine. 

~ Inspiration~

So in the beginning of the week I found myself feeling very biker girl. I wanted to push the limits and pair sweet delicate sheer with rocky roader leather jackets. I love pairing the two! Mainly because its the ultimate "no" but at the same time its the ultimate "yes!" Its risky and daring. I rocked ripped jeans and this top and topped it off with the leather jacket on Monday. Hooker red lips and messy hair. I thought I rocked it pretty well..

On Tuesday I decided to change it up with a vest and rock it softer then I did the other day. Floral leggings, mint shirt and a light jean vest. When I first picked up this shirt I thought about my leggings which I love. I saw this pairing nicely and actually got alot of compliments when I wore it with the floral. This one people liked alot.  

~Here is the shirt on the hanger~

Awesome sheer, and the back has a cute cut near the back

Thanks H&M for that stretch!

Cool Torrid blazer, the awesome H&M shirt, all black leggings from Target, and Combat boots from H&M mens. Pretty chilly day today. But very nice today is a little breezy. Oh and the bag is from for 21 of course.

~More pictures Below~

Here is the shirt without the blazer which is pretty awesome too. but given the fact its December in San Diego, well, that means rain is always approaching..

Honey bun hair..

~My Week~
Besides The B.S.

Okay, so besides the crazy neighbors and crazy issues in my life. My weekend was actually pretty good! I mean we have a decent amount of money these days. We bought Batman which was, AMAZING. I loved it. Of course, I wanted to see it in theaters but, it didn't happen like that given I have a baby. So we had to wait for it to come on dvd and it did not disappoint. Greg and I must have watched this movie three times by now. Its so good, we just keep watching it. Greg and I have been having loads of laughs lately. Man he gets on my nerves but I sure love him something fierce. Truly my best friend besides my lover Rose, who is back in Vegas...I'll get to her later..

Also, I have nothing up for Christmas. Nothing. And my family comes real soon and I don't even have a damn bow on the door! I honestly think Halloween wore me out. Hot mess. My apartment looks like a grinch lives there...

Went to this private park..needless to say we did not get kicked out...

The Booski is getting super smart by the minute. She is starting to talk some what. She is trying to say Chica, which is her favorite toy right now. Its crazy hearing her try to pronounce it. Wasn't she just a baby?

Lounging in the sun looking like her Daddy, with my forehead.. :)

Driving the car ...

Blowing bubbles...!
 Little monster..

~Rose's Little Christmas~

Rose has been back in Vegas living her life with her Hubby back in Vegas. The funny thing is about Rose being married now, is the fact that she soooo understand what "wives" go through even better. Her hubby recently bought himself a Wii system that you apparently take around with you. Mind you, Im not very clear with the cool gaming systems that I might be saying it wrong. But anyway, he recently purchased one for himself and lets say Rose was not very happy. Man, did I understand her frustration! Because of course, the next week, my husband (Greg) buys iphones out the blue! How convenent. When I tell other people this story... everyone says the same thing, every time...
"Welcome to married life"...

Ughh! Enough about the men in our lives...lets get into Rose's closet..

So miss Rose went to a Christmas Party and man did she look dapper! Dress on point, shoes on point and that lipstick, is very very on point!

All Black Dress from ROSS 8.49 Clearance
Shoes Playless BOGO for 15.00

So Rose went ahead and did what she did best over the week, find deals! Somewhere in the heart of vegas there is this awesome towne center where there is massive stores of fun! She went into Aeropostale and found these awesome shirts for three bucks, yeah, you heard me... three dollars. And of course, Rose got the receipt to prove it..
Check out her finds below!

*lucky bitch..*

And since Rose is on this nail fetish, which is really bad given the fact she had to pick a select few nail polishes to bring over for me to see, and had to leave the rest at home! Can we say nail party at Rose's house? She gave me a shot of her nail polish this week, I had to share the beautiful shade she was rocking.

~celebrity candy~

Anne Hathaway is doing the damn thing. I mean she is in this new movie called "Les Miserables" which I am dying to see! She killed it in The Dark Night Rises as Cat woman which I thought she was going to screw up. She cut her hair short and rocks the BEST clothes, I mean she can not do wrong in my book right now. Love her. And of course, she is super duper pretty! 
You betta wurk Anne!

For some reason, when women chop that hair off, they become chic as hell! Love it! She looks super stunning! Love it so much.

Anne Hathaway with the tease...

 She is such a tease, from telling us nothing about her relationship with Chris Brown down to wearing pretty much nothing on her instagram pictures. I LOVE HER! She just put out her new perfume Naked which I hope is better than Rebel Fleur because it did not smell good at all. She looked cute at the Naked Perfume premiere. She looked so beautiful..

Good lord..

Ashlee Tisdale
 Im in love with her outfit, I would rock this to the grocery store. I love the studded combat bicker boots and the rugged look with this shirt. Ugh, and the beanie tops it off! I love it!

Kourtney Kardashian
 The nude pump and the light floral pants with the cerulean blue design. Beautiful. She always slays it.

Rita Ora
 Rita Ora is having some problems on the Rob Kardashian calling her a whore who has been fucking 20 guys? I dunno who to believe. But Rita looked good rocking this all white look..

Keira Knightly 
 Believe it or not I loved this outfit, its busy and crazy and pretty cool if you ask me. Love the chinky heel with this. Very cute! Not for everybody, but cute..

Diane Kruger
 This dress. Let me say this. This dress. Ugh, this dress. Im all about that muted grey. Love the belt as well, metal belts be doing it.

Taylor Swift
 So of course, Taylor Swift got a new boyfriend, again! Girl, make your money with them albums girl. Get your relationship girl. Love them tights and them oxfords. She is doing better in the fashion lane.

 Um. Solange? No.

 Dita Von Tease
 Mint and perfect. I love her...

Alicia Keys
The patterns are beautiful, love it. Love the boots. The blue is super cute! Love it! This color seems to going everywhere..

Mercedes From Glee (Amber)
 Let me just say I LOVE how she dresses. My god she does it up! Love it! I wish she had a fashion blog, because I would follow her so fast! Love it!

Willow Smith
 I love this. Bows..

Jennifer Lopez
 Red lips. Ripped jeans. High boots. Sexy 20 something year old it Jenny..

Miley Cyrus
 Where are these shoes?! What are these shoes!?! Oh my god...

 Preach Frank, you said it..

 life gives you lemons? Spit at um..
Mwah! Thanks for reading !!!!