Sunday, March 28, 2010

Congrads Holly Bear!

This picture is of my friend Holly. Beautiful isn't she? Well, I forgot to shout her out. She had he first child on sunday. Not this sunday but last sunday. I asked how it was like to give birth and she said after four pushes he was out. Of her, you know. So she named him Michael. Beautiful kid. He looks just like her man. It was shocking. I never had a close close friend that was pregnant. But she said the contractions were painful. I can not believe she is a mom. So I want to say congrads to her. Sorry all the grammar nazis that I said congrads instead of congratulations. As long as you keep stalking me I love it. I love stalker-type people. I always thought stalking was a cute sign of love. At least I always thought so. It makes me feel wanted and loved. I get off on it. Since thats the only thing I have been getting off on. Whoa man. Can not wait till April 16th. The drought will be over.
But yeah.
Congrads on being a new mommy holly bear.
Cant wait to start this week because this week is the countdown. Talked to Greg today. I can not believe we have been married for almost 3 years. Strange. I never saw myself getting married. I like it though. He is my best friend. My number fucking one. The first guy I dated that I felt when he was gone, two people was gone. Not just one, but two. My lover and my friend. It was like he was made for me in a way. He likes all of me. The good the bad and the ugly. Everything I want to change about myself he wants me to keep the same. I don't really understand it. He gets me. He calls me everyday. I would have thought he would be sick of me by now. We been together like 8 years total. He wants children now. But I feel I want to wait one more year. At least to wherever we are stationed next. Then I will give birth. Weird. Ugh..Ummm....okay, Ima change the subject now. You would think I would be wanting children these days, but no, he does.
Guess he like me.

I love being married. I like all of it.
Who would have thought...?
He was the guy I blew off.........


  1. funny i just found out i am pregnant today and i had a dream i knew i would find out TODAY.....oh me oh my. i have a7 year old so im kind of like uhm ok, and so is my husband. this will be his first kid

  2. wow crystal! congrads girl! Im gonna give you a shout out as well! Congrads girl! So I am married myself as Im sure you read over 100 times, I have a question....whats it like being a mom??