Monday, August 19, 2013

~Facing The F Word~ Fashion & Floral Finds

Whats going on you guys. So its been a week since I have blogged and Im on a roll right now with the attendance I must say. 
I want to shout out the followers who got me up 300 follows which is crazy since I barely been blogging these days! Thanks for following and glad you joined the blog! Mwah to you all! Okay back to business...

The month of August has been busy but with reason. Im either home or not home, up or down, in or out. The basics of a stay at home mother I guess, balancing out my outside life and my inside life, all in one motion. So given I have so much to blog, I certainly was excited to show this amazing blazer that I found in the 10.99 Mall. I only found this in a 3XL but luckily the arms were cut pretty small to where it fit. The trick with 10.99 Mall is that there plus size clothing is cut pretty small for your average "thick" girl. But lucky this fit not to big and not too small.

I have been a floral fan since last year. Every time spring hits, pastels come out the wood works and floral prints start to form everywhere! I love it. Its something vintage about flowers and wilted leaves on clothing. And not just clothing, on bags, or shoes. 

Bottom line is I Love floral blazers right now, all kinds! And the fact I found this awesome 3XL for only 9.99 makes me pretty happy and lucky! 

~The Flower Powered Blazer~

If you have not seen these on your favorite fashion icon or on the street you might be blind! This trend is everywhere and not just on blazers. I see floral flats, floral hats, you name it, its been flower powered. Some say this trend is getting old, but I think its getting better. You can have so much fun playing with a blazer like this! All black everything or maybe some distressed jeans, you can play up or you can play down. Either way, you have a fashionable piece on you that does the talking for you. 

I have to admit, most say that these blazers end up making you look like your grandma's couch or kitchen table. I disagree. I mean yes, if paired the wrong way it could look pretty insane. But would it? Im starting to see floral print as I do polka dots, its perfect, timeless and will not be going anywhere. 

 Check Out More Below

Demi Lovato in Floral Blazer during X-Factor Show

Katy Perry rocking a colorful floral blazer

 Kim Kardashian being fashion forward for a change in floral jacket

 So here we are, with my floral blazer. The whole outfit is from the 10.99 Mall which has awesome deals! The blazer as I said was 9.99. The all black camisole was 3.99, and the see-through flowing black pants were only 4.99. Great deal! There are a couple of 10.99 Malls around here but I got these items from the one down the street from me. I hate that store. Its horrible. Great deals but nothing organized and its takes at least two hours to get a good grasp of the store. But I ended up getting these anyway, despite the mess inside the store.

Another something I like to play with dealing with fashion this year is mixing odd prints. Pairing up different patterns can be tricky. But also can be easily done. My Rose bought me a pair of zebra flats when she came to visit. I loved them! They were only ten dollars as well. Pairing zebra and floral print can be a mess, but I thought I gave this look some justice. Not only does the flats fit perfectly, they match alot of outfits in my closet! I have been wearing them non-stop!

My best friend Rose also got me this beautiful soft lavender stoned necklace when she came by as well. I am absolutely in love with this necklace. It is not heavy on your neck and looks amazing on! I noticed she had this necklace on in a picture I was looking at of her! She was nice enough to get me one as well! Love her so!

~Blazer On Hanger~

 Here are the awesome shoes as well up close and personal!

~Rose's Sandal Hunt~
 My flamingo lover and best friend Rose seems to have this gift of finding the best shoes. She is like the messiah of shoe shopping. She even found me some purchases for my big ole feet which never happens. This woman always finds the deals man, she is amazing. 

Lately Rose has been buying flats, which is weird. Given the fact she wears wedges and high shoes mostly, but Im guessing these days she is like screw the heels. Sam & Libby has a cute line at Target right now which everyone should rush too! I bought some great stick ins for only 5.08! Some Rose type deals! Ha! I dropped Rose the hint that Target had this deal, but realized she already raided it about a week before... LOL!
Thats my bestie, well, check out her little flat sandal haul!

Rosie is blessed with and 8 1/2 foot...(asshole) which means she can pretty much find anything her size! Here is her first purchase of the Sam & Libby brand..


I been wanting a pair of these type of ballet flats dipped in neon...
She found these for 4.99 at Kmart! KMART! Like, really?

Not sure if this is from Target, but I am in love with the bow sandals..its been a want of mine for a few months! Im going to live my life through her with these shoes...

~Bad Ass Flatz~

Its safe to safe that when the Summer time hits, the craving we all want is sandals. Flats,wedge, heel, you name it, we want our toes out. I love flats the best and when Summertime hits you see your share of them. I have a good top favorite this year. Some I been wanting to devour and throw into my closet, but have not seen to find my size nor the chance! You know me and my top lists! And here is another, top flat sandals I want right now...

The Bow & The Beautiful
 Rose has found bow sandals for days, but me? Never my size. I know I know there might be a chance Im not looking hard enough. But I would love a pair, especially the ones with bows on the thong of the sandal! I love those! These are not bad either! Bows and sheer colored/nude sandals are my weakness this summer! But hey! Can we get a size 11 around here?!

Converse Sandal
Why I do not own a pair is confusing me every single day. How different are these? I love the fact they come with the laces and that these are red! I would get every color. I love how chill this flat is but yet, it stands out as if it is a heel. I love this, sporty but, dainty! I never even seen this in stores, and I might as well just go ahead and say I never will. This is so an internet buy....

 Im all about starfish. They are the most beautiful creatures in the sea if you ask me. Well, some of them are pretty gross looking but they can be beautiful! I would love to own some of these or something similar. I love starfish! 

Spiked & Punked Out
 I honestly do not have much to say about these spiked sandals. I would drop a good sixty in these if they came my way. I should never find these shoes...ever.... no bill will be played.

 High Rise

Okay screw what I said about the spiked ones! These sandals are bad ass! I want a pair so bad. Usually you see sandals like this with a heel. The fact there is no heel makes me all giddy inside! I love these. Im sure my thick-a-licous calves are laughing at this picture right now going "Yeah right", but hey a girl can certainly dream...

~Hijad Style~
The Uprise Of The Muslim Scarf

Im not sure if anyone is seeing the street fashion out there beyond the American borders but, its on fire right now with hijab style. What is hijab style? Well first off a hijab is a type of scarf worn by muslim women which shows a certain standard of modesty. Im sure we all seen someone rocking the scarf at some point in our lives. But the normal all black or solid colored hijab is taking a turn and I love it. I would love to do this style myself but given the fact Im not Muslim nor am I anywhere close to that lifestyle, I have not tried it, out of respect for the culture honestly. But man, Im not sure how I feel now. The women in hijab-stylisms are killing it right now! The fashion is becoming more brighter, more daring and more beautiful! Check out this far east style that is rocking my brain these days!

Welcome to the world of the Hijab dress. Check out some pictures below of the fashion heavy weight hitters.. 

 The heels are on point. The pants are just stunning beyond measure. I am all about this look! And Im feeling the fact that the scarf is pale pink with a hippie band around it. This whole outfit screams "yes". I love it. Very boho, but modern at the same time. The material of the whole look, looks thin and airy.

 My favorite part about this whole look is the glasses! Very simple look but at the same time its not. 
Super stylish and fashion forward! 

 Neon clutch, neon belt, and snatched overalls...she is giving me everything!

I used my old scarfs in my room and practiced wrapping my head like this. So far, so sloppy! Im going to keep trying. The one thing I like most about hijab style is the fact it doesn't have to wrapped just one way. Love it. Need a lesson? Follow it!

~Life Is A Beach~

I like to give people a one on one about my life given the fact I started this blog doing so. Right now times are pretty good. Of course, life deals me different cards everyday to deal with. But as of right now I can honestly say Im happy. My daughter turns two years old next month which is awesome. She will be turning two. Time flies so fast, especially with children. I have been enjoying her. These days she catches attitude like no other and its hard to manage that. People say its normal. Im still trying to get the whole mom thing down pack believe it or not. Its all still very new. 

Over the past weekend we all as a family went to La Jolla beach. One of the most beautiful beaches in San diego if you ask me. The water looks as if we are in Jamaica. The bluest water I ever witnessed. We all had a great time, especially the Booski. 

Life outside my family is going to Yoga. I am starting to think I am addicted. Its a must, and a mind reliever. Given the fact my Hubby's car pretty much kicked the dust I have been going to classes later in the afternoon. I don't mind, even though I prefer mornings, but you have to do what you have to do I guess. A good friend of mine is my Yoga teachers daughter. How funny. We seemed to click and started to chill with one another outside of the festivities. I met many great women in all my new endeavors. One of them being her. 

Everyone I met from Yoga is awesome which made a snowball effect by going to other classes such as Meditation Hour, Hot Yoga, Zumba, you name it. Great women. The best part for me is most of these women are older on their third child or fourth child and can drop me some tips about parenting, because man am I winging this Mom stuff! Hahaha! Its nice to hear some advice on whats what in the Mom world. I embrace the wisdom.

Me, Becks, and Jennifer

I asked for a boob shot... tee brazilian girls, love the latinas..

Theres nothing quite like a brazilian bum... is there? 

Celeb Candy

Lady Gaga is back and in her usual bold way, posing front center in nude. I love her. Her new single Applause well.. it might have to grow on me some more. Then again, Im sure a video would do it justice since she is pretty awesome with visuals. So the bitch is back and I mean back with a vengeance. Im excited for her new album and totally excited for the performances that come with that. I mean, at the end of the day, even if you don't like her style... you gotta respect her art. She is pretty darn awesome! So America, get ready for the strange outfits and weird side-shoes because Gaga is back. And if her music does not make us turn heads, Im sure everything else will. 

~Beyonce's New Hair cut~

I think Beyonce's hair needs a standing ovation. She worked up the internet waves last week and showed everyone her new hair cut, while the world screamed "No!" to her Brazilian weave being put on the shelf. I personally love it. Im a so tied of blonde big haired Beyonce. Its the same look. same girl, same Destinys Child look recycled over and over again. Im not sure if she kept the blonde because it was safe or because it helps people accept the fact she is semi-black/white and welcoming for modern America... but Im glad she cut that weave off and rocked a new style for ONCE in her life. To be honest with you I would rather her keep the hair just change the color. Beyonce was in dying need a change. An icon like her does not need to be blonde from 2005 all the way to 2014..thats a hot fucking mess. It was time for a change people. Thanks for making the cut Beyonce...
cute shorts by the way


Shout out to my new followers, this one is for you. For those of your who don't know Rihanna is a fashion GOD in my book. I adore her style so much. This week in NYC she rocked her line of clothes River Island on her way to lunch. Hate her or love her, her urban swag is pretty unforgettable..

 Angela Simmons

The socialite kills it every time with her shoe game. Love her...

Khloe & Kourtney Kardashian

Kim K must can not get that baby gut off because she is still M.I.A, and NO a shot from TMZ of her leaving on a plane with Kanye does not count. She was in a huge shirt by the way. Keep working on that post baby body girl, we will be waiting. In the mean time we have her sisters still walking the Hollywood streets...looking fab...

Adrianne Bailon

I hate to say it but Im kinda liking Adrianne Bailon these days. Don't know her? We'll she is on this new show called "The Talk" aka "The View For Hood People"...and she also dated Rob Kardashian who is a total weirdo. Ring any bells? Well, anyway, she has great fashion I give her that and her one stop reality show was pretty addicting for the record. I like her..but I love her style a bit more. 

Kylie Jenner
 So she is dating Jaden Smith I hear. Cute couple I must say, but Man, these Kardashian/Jenner kids sure love some black guys. I wonder why? The whole penis thing is a load of shit but I guess that works great for the black male these days. No shade to black dudes...but most don't have huge..Okay..this conversation is going else were....*ahem*

Tia & Tamera
 I love them because they are completely different and so is there style. This was at the Teen Choice Awards (that I really don't give two shits about since Im not a teen) but they looked smashing. Don't ask me who was who, but who ever is in the floral has my vote as a fashion BOSS. 

 Lily Collins
 Young in the fashion game but she is on the come up for sure...

Thanks for Reading Beautifulz
I will reviewing the VMA's next week so see yall then !)