Monday, March 29, 2010

Man-Mondays: His Sex Is On Fire

Rose wants to screw him. We saw him live in b-more and I never saw Rose act like that in my life. Rose saw jesus. She went crazy. She had the holy ghost. In her pants....Trey Songs is his name....and the neighbors know his name....good song actually...good cd as well...I normal do not listen to R&B..
There nothing like a rainy monday and looking at guys all on your Mac book. Love looking at manly man beasts. Especially when you have not had any man like contact in like a year. Well, it feels like a year. I have no idea. Maybe almost a year. Im listening to Kings of Leon right now. Sex on Fire blows me a new one. I called Rose but the bitch will not call me back. I am waiting sexy. As you see above is the official poster for Eclipse! Yay! I saw it last week actually. It looks sexy. Everything looks sexy to me actually. I thought I'd make this post about men, because guys are hot.

I am digging Miley Cyrus's brother, Trace Cyrus. Yeah I know right?! He is like so not the typical Cyrus boy. I was shocked when I saw him. He looks kind of gay but he is not. He dated Demi Lovato. Don't know who she is? Good. Thats a good thing. If you have little sisters or kids then you know who she is maybe. Someone like me with neither should not no. But yeah, I he looks emo, weird and looks like he smells. My type.

Drake. Who would have thought. He looks like he is a pretty boy. But he is not. Something about him pulls me in. By April, whenever I fly back home, you will see less of this man-is-zexy type stuff. Yes, I said zexy. I mean I am more open about dudes right now because I have not seen mine in forever. But forever turned into 2 weeks, so fuck yeah biotch!

Of course, my lover in my dreams, Rob. Oh Rob, where art thou.......(damn you Kstew and your Joan Jett hair..) *JEALOUS*

I wanna pounce this fucker...

He turned 18 so I do not feel so bad. About clawing him and his cute face. Rose keeps saying his nose is awful. No it is not. I think it looked bad when he had the long hair all in his face. He has a nice smile as well. Rawr. What a fuckin fox, well, wolf. I would do the shit outta Lautner. So cute. Taylor Swift banged him, I do not care what you say. Purity rings and all. I think ass loving is not considered a "virgin-buster". Im crazy. I know....

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