Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Annie and Jack

Annie woke up, looked over and saw that Jack was gone
Her jeans ripped up, bleached out pockets and grass stains from the lawn

She looked out the window towards LA and wondered how far he was
Because sex with him that night was better then any long high or buzz

She rubbered her eyes, mashed with mascara and scratch marks on her back
Her bed sheets tossed all over the room as if she was being attacked

As if she was being dragged around, and her lingerie torn apart
He left his Newports by the stairs, but drove off with her heart

She smiled out the window at Hollywood, while Hollywood smiled right back
Her heart was boxed inside a cage that belonged to her lover named Jack

She wanted her emotions back in the dark, when he touched her soul she purred
She wanted her heart back where it was, then again, it was never hers

By Tiamoya M

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