Friday, March 26, 2010

Glittery Vomit

I vomited last night at 3:00 in the morning. I felt better afterward. It was all that chocolate I ate being all sad. I washed my face last night only to realize that I am getting a bump in the middle of my eyes! Figures. I feel the bump forming already. So I ate chocolate and then in the middle of the night I stared barfing. Yeah, pretty gross. Now I feel okay. But something feels off. I am not sure if my body is okay or does it need to through up again. Uggh, I do not even want to look at the box.It makes me heave.
So I forgot to tell everyone I cleaned my closet last week. Yay! Looks pretty good. Mind you I came to maryland with 3 shirts, and maybe 3 pairs of jeans and some leggings. So, yeah. Look at my closet...and the math I guess..

Ughh I feel off. And sick. I want to treat myself.
Since I am having a icky day already and its only 9:27

I really want some sushi.
That would be perfect.
Tall glass of soda and some sushi.
I am so doing that today.
By the way, I am buying these. There on Torrid's website and I am going to purchase this stuff all next week. Well, try too. I need to wear something nice for when I see Greg. I wanna look hot and distract him from my face. Yeah right. But anyway, these are some nice choices. The jeans are 90 dollars. Oh yeah. Im gonna try and lay down right stomach feels like its doing the Cuban shuffle...

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