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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Welcoming The New Year: Fitspiration

Hello 2015...
Been awhile. Maybe too long. Find myself never home. Never near a computer. Plus I'm in need for a digital camera again. I debated on restarting this blog and it dawned on me that I should continue. My history is on this blog not just fashion. My life is included.
So much has changed in my life and I feel it would be nice to share my transistion. My sort of new beggining. I started this blog to celebrate body acceptance. I'm learning to love each part of my body everyday. 
Looking back on September 2010.. I was not a mother, not a totally good wife, and was all about plus size fashion and loving your curves. Today I feel the same.. but my lifestyle is different. I found myself changinh. Becoming something I honestly said I would never ever be...
Never say never they say...

My daily life consist of workouts. The one thing I claimed I would never be doing. So much is attached to losing weight for me and eating healthy. But somehow California wrapped me into this army of fitness and I haven't looked back since. Maybe because I am older. When I wake up in the morning I feel alive and light. I can do anything... and be anything.

Everything about me has changed and for the good. I'm another person. Life is funny like that. You think things are going one way but life has other plans. If someone would tell me I was going to be a yoga advocate and clean eater I would have told them "Bullshit..." But hear I am.

Through my journey I have met amazing women. AND I mean AMAZING women. They taught me so much. How to be a mother and wife, how to collect my anger, and helping me control my thoughts.

I wouldn't be this new me without them..

My love for Nike has gone completely insane. I'm all about mint anything especially workout wear. Unfortunately Nike tries it by charging 60 bucks for some damn leggings everybody's gonna sweat in.. *side eye*
But a girl can dream right?

So I'm gonna start posting me...the new me. Who I am today. Because the old me is gone for good. I'm going to let everyone in on my thoughts and lifestyle. Enjoy my ride..

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Victorian Secret To My Sporty Wayz: Hard Candy & NSFW Edition

Evening peeps, first before I forget I want to thank everyone for commenting on my last post and all the direct messages I received over the past week. Im surprised I still have followers still checking in and figured I had to start from scratch again relaunching my blog. But no, thank you all for being supportive and awesome. I know I been a bad blogger…with the spread out post and quick words, but thanks for taking your time out to read anyway!

My fashion taste has changed a lot since the very last post in October (or was it September?) Not sure, but my style made kind of a 180 ever since then. Im falling in love with relaxed clothes, mutual clothing that can be used for going to the mall and a yoga breaks. Love stretch pants, love neon sport colors..and I totally fell face first into the California crave…the Victoria Secret Pink collection.

Being from Maryland the West coast was just a distant thought. You think California you think movie stars and high fashion, women with huge sunglasses and large Chanel bags. When I got here, I noticed no one dresses like that. I did not come across a woman walking around in Alexander McQueen or in Versace pants, everyone was wearing workout gear…
Not just workout gear but, mostly PINK by Victoria Secret. The very popular line that Victoria Secret junkies live off of. I never been a huge fan but these days I have to say, the refreshing relaxed style has become a trend of mine that I obviously adopted from friends and neighbors. 

Of course, PINK by VS is kinda pricey…need I say kinda. Shirts run pretty high, not to mention the workout pants, but there is something about the sharp colors and sparkly ass pants that draw me in closer and closer. Im all about VS style….and I found a cheaper, yet funner way to rock this fashion trend without breaking my bank.

Sometimes when you go to the mall, the thought of wearing denim jeans and cute flowing tops every time sounds a bit much. Sometimes you just wanna rock a messy morning bun and put on some flips flops and run off in you p.j's. With PINK VS clothing it seems as if you can do just that, make it funky or make it plan, either the way, the clothes makes itself. I love the bedroom lounge look going out. Oversized sweats, oversized tees, sparkling Victoria Secret hat… all the colors shape the look into being fashionable, and is often seen sexier when geared up more fashion forward.

Do all Californians rock only PINK VS wear? It sure seems like it. Going to Yoga or any of the active places I hang out act, you see PINK shirts and bags everywhere. At first it was just something I noticed everyone was wearing, next thing I know I found myself going inside a Victoria Secret store in the mall…gawking at the workout bags and oversize sweaters. Was it peer pressure…or was I just inspired? Not sure…but I totally am sold now into all things VS..

I always been someone who loves putting things together that do not really belong. Especially in fashion. Im all about making something feminine manly…and Im all about making something sporty seem soft. It almost like a challenge. With PINK VS I think its fun making it look less sporty, less I'm-going-to-the-gym look and morphing it into a sexy street look with heels and a cute bag. I have not mastered this look yet, but Im down to give it a try.

Now like I said, Victoria Secret can hurt the bank, at least mine anyway. So I wondered how can I pull off the cool PINK VS look without breaking my bank? Easy! I just wen to Walmart and formed my own PINK look by shopping in clearance and making certain pieces into sporty chic pieces that I would usually see on the Victoria Secret mannequins.

So I got the top from Walmart for only three bucks! Walmart has there own line of semi-VS outfits near their junior section called Hard Candy.The colors are just as bright, the sweatpants have the same bright, glittered backside, and its half the price then the ones at the mall. Of course some would say its "faux VS" but what I notice is that…everyone assumed otherwise…and thought the look was from Victoria Secret….when all in all, it was from Walmart. 

The stretch pants are from a store called Shimmer and I paid 12.99 for these galaxy beauties. I been hunting for pants like this for a very long time. If your a past reader then you know my love for spacey leggings. I paired the LOVE hard candy shirt with these leggings and some sketchers. The Hello Kitty bag was a gift, so the pricey Im not sure, but trust me Im sure its up there. Its Hello Kitty in Louis Vuitton print….to die for…

?Whats Hard Candy?

I know some are reading this thinking, "Why the hell would I buy this verses Victorias Secret PINK clothing?" Well, if you watch your pennies like me, here is the reason why. It is pretty much the same. The clothes are comfy, cute and colorful. Great prices and there all at Walmart. They are almost exactly the same. If I had to say anything, the quality stretch in the pants are nothing like VS, but  other than that it is still super cute and extra stylish!

More Hard Candy Below:

Pros Of Hard Candy
Cheaper, lighter, very colorful and great sized that go up to 2x
Cons Of Hard Candy
Like I said the stretch is not the best, if your thick like me you can see the jiggle, there not much hold…and looks to be for the younger crowd

Pros of VS PINK
Fits the best, has bags and Hard Candy line does not carry bags, extra cellphone overs, brushes, and water bottles
Cons of VS PINK
Way to expensive, the workout bags alone are like sixty bucks, the biggest downer also is there sizes, they could be bigger, they stop at large. 

Walmart became my destination this past month, because Hard Candy active wear went on clearance! So of course I bought out the place, made sure i got hoodies, bras, stretch pants and more. Most were all on sale, even the glittery pants that said Peace and Love on the butt. Originally 12.99 but I got them for 7.99. Come on, who can pass that up? 

Check out Hard Candy pants at Walmart, one of my favorite yoga pants ever so far..

                     ~Top Loves Of Victoria Secret PINK~

A really good friend of mine caught me up in this style, her name is Velia. She always rocked PINK all the way down to the tote bags…even shades. She is never caught dead without VS PINK on. I mist say it rubbed off. I love the sweat suits! Not only that the whole style is comfortable and relaxing, great wear for a mani or pedi or even for a mall day. 

Water bottles
So Im totally in love with the VS water bottles. Im a sucker for huge words and sayings on things, and the PINK bottles sure has personality all over it. Of course the colors are pretty insane as well. Plus they have the ones with the built in straw that are cute as well..
PINK workout Duffels
I have yet to own one but now I want one super duper bad! They are way to expensive for me, especially since its just a gym bag, but I love the loud colors on it, super cute. Target had some loo-alikes in there bag section that I loved, one was a mint green, but eventually that was a bit much as well..

PINK Stuff
Im a sucker for lotions, sprays, and even cell phone cases that say PINK all over it.  Who doesn't like VS sprays and lotions? Can your ever really go wrong. Its kind of cute opening your PINK bag and having all PINK things inside..or maybe that the girlie in me…lol!

THE VS Hoodie
I do not own one yet but I am about to very soon. Im all about flashy and colors, the fact that most of PINK VS is written in shiny sequence makes me uber excited to wear! I have to get one. A friend of mine owns on and it had wings on the back in glitter, eventually I will get one of these babies…PINK style!

Overall, I like both lines for different reason. Right now, my bank statement likes Hard Candy's version. I love both. Both are comfy and for the woman on the lax and go! Right now Im all about cheap, so Hard Candy is the winner in my book, but if I did have large pockets…aka a lot of mula?! PINK VS would be my all the way go to..hands down. Both still cute, but one is just a little more practical...

Rose OOTD Lookz

Here she is, my best friend is still on her way to Maryland soon, our hometown to attend a friends wedding. Man I wish I could show you the dress she is wearing, then again, I think I can. She sent me back and forth pictures of what dress to get and we both finally came up with a winner. Kind of hard to do when your friend lives a state away, but eventually I gave out my opinions on the dress, and man is it cute! I will post soon the awesome wedding dress look she finally bought, and the shoes?! Man ole man, its hot. 
Outside of the wedding look, Rose has been rocking her usual chic style over there in Viva Las Vegas. So the bitch bought a awesome sweatshirt of Ursela from The Little Mermaid movie and paired the 50 shades of grey shirt with these amazing shoes…
Im becoming a nut for active shoes lately so I been eyeing them kicks she got on hard…

Top 14.99 from Wet Seal

One thing Rose always knew how to do was color code, she could find any top with any color…no matter how odd that color would be and match it together with a shoe of her choice…hot!

Rose got the springtime buzz and rocked the crop top with a beautiful boho tribal skirt that is TOO DIE FOR! Love this dress so much, and she went ahead and paid full price for it I think…something she never does…How hot is that dress doe?

Another Wet Seal steal was this top that I love and want for myself! I am all about this top! Rose always had a thing for anything Egyptian so this top is soooo her. But also sooooo me! Hahaha! Check out the back of it! 

~Celeb Candy~

If I was a man, I would be all about Rihanna. Good God. Like, say what you want. She is back with Drake (so I hear) and is killing it right ow in the nude model game. I see breast and hips as something beautiful. Women are gorgeous. I think its nothing to be ashamed of, women are beautiful. Or maybe thats the artist in me, i never see naked..I see nude. Rihanna SLAYED this magazine cover with the ghetto braids, belly chain, fisherman hat and a damn drank in her cup…I can't…
Her body is sick….

Alright enough about her Rih with clothes off, lets talk about her with clothes on. If you ask me I still think Rihanna is running the fashion game right now. I know Lupita almost has her beat if she hasn't already, but Rihanna is the fashion killer of our time and I doubt thats going anywhere. Check her out in this mint number..

And yes, I was checking out the MET Gala fashion red carpet he other week, and I think Rihanna was the best dressed. Oh let me guess, everyone thinks Beyonce slayed but I think it was Rihanna. She is so freaking stunning and I think that all white number had a bit of an attitude about it…her hand game was on point and so was that body…She was beat! Love her...


Rihanna is so detailed with her rings and bracelets, I live for it. She makes me wanna buy all half rings and also makes me wanna get my nail done in gel acrylic fast!

who run it..?

Rita Ora

Possibly the english Rihanna, is super dope when it comes to her fashion and style, even before she was Roc Nations "Rita Ora"…her fashion game was insane before she hit the red carpets…Love that she decided to go all out with this photoshoot with Terry Richardson! Dope.

Kyle Jenner
 Forget the Kardashians, its all about them Jenner girls. They put the Kardashian fashion to shame…maybe they are the ones who need a fashion line? Hello Sears!

Megan Fox

Might be one of the most gorgeous bums our here in California right? Megan Fox isn't big on fashion is actually the weird tom boy in the classroom who stays to herself, this style is very VS as well, super shabby! I love it!

Taylor Swift
 Theres this crazy punk wild girl that loves to dress in the ultimate crazy stylish treads but then there is the softer styler chick in me that loves vintage mod dresses. Tay Swift seems to warm my heart with that look she always rocks…the innocent…school girl..preppy only will go second base with you style,…I think its safe to say that Tay Tay does that best…

Cara D.

Victoria Secret model, only 21 years old, and from what I see, girlfriend to actress Michelle Rodriguiz from Fast And Furious. She is super dope. She has her own tomb boy style that I have been watching for quite some time. She is super silly and goofy, and her style follows.

Okay so do not judge me too much, but I have been on this documentary kick for a bit, given my favorite shows are off. I been skimming through Netflix and found this awesome doc on Pearl Jam. Oh man, if your not a rock head you will not care but man I love their story. I heard their music before but as of now… it relates so much better. I have listened to their songs on the radio over and over but it wasn't until watching this doc that I understood the album...

Pearl Jam's song called "Alive" is one of the most impactful songs I have ever heard since moving out of my parents home. The song meant nothing to me as a child, or a teenager…or as a young adult being 21..but at the age of 29…I understand the song, and what it means. I grew up great…silver spoon almost, no real struggles…until I moved out millions of miles away from my family, out into the wilderness of southern california…naked and bare…hit with a thunderstorm of realness that was life itself all in a handbag. I found out who I was. I dealt with real issues, felt pain that I never felt, lost things I never wanted to lose, became a fucking woman. I am now someone who made it through the darkness…"I am alive.." as the lyrics would say…

When you grow up like me, in a bubble, a daddy's girl…people assume how you will be. And I broke my own stereotype. Im a warrior now I feel. Im liberated. "Im still alive…" Im still here, on my fucking own…living my life…through it all..Im still here…

This song, gives me meaning…and I only understand the lyrics now. As a woman...

Oside, CA….welcome home
Thanks for reading Peeps!