Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happiness Is Expensive: Ask My Bank Account

My face is a hot ass mess. Remember I said I was breaking out and my forehead apparently got healed? Well now I have a herpie size bump on my fucking lip. Everyone I talks to looks right at it. What the hell? Am I being punished for something? Its not huge but it sits right above my lip? What is going on with me? Its four weeks until I see Greg and my face chooses now to start acting a fucking mess? What am I going to do? My mom gave me her number for a skin doctor. I want to call, but, geez thats extra shit I have to fucking pay for. I already gotta reschedule my flight which will be 15o dollars. And I am buying my moms gift tomorrow for 70 dollars. Then I have to make an appointment for my hair, another 100 dollars. I am getting milked by my own self here! But what makes me made the most is this ugly bump sitting on my fucking lip. Please go the fuck away. I do not want to pay extra money on a fucking facial if I do not have too. Yet I do not want any pimples on my face going to see him. I want to look nice. What the hell! I don't know what to do. It all seems like alot to me for some reason. But I never broke out like this before. And it needs to stop.
So Walmart did the damn thing this weekend. The jewelry was on point. I will post that later this week. My plate seems heavy yet it doesn't. I feel close to leaving yet I am not. I want this shit to go away so bad. Have my skin clear up and I can go about my buisness. One less thing for me to pay for. God I am tired of spending all this god damn money. I get paid tomorrow though. Im going to try and get my moms gift tomorrow and I am trying to set my ticket to a later date. Milk me why dont you. Should I go to the skin doctor? Or am I just being dramatic. Should I just chill out and keep washing my face. Mind you I do not go home until the 16th of April. So I should have some time right?
My brain is going crazy. I cleaned my room today, well better yet my closet. It looks great. I decided to organize it for when I pack it will be easy to find everything. So that is done. I was with Rose today and she gave me some boxes for me to use for packing. Time is slowing down. My face looks like the moon, full of fucking craters! GAAHHHH! That makes me so mad. OF ALL MONTHS WHY THIS FUCKING ONE????! Somethings out to get me I swear to god...

Love these glasses, such a Lady Gaga bite off.....Loves it :)

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