Thursday, March 11, 2010

Everything Is Fine And Case 39

Wow. So I am watching this rad movie called Case 39 with Rene Zellweiger. Creepy as a mother fucker! It is so good. I checked it out about a day ago. It is so god damn good. Im super impressed. This shit should have been in theaters. I want Greg to see this so bad. It is so fucking crazy, I want to buy this shit so bad. Still watching it right now. Wow. Its fucking crazy. Man I wish Greg could see this shit! Damn this shit is good! They put sorry ass horror movies in theaters and put good shit like this straight to DVD. Oh fuck this shit is rad! Sorry...Im getting distracted.
I had this yummy ass soul food meal the other day. It was so good. So anyway, like I was saying. I went Thrift store shopping today and bought 30 dollars worth of stuff. I will post the results tomorrow. Good thing I went there. They had shoes thats where so bad ass. I even bought Rose a pair. You will see them tomorrow. The funny part is Rose "claims" she will not buy any shoes this whole month. I told her she is so not gonna go through it. We even put up money on it. But I fucked up and bought her a pair. Hahaha!

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