Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shit I Like: No Real Purpose, Just Stuff That Moves Me Tonight

No point in tonights post. Just random pictures I like and love. Things that move me, things that don't. I am watching a Sharon Stone movie. Why is she always banging someone in all her movies? She looks like a coke whore. She is cool though. Just she seems very bizarre. Didn't she do Basic Instinct 2? Funny how older movies showed real "out there" sex scenes. Now they are not as graphic. Or maybe they still are graphic just I don't care about soft porn anymore. Sharon is still getting fucked. It took me at least 2 minutes to write thus far. C'mon Sharon.

I like this picture alot. Mainly because Snow White is sniffing ...well.....snow makes alot of sense. I like seeing good girl go bad, even if it is a disney character. I also like how fairytales brainwash you as a girl. Lies, oh the lies...
I saw this picture and I laughed. If you do not watch the show LOST, you wont get it, but if you do this is freaking funny!
Kirsten did it up at her showing of The Runaways. She looks amazing. She gets on my nerves though with all that weirdo-emo shit she does. Her interviews are so awful...I don't get this broad. I am a huge fan, but if I saw her on the street I would not ask for her autograph because I would feel like I was stabbing her. She seems to always been in this weirdo-emo-sad-strange mood. BITCH don't you fuck Robert Pattinson!?! Smile!
I'd die for die...*nuff said*
I want the clutch :)
I would wear this if my ass was not huge
I'd bang Kid Cudi. He is sexy to me. RAWR!
Lovez it...
Nice shoez...
Kirsten again...she is so off her rocker...but I love her as Bella so fuck it....

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