Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake Wit Shoez On Top

Im not a shoe whore. I am a purse whore. And a label whore, well...Kinda. Lately I have been getting addicted to shoes. And that so not like me. I need to learn how to walk in heels. Im over it. I need heels in my life. Here is the problem. I am 5'9. That to me is already taller then your average chick. Am I right? Guess not. But either way, my guy is like 5'9 as well. Sucks. I mean some girls do not care and rock there heels around there dudes regardless. Greg says he does not care but...I do.

1.) Pink Heart Peep Toez

How sexy are these. Very mod. Anything sour hot pink is awesome. I love the heart peep toes. Thats pretty different.

2.) Punked Out Pyramid Boots

Rose made a very fucked up joke about these the other day. I would say it but I feel it would offend people. Given the fact I learned more then 20 people read this blog. I was suprized actually. But anyway. I would wear these everyday.
3.) Studded Babiez Stilleto Heelz

I actually own the flats in the middle of the picture. I guess all these are nine west. I am guessing. I am not sure. But I love the golden embeleshments. <---that ones for you suga! ;) Haaahahahaha! Loves it. :)

4.) Bad ASS MOTHERF%$#%^& SHOEZ!

I really really want these. Bad. How cool are these. These are Alexander Wang

5.) Emo Bootz

Id kill for these. Nuff said. Out of all these shoes, I think I would go for these.

6.) Floral

I love the floral boots the most. I wish.

7.) Neon Studz

8.) Steve Drives Me Mad

I want these. Love the zipperz.
9.) LV

I do not wear sneaker but I would for these...fierce....


  1. mainly all the studded shoes and the floral boots are Forever 21. I just ordered the boots online last week. They are too cute

  2. Arn't they though girl! I love f21 boots! too bad my foot is big as hell!

  3. those arent meo boots-__-