Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Fashionista of the Week: Ashleigh

And yes, I actually know this beautiful young lady. Her name is Ashleigh, she went to my middle school and high school. Her style on her face book is so fierce so I thought, hey, why not show it on here. And as you can see her shades are always on point. I still want a pair of her eye glasses that flip up. So Gaga don't you think. She is pretty awesome and i known her for like, ever. So check her out. She as well as me is from the DMV. I like people who break the rules with fashion. It is always fun and makes me like it even more. Im jealous of her Rihanna cut she has going on. If I did not have dreds, I would be doing the Rihanna myself. Yep.

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