Friday, March 19, 2010

About To Start Plastic Beach...

Of course I am listening to John Mayer right now. What else is new? I love this fucking song. This song is my whole 8 months here in Maryland. Download it if you can, "In Your Atmosphere". The live version in LA. It blows me away every time. I should be listening to The Plastic Beach by the Gorillaz. I did some research on the album last night. I started sketching a little bit. I love the title of the album. The thing is I did not even really like the album for Demon Days, the other Gorillaz album. But I listened to some of it last night, its pretty cool. Im not into electronic like that, which is the base of the whole album. Some song move me, some songs are very slow. I am feeling this song called, Meloncoly Hill...did I spell that right? Maybe not.
Thsis picture of my face was like a month ago when I had zero zit problems. Rose said I look a mess, I kinda liked the picture, so I posted it. LOL! I look evil! The picture of me and Greg up top is us in Palm Springs again, before we moved to California. *sigh* Loves him.

So in about 5 minutes I am going to start my artwork on this album. The cover looks cool as is. I have an idea how I am going to do this but, yet again, I don't. I have a deviant art account but I don't really use it anymore given the fact I do not have a scanner. Figures. So I have to take pictues of my art if anything. Or video tape the final.
And as for this picture...This is just...rad!

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